Generation 4, Chapter 4

Attention: NSFW, some scenes will be a little disturbing.



My room was always dark, even when the sun was out.. I was glad that I had a clock in my room, if I didn’t and woke up at eight in the morning or two in the afternoon, I wouldn’t know it without that clock. I woke up around noon again, I loved sleeping in when I didn’t have class and I definitely needed a day to myself to evaluate everything that had happened last night.. I still wasn’t sure at all if Jody wanted anything to do with me anymore, because what guy turns down sex? I kept worrying if I made her feel unattractive or undesirable by telling her ‘no’ last night, but she told me that she understood and she even agreed that she wanted to take things slow, so why was I even worrying about this? It’s only been fourteen hours since we saw one another and already I feel like I’ve lost her before anything could even really begin.


There was a knock on my door about half an hour after I had woken up, but before I could even say anything, James came in and I didn’t like the excited expression he held on his face. “Hey, man!” He said first, coming over to my bed and he sat down heavily, startling me awake a little more and I already knew what his next question was going to be, “How’d it go last night? You two left and never came back, I take that as it went very well..?” He implied and I sat up, yawning softly and I shook my head.

“It didn’t end how you think it did,” I replied with a groggy tone.

“Oh.. Well, what happened? I thought I’d either see her this morning here or you’d still be over at her place,” he replied and I shook my head once more. 

“No, nothing like that..”

“Well? Stop tip toeing around this and tell me what happened. Did it end good, at least?” He asked next.


“Honestly, I don’t even know how to answer that,” I answered with a lost tone.

“Oliver, you’re killin’ me here with how vague everything is.. Just.. What happened?” He asked for his third time.

“Fine.. After you saw us leave, we talked outside for a little while and we kissed, then she offered to go back to her place, but I, uh.. Turned her down. She left and I came home, the end..” I replied, turning my head away from him.

“Oh, well did she leave on a bad note since you turned her down or was she okay with it?”

“I don’t know.. She seemed okay with it, but I can’t tell.. I told her I wanted to go slow if she was serious about this and she agreed, but then she left right afterward and I don’t know how to interpret that,” I replied and I looked back to him, seeing him nodding as he thought to himself.

“I see.. Hmm.. Well, I guess all you can do now is just wait for her to call, huh?” He came to a conclusion and I sighed.

“Yeah, I guess.. But, what if she doesn’t because I turned her down? What if I made her feel bad or ugly because I said no? I don’t want her to think that, because it isn’t true..” I continued.


“I really don’t think she would assume that. You told her you wanted to take it slow and she knows you’re shy-”

“Oh yeah, and thanks to Kat, she knows how long it’s been since I’ve been with someone..” I added with slight anger and I watched James’ face turn surprised.

“Are you serious? Kat actually told her that?”

“Yeah, she did.. Do you see what I mean, though? If I don’t do this at my own pace and find someone myself, Kat finds someone for me and acts like she’s helping when all she’s doing is telling strangers personal things about me and I’m not okay with that.. Do you know how embarrassed I was when Jody told me she knew? Jesus.. This is why I tell you two to stay out of that part of my life,” I continued with an angered tone and James got defensive.

“Hey, don’t put this on me, I wasn’t the one who told her. I was the one that told you to do what you wanted, and that’s exactly what you did last night. I don’t think you did anything wrong, and in my opinion, if Jody isn’t okay with you two going slow, then fuck it.. You’re not ready for what she’s ready for, so don’t rush yourself,” he pointed out and I sighed.


“You’re right, I’m sorry.. I just wish Kat would stop trying to act like.. Like she needs to watch over me.. She’s trying to run my life and I hate it. She’s helped me before, she’s always stuck with me when we were growing up, but she hasn’t stopped, even now when I’m an adult.. She got into this school for me, not her.. So she constantly can keep a watch on me or something.. She needs to learn that I can take care of myself now..”

“I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m actually a little disappointed to hear she would do something like that and go behind your back.. It’s one thing to try and set you up with someone, but it’s another thing to tell that person everything about you before you two even meet, especially that personal of information,” he replied and I nodded.

“Thanks for talking to me about this, I’m a little less mad and worried now..”

“Never a problem, I’m always here to talk.. Plus I was curious about what happened anyways..” He answered with a smirk.

“Oh, speaking of what happened, how’d last night go for you?” I asked in return and I watched as his smirk faded. 


“It was nice in the beginning. About an hour after you went outside with Jody, though, which you were probably gone by then, the bar started to fill up with more people and of course Kat knew everyone and had to say ‘hi’ to all of them. She’s just a social butterfly that always manages to fly everywhere else but around me,” he said with a sad chuckle and I felt bad for him, “She was a little drunk by then so she didn’t remember she was with me until about two hours later..”

“You just sat at the bar alone? Waiting for her? Why didn’t you text me or something?” I asked.

“Well, I thought you left with Jody and I didn’t want to interrupt.. Had I known that wasn’t true, I probably would’ve texted you, but, too late for that now, right?” He asked rhetorically. 

“I’m sorry, man.. That sucks.. Did you end up drinking alone all night?”

“Yeah, pretty much.. A few people I knew said ‘hi’ to me, but didn’t stay to chat or keep me company. When Kat was good and drunk, that’s when she wanted to leave and I took her home. I guess I don’t really mind it as much, though.. We had fun in the beginning at least, the night just got away from us, I guess.. The only reason I stayed was to make sure she didn’t get too wasted and go home with someone else..”

