Generation 3, Chapter 5

Attention: This chapter is kinda dark, since it takes place at night. It might be hard to make out the pictures unless read in a dark environment XD
NSFW, too. Otherwise, enjoy. <3


    Gareth’s POV     


I haven’t talked to Gibson in a little over a week. I’ve been going out a lot to try and avoid him and he’s been working more to stay out of the house to avoid me. But I don’t know what he wants me to do. He complains all the time about pointless shit that no one should care about, yet I’m constantly being yelled at for those pointless things. He cares too much about appearances and first impressions, changing himself to fit every situation like a shape-shifter and he expects me to be able to do that same. Pah! Yeah, right.. How could I control myself around Bahiti’s friend? She was so cute and I couldn’t help that she gave me seductive looks before I gave her any. I also can’t believe that he had the balls to say that I still act like a high schooler. I sure as hell don’t, I’m way more experienced now than when I was in high school.. In my opinion, I was worse back then compared to now. We both were..

Whatever.. Fuck him.. He’s the only person that’s able to get so under my skin and it’s almost impossible to get this anger out of me, but I always have a solution for situations like this; just get my mind off of it and do something I love. Better yet, something he would disapprove of. 


I haven’t been able to forget the smell of her perfume since I ‘accidentally’ bumped into her when I had walked into the bar. She came with no one, I’ve been watching her ever since I first saw her at the Spring Festival a few days ago, picking flowers by herself and smelling them, savoring every sweet scented pollen that entered her tiny nostrils. She enjoyed the finer things in life, that I could tell without a doubt and she actually did take time to ‘stop and smell the roses’. I even noticed the slight twitch in the left corner of her mouth she did unknowingly when she genuinely enjoyed something, yet didn’t want to draw attention to herself so she tried to hide it. But.. Oh, she grabbed my attention the moment I saw her. She was a real beauty.


Her eyes were so bright and full of life, a beautiful shade of green. Making eye contact with her when I had bumped into her was fun, seeing her face in shock and I put on a charming smile, apologizing politely and I had caught her attention from that moment forth. The anticipation of knowing how she was in bed ate at me more than I thought it would. I noticed the early-bird creases on the edge of her mid-20 eyes every time she smiled even the slightest and it told me she smiled often throughout her life. She was a happy, pretty young woman. Perfect for me. 


She’s been sitting at the bar for about twenty minutes, already being approached on two different occasions by men asking to buy her a drink, but she politely told that she was waiting for someone and they left her alone. I was the only one in the whole bar who knew she was lying. After those men left, I’d notice out of the corner of my eye her looking my way and then back to the bar, I could tell she wanted me to be the next one to approach her, but I didn’t move. Within the passed few days of watching her, I could tell she didn’t have many friends and her relatives most likely didn’t live around here, giving me reason to believe that she just came for a quick drink and was going to be on her way soon.. Alone.


A waitress came by and asked if I wanted to order anything, but I only bought a beer which I didn’t plan on finishing so it wouldn’t cause suspicion. I wanted to avoid loitering, especially when I was in the mood to chase and my prey was so close to being in my grasp I could even guess the flavor of her skin that I knew I’d taste later. I occupied myself by browsing through my phone, occasionally glancing up to see the angel I had chosen still sitting on the bar stool, taking her time finishing her drink as she watched the television, though I knew she wasn’t paying attention to it. I wondered why she even came here.. I learned she wasn’t much for sports, nor did she watch television that often. She enjoyed keeping her tiny house clean and pristine and she liked to read with a cup of tea to sip on next to her on a small coffee table in front of her white sofa. I’ve had fun watching her, it kept me occupied and my mind went to Gibson less and less the more I observed. But, tonight would be different, I’d actually let out all of my frustrations on her and it was going to be nothing less than a glorious ending.


When I noticed her drink was almost empty, only needing one more swallow until it was all gone, I put my phone away and took another quick sip of my half empty beer. The bartender asked if she wanted another, but she politely shook her head ‘no’ and paid her low tab. I stood from my chair as she was leaving, watching her in my peripherals as I went to the bar and put my beer on the counter, paying my tab as well and bidding the bartender a good night. Fiddling around in my pocket, my fingertips played with a lighter and my pack of smokes as I casually made my way out of the bar. 


