V-Day Update

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Would you choose Door Number One?


Or Door Number Two?


( LOL I had so much fun doing this XD )

~ by SimComix on February 14, 2014.

17 Responses to “V-Day Update”

  1. door number 2 because door number 1 is a murderer who sleep with women and killed them for the heck of it

  2. *faints* Mmmm… Door Number One, yes, that’s the one. *dies* *scrolls back up to stare*
    5 hours later
    SHIT I was supposed to hit Post Comment. <3

  3. Door number one! Shit. I hope I don’t end up dead. ROFL.

  4. I’ll take Door Number Two, the slightly lesser of two evils. First thing I want to do is take Gibson’s glasses off (ever since you showed him without them). ;) Very creative post!

  5. Ummm…Is both an option…If you need me, I’ll be staring at their pictures. Damn!!

  6. XD Door number two! Gereth is sexy and all but I’m falling hard for the complexity and mystery behind Gibson. Funny thing is i have a good friend in real life who reminds me a lot of Gibs…. sometimes scare the hell out of me with mind games just for fun LOL!

    • LOL! Wow, you have a friend like Gibson? I hope they aren’t EXACTLY like him O_O *bites nails nervously* haha!
      I love Gibson, too.. He’s just so.. Hmm.. Well, yes, mysterious. LOL Mystery is always a turn on XD <3

      • XD well…. he doesn’t look anything like Gibson but he’s in to classical music, sings opera (and has a wonderful voice), and talks freely about horrid and interesting ways to kill someone. (He studied medicine like I did.) but he hasn’t killed any one so theirs that! LOL

  7. Even if it ends in my death. Door number one. Lust over love any day…

    (Although character wise. I do like Gibson better. He’s adorable.)

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