“Thanks for keeping an eye on her, at least.. I’m sorry I left, I wish I had come back inside after Jody had gone,” I said quietly.


“Nah, don’t blame yourself for my shitty night, it’s not your fault at all,” he said with a reassuring smile.

“Honestly, James.. I could talk to her for you. I really hate seeing you like this, but if you don’t put yourself out there, then you’ll always feel like this at the end of the night where you either spend the night by yourself when you came with someone, or you leave alone because she sometimes leaves with someone else.. You gotta stop doing that to yourself. Maybe you should just stop going with her places to grab drinks because this seems like a pretty regular thing,” I replied and he shook his head.

“Nah, don’t say anything to her about it.. I just wish she’d not abandon me like that, especially when it’s just the two of us since you guys left, you know? It’s like when other people come around, I suddenly turn into someone that isn’t even there,” he replied and I could hear the longing in his tone. I always felt bad for him when this kind of stuff happened, but what else could I say to him that I haven’t said already?


“I mean, yeah, I love her, more than anything, but-” my door suddenly opened and both James and I shot our views towards it, seeing Kat come in and James’ cheeks blushed as he faced away from her and towards my bed to hide his current demeanor. 

“Heeyyy! How’s it going?” Kat announced, shutting my door behind her and she noticed us both on my bed, so she joined us without either of us acknowledging her barge in.


Why are you two so quiet? Come on, Oliver.. What happened last night? Jody told me what happened, but, why didn’t you go home with her? I’m sure it wouldn’ve been fun,” she played off with a playful grin as she laid her head against James’s leg, though her head was propped up to face me and I sighed when I noticed James’ expression turn uncomfortable..

Screenshot-51 (2)

What is this thing that she does? She’s obviously all over James all the time, but never in the manner that he wants it to be.. I get that we were all really good friends, but at some point she had to have realized how he felt about her, even without him needing to say anything, yet she still continues to, well.. Torture the guy by lying on him like this and acting as if she was oblivious.. 


“You know what, Kat? Why don’t you just talk to everyone else besides me for information like that? It seems that you’re already pretty good at it,” I snapped a little, looking at her with a sense of anger and I watched as her expression fluctuated into confusion and she sat up from lying on James, allowing him to pull himself off of my bed and he walked towards the door.

“I’ll, uh.. Be downstairs..” He added, then shut the door behind himself.

“What the hell, Ollie? Where did that come from?”

“You’ve crossed the line, Katalina..” I began the argument that I knew this would turn into.

Katalina, huh? I must’ve done something to really piss you off for you to call me that,” she replied with a dry tone, “What is it?”


“Why do you feel the need to constantly push people into my life? Why did you feel the need to tell Jody how long it’s been since I was last with someone?  Do you know how embarrassing that is?” I began, looking up to her and her expression tried to remain strong.

“I thought I was doing you a favor. You need to open up more or you’re going to be alone the rest of your life.. I just don’t want that to happen,” she replied and I got angrier.

“And you think that you’re the only one that can do that for me?” I asked sarcastically, “Get over yourself already, Kat, you’re not a date doctor or whatever the fuck they’re called, and for the millionth time, I don’t need your help!” I raised my voice a little, losing myself to my anger a little and I rose from the bed, stepping away from it and over towards one of my windows.


And another thing,” I began again, turning around to face her and I watched and she rose from my bed, looking to me, “Why do you think it’s okay to tell James anything about my mom? He knows that she’s dead and he knows about how my dad disappeared, why can’t we just leave it at that? You explaining to him more in detail about what happened just makes him think less of me, like I’m even more pathetic than I already was.. Why do you do this? You’re telling people information that they really just don’t need to know, like you want them to feel sorry for me.. Did you guilt Jody into feeling sorry for me and going out with me?” I asked.

“What? No, of course not.. She came to me asking if I could set you two up, she really does like you. And the only reason I told James about what happened more is because he asked and he knew you’d shut him out. He’s just trying to understand you better, that’s all. Look, I know that they’re your parents and they should mean more to you than they do to me, but I lost them, too.. They were my family, too,” she stressed. “Oliver, you’re all I have.. You’re all that I care about. I just want you happy, that’s all..” She said with a bothered tone, taking a few steps closer to me and I sighed heavily.


“Why all of a sudden, then? It’s as if out of nowhere you felt the need to find me someone to be with, but why? It’s like you’re trying to distract me from something else,” I said with suspicion and she hesitated a moment before answering me.

“Dad’s picking up Camilla from the airport on Thanksgiving, a little sooner than we thought she’d visit.. He’ll be having dinner with us that night, too.. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but.. I wanted you to get to know Jody more so maybe you could bring her and keep your mind off of him.. She showed interest, so I saw the opportunity,” she replied quietly and I brought my hands up, rubbing my face in frustration and I turned towards the window once more, crossing my arms then as I looked outside.

I let out a heavy exhale and I then chuckled softly in a sarcastic manner, “So that’s what it is.. Kat, I haven’t sat at a dinner table with that man in almost ten years, I don’t think I’m going to start anytime soon,” I confirmed.

“You can’t still be carrying around this grudge, can you? It’s ridiculous.. He’s your Uncle, you’re never going to be able to avoid it so the sooner you get used to it, the better.. We live together, Oliver, and he’s my Dad, you can’t ignore this forever.. You can’t ignore him,” she replied and I stood there a moment with a short silence to myself.


