Heir Poll (kind of)

I need help, readers!

I’m soooo unsure of who should birth the male heir.. Based on how I know them and how I assume they would be as parents, I’m still unsure on which story line to go with and I need your help on deciding who births the heir and which story I should go with that I have planned for either Gareth or Gibson’s son. Please, take the time to think about them and vote on which one should birth the new heir. Which Dubois twin do you think would provide a better story for the Generation 4 male heir?

Poll Opens on March 2, 2014.. Closing on Friday, March 7, 2014.

Based on how I see it parent-wise, a quick summary:

  • Gareth – Uncaring, doesn’t want kids, almost always acts inappropriate, strong beliefs and habits, usually only cares about himself.
  • Gibson – Very strict, logical/smart, proper, wants nothing but the best for anyone including himself, cares about what others think.



~ by SimComix on March 2, 2014.

15 Responses to “Heir Poll (kind of)”

  1. ..Why must you ask such a difficult question? xD I voted…but it was hard. I love them both so much! Whichever twin births the heir, the newest Dubois will be extremely good looking and will definitely provide an interesting generation. :D Good luck!

  2. i voted for the good twin. he’s the whose insanity is not kicking in.

  3. To be honest, I would rather you just let it happen by random – though I understand how hard it would be. To be honest I always thought I would choose Gibson to have the kid, mostly because I thought he’d make the better father but – I think it would be a neat plot twist that maybe Gibson would have this happy little family that doesn’t know anything about his darker side – and suddenly his brother’s crazy ass son shows up when they don’t even know he has a brother :)

    I don’t know though. I sit and brood sometimes trying to guess what each of their kids would be like – and I think Gareth’s son would be totally nuts. He’d thrive on killing people, and he wouldn’t have a stable home or anything to anchor him the way the twins did. I think of him as being like Dexter’s older brother in the show – how he was like Dexter without a moral compass…

    But, on the other hand, I think Gibson’s son would be a genius and would probably like to convince OTHER PEOPLE to kill other people!!! Just like the Following (great show btw).

    Maybe the real lesson here is I need to watch less TV. Which is crazy, since 3 hours a week would be a lot for one week for me. lol

    • dood – repeat myself much? Sorry for that. @,@

      My inner fan girl just took over. :D

    • Meh, I’ve been doing things at random for this legacy the whole time.. I wanted some kind of change and also to give you readers a chance to become a little more involved and I’m giving you guys a say in som of this as well haha. I wanted to see first, which twin the readers found more interesting, and two, I wanted to see which twin would be the more interesting read as far as becoming the father for the heir son. I have a story prepared for each twin, but it’s all based on which one has the son, and idk which story to go with or who you all like more XD hence the poll.

      Thanks for voting!

    • Eee! I watch The Following too! <3

  4. Either one would be cool, I see potential either way. Though Gibs being the strict logical parent would be interesting if he had a rebel kid who Hung out with cool uncle Gareth and wanted to grow up to be just like him. Lol! Oh the drama potential there. If same thing happen to Gareth he probably wouldn’t care as much. Plus current pattern is the craziness doesn’t really show until after kids are born >> So exciting!!! I cant wait to read either way

    • “Cool Uncle Gareth” XD that made me laugh. Gareth would definitely be a huge influence on the kid, you’re right. Then again, Gibson has potential as well, though he’d be “Strict Uncle Gibson” hahaha
      Either way it goes, I still hope the plans I have will be enjoyable to read!
      Thanks for voting, if you have!

  5. This is tough, soooooo tough. I feel like choosing one would hurt the other’s feelings. I know you will give us a great read no matter who birth’s the heir.

    Ok, I made my vote. At first I thought I would vote for Gibson since he talks of wanting a family and all that. As much as I love me some Gibs, I love me some Gareth just a little bit more, so he has my vote. We’ve done the family man story already, and I think that Gareth has the possibility to go darker and more evil with his story, so he gets my vote. I feel horrible in saying this but–he has the most opportunity to produce some really fucked up children (I would never be happy about this in real life I feel like I should add–LOL)

    So yeah–Team Gareth baby–*Puts on my Team Gareth T-shirt*

    • Ikr? Super tough choice.. Thanks! I really do hope that either way it goes, I hope I do them justice and its fun to read T_T
      Hahaha Yeah, he definitely has the possibility of raising some messed up kids, what with his lack of caring. True, the whole family man thing has been done, but I wouldn’t say it’s not going to happen again maybe in future generations. Who knows what traits I’ll roll XD
      LOLL “Team Gareth” t-shirt *hands you pompoms*
      Thanks for voting! :D

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