I turned to face Kat and she looked at me as if I was being completely absurd, anger flowing through me, “I have every right to hold a grudge against him, he was responsible for everything that happened! His actions ruined my life, or at least any chance of having one while I grew up! You still have your parents, Katalina.. But his actions resulted in the loss of both of mine,” I argued.

“You have some nerve.. Blaming my father for what yours did when he was the one behind the trigger! Your dad had the gun, genius! And he crippled mine! How dare you put this all on him!” Kat yelled in return.

“I had to live with that fucking bastard even after knowing what he did! He got to keep his miserable fucking life and I lost the two most important people to me! If I was the one with the gun and I had just caught my brother with my wife, I would’ve finished the job, and I wish he had!” I announced back and I watched her face twist into such disbelief that she only grew more enraged. 


My door opened and both Kat and I looked to the door, seeing James come in and his expression was apologetic, “Not the best time, James..” Kat warned him, her eyes looking back to me and I looked at her, ready to start up our battle once again, but James didn’t leave.

“Yeah, I can hear all the way from downstairs that it’s not a good time, but.. Ollie, Jody’s downstairs..” He mentioned and I sighed heavily.. This was such a bad time..

I watched as Kat continued to look at me, “This isn’t over, Oliver..” She warned, breaking eye contact with me finally and she walked towards my door, “Move,” she spat at James and he quickly stepped out of her way.


James looked to me with worry in his eyes and my anger slowly left, “Dude.. You two were saying some pretty fucked up stuff.. I wasn’t eavesdropping or anything, but I heard some of it..”

“And, what of it?” I asked, my anger coming back for a split second and I watched as James eventually shook his head.

“Never mind..” He replied, turning back around and he walked towards my door, but stopped, “Do you want me to send Jody up?”

“Sure..” I replied, walking over to my bed and I sat down upon it as I heard him leave and shut the door behind him.


This whole situation was such a mess.. Kat and I had discussed the situation before, wanting to put the blame on someone other than ourselves, our child selves, but we could never agree on it to this day. To me, my father wasn’t to blame, but my Uncle was, and it was the exact opposite feeling for Kat. We had never yelled at one another like that before and neither of our true colors came out until today and I felt that we were going to be on each other’s shit lists for a long time because of this. I just didn’t understand how she refused to see that I was right.. I knew what kind of man my Uncle was and I didn’t doubt that he waited for the right time before barging into our lives and taking my mother right out from under my Dad.. I don’t think of my mother as innocent or a saint, I was convinced that she was just confused, and that she didn’t know what she was in for when dealing with such a strong rivalry between brothers.. She just got caught in the cross hairs.. But, had my Uncle never poked his nose into our families business, especially when him and my father were barely even on speaking terms for years, I might still have my parents today.. Who knows where I would’ve ended up had it all been different, but I knew that I would’ve been a lot happier than I am now..


A gentle knock on my door helped me put the past back where it belonged within my head and I looked to the door, “Come in..” I announced and I watched as Jody came into my room with a soft smile on her lips, shutting the door behind her and she walked into my room a little, though stopped a few feet away from me. “How are you doing?” I asked, though my tone sounded uncaring.

“I’m okay.. How about you?” She asked in return, but I didn’t feel like answering that question.

“What are you doing here?” I wondered.

“I-I, uhm.. I came to apologize.. For last night.. I didn’t mean to leave so abruptly, I felt as if you might’ve thought that I wasn’t interested anymore or something.. And I came to tell you that there’s never going to be a time where I’m not interested in you.. I had class really early this morning and I was going to leave regardless if you came home with me or not,” she replied and I wished that I could express the relief I had now knowing exactly how she felt, but the weight of Kat and I’s fight still hung on my shoulders, even despite trying to put it behind me.

“That’s good.. I’m glad.. Thank you for telling me,” I answered with a forced smirk, turning my head away from her then and my sight went to the floor.


“Oliver..? Are you alright?” Jody wondered, hearing her step up to me and she placed her hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah, it’s just.. I had a big argument with Kat before you got here and I’m still not right from it, that’s all..” I replied, sighing softly as I sat there and I felt her hand slide to the back of my neck in a comforting manner.

“Oh, I’m sorry.. I have the worst timing..” She joked about herself and I smirked, though it faded almost instantly, “Do you want to talk about it?” She asked and I heard her removing her coat, the weight of her then came onto my bed behind me, the mattress sinking just slightly and I then felt both of her hands on either side of my neck over my shoulders.


“No, not really..” I answered, feeling her hands then beginning to massage my shoulders and I let out a long, dragged out sigh.

“Wow, you really are tense..” She pointed out with a chuckle as her hands continued, “When was the last time you had a massage?” She wondered and I thought for a moment..

“Uhm.. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one, actually,” I replied with a nervous chuckle.

“You can’t be serious.. You should be getting them a lot more since you’re a swimmer,” she advised.


“Well, I never thought about it since I don’t swim competitively..” I answered and I felt her remove her hands from my shoulders and she slid them down my back, then back up to my shoulders again.

“There’s a first for everything, so lie on your stomach,” she spoke softly.


“Come on, lie down.. I want to help,” she offered and I looked back at her, seeing her smiling and I soon nodded, accepting her offer with a nervous smirk.

Screenshot-128 (2)

I crawled over my bed and laid down on my stomach, putting my arms up and I let the side of my face rest against my hands. I didn’t exactly know what to expect from this, but I did hope that Jody was able to get rid of at least a little of the tension and anger that I had. Without being able to see her, I could feel her adjusting herself upon the bed and my heart started to race a little when I felt her straddle me and she sat over my tailbone. I felt her hands slide over my shoulders again, beginning the massage there and I liked the pressure of her thumbs on my spine, “Just take a deep breath and relax,” she said softly and I did as she had asked, inhaling a large breath and letting it out slowly. 


Her hands continued down my spine, pushing and rubbing in the knots along my spine and although some parts of it hurt a little, those parts would feel amazing when her hands would move on to different spots. “Jeez.. You’re so stiff it’s unbelievable,” she said with a petite chuckle and I smirked, “Does it feel okay, at least?” She wondered and I nodded as I shut my eyes.

“Yeah.. I like it.. I think it really is helping,” I replied quietly through my relaxation.

“Good..” She cooed gently and her hands continued to travel up and down my back and shoulders leisurely. “You know,” she continued, “It would be easier and feel better if I didn’t have to battle with this fabric,” she implied, opening my eyes slowly.


“What, uhm.. What do you mean?” I asked, though I already knew exactly what she meant.

“Oh, come on.. Your shirt is in the way,” she replied, feeling her hands sliding down my back and up again harder against my spine. The tips of her digits touched my skin by my neckand I tensed up a little, inhaling deeply from her touch and I swallowed hard as I thought about what to do. “Can I take it off? ..Please?” She wondered and I shut my eyes, unable to deny that I liked the touch of her. 

“Why can’t you just keep doing it like that?” I asked.

“Because, I already said.. It’ll be easier for me and it’ll feel better for you,” she repeated and I sighed quietly, finally giving in.

“O-Okay..” I finally agreed, reaching back to the shirt at the nape of my neck and I pulled it over my head with her assistance, hesitantly tossing it on the ground and I went back to the same position I was in originally.


Jody’s hands continued to massage my spine, working their way up to between my shoulder blades, “I like it,” she said softly.

“Like what..?”

“Your tattoo.. Is it the only one you have?” She wondered, feeling her hand trace over it delicately and I could feel my hair standing on its end.

“Yeah, only one..” I replied. 

“Does it mean anything to you, or did you just like it?” She continued to question. I didn’t want to tell her the truth, so I avoided explaining it.

“I just liked it..” I answered, feeling her then continue to rub my shoulders.


“What is it that you like about me..?” I asked, feeling her hands putting more pressure on me as they made their way back down my spine.

“Everything,” she replied simply.

“Well, what exactly?

“Talking is only taking away from your ability to relax, Oliver..”

“Why can’t you answer the question?” I asked, feeling her hands slow their pace and I felt her lean forward, her lips kissing the location of my tattoo and a spark of excitement traveled up my spine.


“I like how sweet and polite you are,” she began, feeling her lips then kiss my left shoulder blade, “I like that you’re really smart, determined, and I like how gentle and patient you are,” she continued, feeling her lips then kissing the top of my shoulder and I looked to my left behind me, watching as she leaned in and kissed my cheek, “I just like you, Oliver..” Jody said as she looked in my eyes and I couldn’t help but smirk slightly.


I slowly sat up just slightly, feeling her lift herself up a little and I turned my body so I faced her. Jody leaned over and pressed her lips to mine, feeling her hands run down my arms and she grabbed my wrists, putting my hands on her legs herself and they were smooth to the touch. Her arms came back forward and she placed them on either side of my head, supporting herself and our kiss only grew deeper. I didn’t really know what to make of this, and I wondered how this was going to stop since I wanted to be patient, but the longer we kissed, the more I felt her grinding her pelvis against mine and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to talk her out of this.


Jody then pulled away from the kiss and I looked to her with remorse in my eyes, “We shouldn’t,” I said softly, watching her expression lose its passion slowly and I watched her sit up as she sat over me. Her right hand then reached back behind her and she grabbed hold of me through the fabric of my sweatpants, causing me to inhale suddenly and my body twitched in excitement.

“It doesn’t seem like we shouldn’t, based on what I have here,” she teased and there was a certain fire in her eyes I’d never seen before, “Your body’s disagreeing with you,” she continued, taking her unoccupied left hand and running it over my chest. Her right continued to touch me in a massaging and wanting manner and it was hard for me to contest at this point as my breathing got heavier.


“Jody.. S-Stop,” I said quietly, though her right hand gripped me harder and I let out a soft moan that I couldn’t hold back. 

“Maybe the sooner we do it the sooner we can get passed the awkward stage.. I don’t want to stop.. Do you really want me to..?” She asked, the edges of her lips curling up just slightly as she looked down at me and it was hard to think clearly as he touched and teased me, but I still knew what I wanted, and it wasn’t this.

“Y-Yes,” I finally replied and she shook her head.

“You don’t mean that,” she stated as if it was fact and I was confused by everything that was happening.


Jody then removed both of her hands from me and gripped the bottom of her dress, pulling it over her head swiftly and she tossed it aside, exposing all of herself minus the panties that still hugged her hips and I grew more nervous than I already was. “J-Jody.. What are you doing?” I asked in a slight panic, watching her slide herself down off the bed and she gripped the rim of my sweatpants, pulling them down quickly and I sat up to try and grab them to stop her from taking them off, “Jody, w-wait!” I said, but before I could get a hold of them, she put her hands on my chest and she pushed me back down on the bed with force.


What was this, and why wasn’t she stopping? I then watched as she slid her fingers underneath the rim of her panties and she they dropped down her legs effortlessly. 

“Relax,” she insisted and it almost sounded more like a direct demand.


Jody then crawled back over me and her hands met the front of my shoulders, pushing me down again and my eyes widened slightly at how forceful she was being. Her hand reached down and grabbed hold of me, a gasp of air filling my lungs and I knew where this was going instantly, “J-Jody, I told you to sto-” my face suddenly jerked to the right, my cheek being left with a hot, burning sensation and my eyes winced in pain. Did.. Did she just hit me? My eyelids fluttered a little as I tried to regain composure but the next thing I felt was Jody sitting upon me and she took me herself, letting out another gasp as I felt her and my face burned as I looked back up to her.


I looked up at Jody and her expression was filled with ecstasy as she bobbed up and down quickly over my false excitement, panting and moaning softly and even despite me not wanting any of this, my body was weak as I got lost in how amazing everything felt. My mind was going mad and I couldn’t even focus enough to figure out a plan out of this, but I brought my hands to the front of her thighs and I pushed her softly, ” P-Please, s-stop..” I requested and she put her hands to my chest, holding me down as her body didn’t quit.


“J-Jody, stop.. I-I’m.. I’m close..” I tried to contest more, refusing to move as I laid there against my will and she only went harder.

“Good, so I am.. Don’t you like this? Tell me you love it, Oliver,” she completely ignored me and demanded something else. 

“I-I.. I said st-” I said louder than I had been but she stopped me by going rougher, feeling myself getting closer and closer to my long awaited, three-year climax and her moans only grew more sensual, grinding herself against me harder than before.


I put my hands to her thighs to apply pressure and to get her off of me, but, my body betrayed me, reaching my limit and she grabbed my sides, keeping me from pushing her off and she forced herself down onto me with a couple of forced thrusts, letting out a gentle cry as I felt her reach her limit as well. 


The strength of my arms left my body and I gave up, feeling her let go of my sides and my arms fell onto the bed. My breathing was staggered and heavy, my head a little light and I laid there is disbelief, feeling the pain in my cheek once again after I had ignored it from feeling such forced pleasure that I never even asked for. “Get off me,” I said quietly, averting my eyes from Jody, putting my hands to her thighs and I was finally able to successfully get her off of me.

See? I didn’t want to wait, just get it out of the way so there’s no elephant in the room, right? I love it,” She began, raising herself from me and she stood from the bed, grabbing her clothes and slipping her panties back up her legs. She looked accomplished, like she was proud of herself and all I did was feel sick to my stomach..

I sat up, turning myself so my legs hung off the side of the bed and I sat there for a moment, trying to come up with some explanation that didn’t result in the obvious, how she had blatantly taken advantage of me, but I couldn’t think of anything else.. How many times did I have to say ‘stop’ in order for her to get the point? Well, I guess a lot more than five times, as I proved.. I reached forward quickly, putting my shirt and my sweatpants back on and I sat on the bed once again, “I-I had.. I had told you to stop.. Why didn’t you?” I asked quietly, but she didn’t hear my question.


“Sorry, wha’d you say?” She asked sweetly and Jody was back to the normal girl I had known her to be from last night.. Who the hell was that in bed with me just a moment ago? Because it definitely wasn’t Jody.. That was someone entirely different.. But, then again, I still barely knew anything about her, maybe she just turned into a dominating, abusive person when put into an intimate situation. Wait, why the hell was I making excuses for her?

“I said.. I told you stop.. Why didn’t you?” I asked more clearly, looking over my shoulder towards her and she was just getting done slipping her dress back on.


“Oh, wow.. I guess I might’ve been a little more rough than I intended..” She replied, ignoring my question when her worried eyes noticed my face that still stung like crazy and it was probably a little swollen, too. “I’m sorry.. Are you okay? Do you want an ice pack or anything?” She asked, walking towards me and she reached out to touch my face, but I rose quickly from the bed and stepped away from her.

“I-I’m fine.. Really.. I actually have a lot of stuff to do today, so.. I’d like you to leave now,” I requested, trying to hide the slight fear of her that I held and she gave me a confused expression.

“Oh.. Alright, uhm.. It can’t wait? I thought we’d grab a late lunch or something?” She offered with a smirk, stepping closer to me again and I only stepped back further.

“No, I gotta get it done today, sorry..” I insisted, just wanting her to leave.


“Okay.. Well, I’ll call you sometime this week when I’m free,” she replied, coming up to me even despite me stepping away from her, but there was nowhere left for me to go, watching as she pushed herself up and she pecked my motionless lips. Jody then walked away from me and she held a smile on her lips when she looked over her shoulder before shutting my door behind her and I let out a staggered sigh of relief when she was finally gone.


I stepped weakly over towards my bed, my hand meeting it first and I sat down slowly to try and figure out what in the hell just transpired.. I shut my eyes, both confused and astounded.. How could she be so oblivious? How could she be so okay with hurting me, taking me like that when it was obvious I didn’t want her to? What the hell happened to ‘taking things slow’? I thought she understood me, I thought we were on the same page, but.. I guess I was wrong.. Was that just the type of person she was, or did she do that under the circumstances that she was with me? She seemed so sweet, so innocent and caring, but after what happened today, I don’t want anything to do with her.. I’d be happy if I never saw her again..

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24 thoughts on “Generation 4, Chapter 4

  1. meganmariethomas

    I have a feeling Jody did this on purpose. They didnt seem to use protection and I get the feeling Jody is the type who would ‘trap’ oliver into being with her.

  2. eternalmonster

    Jeesus christ. Poor Oliver. I want to murder Jody right now. Straight up – I hope he kills her. This is the first time I’ve ever hoped for a Dubois boy to kill someone.

    Please please please Olie. Please tell James. He’ll understand. You need to break up with her. She’s probably going to make it hard – she’ll probably use Kate against you. But I am so worried about you. She knows you. She’s probably chosen you because she knows she can control you. There’s more than one type of bully – and this kind is the worst. She’s using you to make herself feel powerful and wanted and she will never have to answer for how she treats you because you’re a man. Not every person is capable of having non- committed sex. And even those that are agree that consent is pivital… Oh my god I just wanted to shove her off him…

    Once again I am stunned by your writing. Bravo on touching on such a serious topic and giving it all the weight and emotion it deserves. I was wondering why you were spending so much time building Oliver up in our minds. I was just sitting there after the last chapter going – “I GET IT! He’s a sensitive tortured soul (and even a stereotypical hypocrite), Move on already!”

    But that much building was important. He is a sensitive and gentle guy. He’s not just going to suddenly snap and stand up for himself – because he’s not that guy. And that’s ok. I still adore him and admire him and he can succeed. He doesn’t have to be someone else. He doesn’t need to learn to stand up for himself, he doesn’t need to put himself out there. The fact that other people are taking advantage of him doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with him. I don’t know what the answer is. I know that he shouldn’t need to be protected. But that’s naive. So what is the answer? Maybe James is the answer. Maybe the truth is we all NEED people watching over us and helping us. There should be no shame in that. It doesn’t make us any less capable.

    Ahem. Off my babbling on philosophy of sociology and ect. I’m on edge waiting for the next chapter. :D

    And btw – I love the anchor. I know it’s kinda cliché to some people, but I kinda feel like it’s appropriate for him.

    1. Oohh the first time? Haha yeah, I can understand why. Jody is a lot different than she first perceived.
      True, the only one who would understand and believe Oliver would be James, but who knows if Oliver will be able to tell him something like that. We saw a new, rather forceful side of Jody and Ollie was the perfect fit to what she wanted. You’re right,
      Thank you, I’m really glad you like my writing. ^_^ I’m glad it also all came together for you in the end and you aren’t bored with Oliver already.. >_>
      Yeah, he’s not the type to stick up for himself.. Although he’s said he hates knowing he needs someone to watch over him, after today, he might reconsider thinking that he hates the idea.. True, the fact that people might take advantage of him doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with Oliver, he just needs to start standing up for himself a little more, maybe gain a little more confidence and self-respect to get him out of situations such as these.
      Glad you’re excited for the next chapter! I’m looking forward to writing it :D
      Thanks, I like the Anchor as well for Oliver. It has meaning to him and he got it for a reason, but I’ll get to that in a alter chapter haha
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      1. Ohh. I hope I didn’t give the impression I was bored. I definitely wasn’t. I have ever vigilant faith in your skill as a writer, and little Ollie is by far my favorite Dubois. I don’t know what it is about him… probably his vulnerability, but I’ve always adored him and I probably will until the very end *sigh*.

        I just honestly didn’t know where you were going with it, and it seemed a little slow. But, as I said before ULTIMATE FAITH!!!!

        Dood, the only reason I woke up this morning was because my email chimed that you’d posted. :D

  3. Oliver’s sweater is so cute, how it goes over his hands a little. XD Ahh dude, I felt bad for Oliver when James just came in and started playing 20 questions with him, LOL. Not that I disliked James’ excitement for wanting to hear about Oliver’s night, but because I could feel how much Oliver needed to process what happened in his own mind before telling James about it. His night was pretty confusing, LOL, when you aren’t the best at reading people or knowing how to have a relationship, it’s hard to tell what they want or don’t want when they just leave.

    It’s interesting to hear about how the previous generations’ actions affect the next generation, especially when there are two different sides to it. Usually there’s just brothers and sisters from the same set of parents, but to have one kid from each side, it can turn into all out war like it did here. I’m not sure I agree fully with either Kat or Oliver’s perspective about what went down between their fathers. LOL. Yes, Gareth is crippled, and Kat’s mad about it, but Gareth did have fault by cheating with Hannah. Yes, Gibson was the one holding the gun, and maybe he had an extreme reaction to Hannah cheating, but he let Gareth live. I think that speaks volumes to Gibson’s character. Despite his extreme anger towards Gareth, he still let him live. I know it was his ultimate punishment for Gareth, but I do think deep down it was because he does love his brother.

    Oliver saying it was all Gareth’s fault and that Hannah was just confused is a little skewed. t takes two people to cheat, so I guess I’m just thinking that he knows that, but he doesn’t want to admit that she had fault in it or something just because he doesn’t like Gareth. With how much Oliver’s past torments him, I don’t blame him for wanting to see the good in at least one of his parents. I understand him probably also thinking since Gareth isn’t the nicest person in the world, that it would make sense in Oliver’s mind for Hannah to be the ‘victim’ in the cheating somewhat.

    What the fuck, Jody?! The massage was nice of her, but everything after that? LOL. Women always say “He never listens to me when I say no.” Well, double standard with Jody, for sure, LOL. Oliver said no, a lot. Her only defense is if she was deaf, but she’s clearly not. Ugh, that is not the way to treat anyone, especially your crush?! Slapping him?! How rude! Wtf… she basically just raped him. Ugh… what a bitch. Ugh, and she’ll get away with it too because no one ever believes that men get raped too. *screams* Haha, when Oliver said “It’s wrong to hit women” I was thinking ‘it’s wrong to force a man to have sex with you.’ *shoves Jody off of Oliver, gets in a dust fight with her, then throws her out the window* Poor Oliver, what a shitty way to break your dry spell. Jesus Christ. LOL. ♥

    1. I have to add this here. I was imagining you as a sim “in a dust fight” with Jody and I was thinking I’d be standing there – one of the sims cheering and jumping up and down as you kicked her butt!

      Now wouldn’t that just scandalize the poor boy. lol. But, I’m giggling at the thought of it. >:)

    2. LOL Ikr? I love that shirt, I was excited when I got to finally use it XD
      Yeah, through James’ excitement for Oliver, he thought the night went better than it had, he was eager to hear some good news, but he got just the opposite. True, Oliver needed a lot more time to process what had happened, but either way, if James didn’t come into his room, Jody still eventually would and the same thing probably would’ve happened anyways. :/
      Their argument got heated pretty quickly, and Oliver didn’t like that Kat was using Jody more so to keep him distracted for when Gareth shows up.. Like he’d invite her over on Thanksgiving just to keep his mind off of his Uncle, but now with how Jody acted, it only made everything ten times worse and he wants nothing to do with her. Their whole time together today just added to what weights he already has on his shoulders. Both Kat and Oliver need to realize that no ones to blame specifically, all of them were at fault to some extent and they need to stop thinking that there needs to be one person to blame. They’ll never see eye to eye on this. I think it’s one of my favorite things to do, haha, talking about how the current generation was effected by the previous one.
      LOL true, she definitely isn’t deaf, but her motives still remain unclear right now. She’s power hungry, that much is obvious, and Oliver was the perfect fit to give her what she wanted.
      LOLL I know you’d beat her ass into dust XD *cheers on the sidelines with rebornmonster*
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Kat must know that James is head-over-heels for her. He follows her around like a lovesick puppy. I think she likes being the center of attention and has no doubt about her affect on James. If, by chance, she actually was that oblivious, the cat’s out of the bag now. She must’ve overheard what James said. And, still, she drapes herself over him like he’s her boyfriend.

    As for Jody, she basically date raped Oliver. She seemed so innocent, and the massage started out as her being nice to Ollie (and giving herself a chance to get her hands on him). Then things took a turn for the worst. Why the hell did she slap him across the face? There’s nothing sexy about that. I’m surprised he wasn’t able to physically remove her from being on top of him. Of course, he didn’t have a lot of blood flow to his brain for a while there. After a 3-year wait, his body was saying, ‘Hell, yeah!’ while his brain was saying, “Hell, no!” I hope the lack of a condom doesn’t trap Ollie into an unwanted pregnancy with that bitch.

    1. Kat is the type of girl to know that she’s sought after by a lot of guys, and you’re right, she really does love all the attention on her, probably because she was shown such little when she was growing up with a father like Gareth. Even if Kat overheard James talking when she had came in unannounced, he didn’t use a name, so she might still even be in the dark about how he truly feels.
      Yeah, that’s exactly what Jody did. D: She seemed to have been hiding a part of her that Oliver wants nothing to do with, and this is the last thing he needs to deal with.. An obsessive and even abusive girl. She wanted him to be liking what was happening, non contesting to it, so the slap was to get him to stop saying, well, “stop”. And that’s true, the pleasure was a little too good to ignore and his mind and body were telling him two completely different things.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. :D

  5. Oh my goodness. I had so much to comment on until I read the part where Jody pretty much just raped Oliver and now i’m competely and utterly speechless. What a psycho. OMG. I didn’t like her much from the first chapter only because she seemed kind of needy and desperate, but I thought she was cute and reminded me a little bit of Nina from the previous generation, but she’s worse then Nina, so so much worse. I am literly sitting here mouth agape, shocked. I wanted Oliver to push her off, but his body betrayed him. How fricken awful. I hope he tells James. I really like James as a character, he seems like a genuine good person, although he’s a little bit of a horn dog, although the loveable kind. I do feel a bit bad for him cause it seems as though Kat knows he likes her, but is slightly toying with him, like a cat would a mouse. I think she just wants someone to want her. Maybe she’s got daddy issues since her dad wasn’t the best to her growing up (Am I overthinking here?) LMAO

    Brilliant amazing chapter as always even if I am still completely a little stunned over what happened.

    1. Yeah, she definitely took advantage of him.. She’s a little.. Unstable. True, she was a lot like Nina was when first introduced, quiet and shy and a little desperate for attention, but there’s one key, big difference; she’s dominating, and Oliver didn’t have a chance when she finally knew how emotionally and mentally weak he was. She had no trouble getting her way.
      Hahaha yeah, you’re rigt, James is a horn dog, but loveable, and he’s a good person, and a great friend for Oliver to have in his life. Kat strings every guy along that shows interest in her, but she can’t help it when it comes to James, either. She may or may not know he loves her, but either way, she still looks at him as her and Oliver’s best friend, so some of the stuff she does, she could still be oblivious to how it makes James feel. LOL yeah, she definitely has daddy issues, you’re not over thinking that haha
      Thank you for reading and commenting :D

      1. Good, glad I wasn’t over thinking. Kat is sweet, and I like her, but from the way she dresses and acts around James. I see Daddy issues written all over that poor girl. Glad i’m not crazy. Haha. Can’t wait for the next chapter. *Having TIDL withdrawls. *Shakes*

  6. foreversims97

    I really don’t even have a response for what just happened. The whole time I was like, “wait…no..GET OFF OF HIM!” Poor Ollie, it makes me so sad. What a manipulative, deceiving little bitch! URGH, I’m so angry right now.
    I really love James! He’s kind of the comic relief in this generation, so lovable and cute!
    Well, I feel I should say more but I can’t get the shocking weight of sweet little Jody raping poor Ollie!
    …Sweet little Jody better high tail it out of here…*does the ‘I’m watching you’ gesture to Jody*

    Bravo! Great chapter. You warned us it would be disturbing and you did not disappoint!

    1. Yeah, Jody is.. Well.. Two faced. She has a very sweet and shy side, one that Oliver could relate to, but once they’re alone in a place where sex could be an option, she turned into a dominating and rather forceful person. Just the kind of girl that Oliver doesn’t need. She’s a little unstable and one could maybe even say she’s insane. She has this infatuation with Oliver, but she doesn’t realize that her dominating ways, which with some personalities other than Oliver’s, could be considered “hot”, but as you’ve read, Ollie wanted nothing to do with it.
      LOLL Yesss, I loved your “i’m watching you” gesture XD
      Thank you so much! And thanks for reading and commenting :D

  7. O_O So I’m just going to join the line of people that want to beat the you know what out of her. WTF??? Jeez. . .I’m in shock right now. . .Awesome chapter!

    *steps away for a moment to collect thoughts; then comes back* The whole exchange between Ollie and Kat was understandable. I had been wondering how each of them could coexist and be on such good terms when it would be so easy for both of them to blame the others dad. When in reality, they’re both right. All three of them had their own part in what happened.

    I really like James! So much so, I really want him to be happy, but I just don’t know if Kat could make him happy. Poor guy though! Having the girl he’s pinning over just lay on him and put him in all kids of uncomfortable situations. . .Ugh! And I may be wrong, but I think she knows. She’s got to! :)

    Back to Jody. . .I’m with LateKnight, I’ve never wanted the Dubois boys to kill anyone, but I’d be okay with her. She scares me, in some ways more than some of the Dubois guys. . .Just, run, Ollie!! Get far away from the psycho girl. . .

    1. LOL Yeah, everyone wants Jody to go down. I actually find it very amusing and I really want to eventually give everyone what they want, but well see.. ;D
      Yeah, Kat and Oliver obviously don’t see eye to eye on that particular situation, but then again that’s only them both trying to defend their own father’s. But, you’re right- Gareth, Gibson, AND Hannah are all to blame at least to some extent, but Oliver and Kat are just too stubborn to see the big picture and accept it for what it is.
      I’m glad you like James! I really like him, too. He’s a really great friend for Oliver to have.
      Well, although she did lie on him like that, the friendship/relationship that James and Kat share is very friendly, but at the same time awkward and weird, but only because James has feelings for her and she may not. I wrote it to that guys and girls can just be friends, which is how Kat sees it, so thats why she’s acting as if she’s oblivious.. Because, well.. She is. She’s definitely used to being swooned over, so she isn’t oblivious to how James might feel about her, but she’s mostly treating it like a crush, just like every other guy in the world, but she really doesn’t have any idea James is actually in love with her.
      LOLL I really love that everyone hates her. I wrote her so that she was a two-faced character because I’ve actually never done someone like her before.. Well, besides Gareth, he can be nice one second and then hold a knife to your throat the next, but the girl version just seemed so much more rage-inducing, obsessive and a great antagonist for Oliver’s person.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! :D

  8. OH WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT, JODY!?!?! What the fuck!? You know, when I said that she rubbed me the wrong way, I just meant she seemed sort of daft, not “she seems like a rapist,” but holy hell look at this, she’s a freaking RAPIST!

    I’m so freaking sad for Oliver right now, I just can’t even process this. That was just about the last thing that he needed. This is awful. I’ve already grown to like Oliver so much and just gah!!

    I’d like to slap that psycho right back–back into a room filled with red walls! He said “stop” for god’s sake! IT DOESN’T GET MUCH CLEARER THAN THAT, LITTLE GIRL!

    RAWR. *rage pixel transformation so I can go choke a bitch*

    1. Yeah, Jody is not what anyone expected. She’s a good example of how someone so sweet and seemingly innocent can turn out to be someone quite different behind closed doors. Oliver was the perfect target for her to take advantage of. True, this is really the last thing he needed, but, makes for a good story, I guess. XD
      Jody’s a very misleading girl and she has her own dark side that she’s shown Oliver, but she still hasn’t seen what his dark side can do, nor does she even know about it. Let’s just hope that after this, Jody knows to stay the hell away from him hahaha
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. jazen

    HOLY SHIT SHE RAPED HIM!!!!! Wow, just wow. I…I don’t even know where to begin with that. She slapped his ass then proceeded to have sex with him after he said no. Of course he can’t tell anyone that girl just raped him, he’s already picked on. I seriously think they (Jody and Thomas) are related more now.

    That whole argument with Kat. She has some nerve. I wish he would have thrown her attitude towards Cam in her face. I’m really starting to not like her. First she’s all in his personal life, telling stuff she shouldn’t, forcing dates on him when she shouldn’t. Now she’s expecting him to just sit and have dinner with her dad, she is really callous just like her father.

    1. She isn’t the sweet girl Oliver thought she was, that’s for sure :/

      Yeah, Kat is a bit harsh and she tries to baby Oliver all the time. She demands a lot and she asks a lot of him, too, and he’s starting to get really tired of it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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