Pulling the pack out and removing a cigarette to place between my lips, I glanced from the corner of my eye and noticed the young woman leaning against the wall of the bar, going through the contacts of her phone and I listened in on her conversation, “Yeah, hi.. I need a cab,” she began, listening to her soft, sweet voice as she talked and I smirked a little, lighting my cigarette and I could see I had gotten her attention just from that action alone, seeing her look to me out of my peripherals. “Oh, uhm.. Sorry.. My name’s Katherine and I’m on Silver St. at the, uhm..”


“Steele Bar,” I answered for her, glancing over at her with a tiny smirk and she gave one in return.

“Steele Bar,” she repeated my words into the phone, “Thanks,” she said softly towards me and I nodded, looking back forward and continuing to smoke my cigarette. “What?! Thirty minute wait? Ugh.. Yeah, yeah.. That’s fine, only very inconvenient,” she complained to the cab service, finishing up the conversation and hanging up.


A few long seconds passed and I continued to ignore her, looking towards the street and watching cars pass, looking up at the stars, spacing out in general. It was a fun game to play, but only if you had the right girl to play it with. Ignoring her completely seemed to be working, I could see her glancing towards me quite a bit as I faced forward. I loved waiting to see how long it took for them to strike up a conversation instead of me doing it, the sooner they spoke up, the more desperate to be noticed they were. This girl didn’t seem too desperate, but she caved at about thirty seconds of silence. “Hey, would you mind if I took a drag of that?” She wondered.


I looked over towards her and back to my cigarette between my lips, taking it with my fingers and blowing smoke out of my mouth and nose, “Do you just want your own? I have more,” I replied.

“No, I don’t want a whole one, I only smoke occasionally,” she answered and I shrugged, handing it off to her and she stepped closer so she could accept it.


I watched with anxiousness as she put my cigarette to her plump lips and breathed in, watching her then pull it away from her mouth and exhale the smoke smoothly. Watching a woman smoke was one of the sexiest things I thought they could do, especially when using my own cigarette,”Mmmm.. I haven’t had a smoke in about a week, I shouldn’t be doing this since I’ve been trying to quit altogether, but it’s just so tasty. Tempting, too, whenever I see someone else doing it,” she continued, looking up at me with smiling eyes as she took another drag and I couldn’t help but watch her lips once more. She was flirting, that much was obvious, and I loved it. There was something unique about her, something that made my heart race and my body hot.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear, your name is Katherine, yes..? I’m Gareth,” I made introductions and she smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you, Gareth,” she replied. I liked how she said my name, although she said it correctly, there was a certain way that she pronounced it that flowed so nicely off of her tongue.


“Likewise,” I replied, “So, do you live here in Lucky Palms?” I asked, acting as if I didn’t already know the answer.

“Yeah, about a fifteen minute drive from here.. I felt like walking a lot today, but since I sat down at the bar, I realized how tired I was and I don’t want to walk all the way home now,” she replied, letting out a tiny giggle that made me smirk, “But I called the cab service, even if it’s going to take them forever to get here,” she continued, letting out a soft sigh as she then took another drag of my cigarette. “What about you?”

“Yeah, I live in one of the houses on the big dock,” I replied and she nodded.

“Ohh, I’ve driven passed there a few times, those are nice houses, right out on the water,” she replied and I nodded, seeing her hold a gentle smile and I kept my smirk as well.


“Oh! Here, thanks,” she added, handing my cigarette back and I accepted it, seeing traces of pink left behind circled around the filter from her lipstick and it made my heart race a little faster. I took a drag of it and I could taste the lipstick as I inhaled, pulling the cigarette from my lips and watching the smoke as it left my lungs.


I then watched in surprise as Katherine reached up to my mouth and her thumb wiped my lips, “It seems I left lipstick on your cigarette, your lips are all glittery now,” she said softly with a charming giggle. I could see her cheeks turning a gentle pink even with the lack of light and I felt my face get warm as my heart raced the most it has since I talked to her. She was so beautiful and I couldn’t choose between starring at her eyes or her lips, I didn’t know which I liked better. I could even smell the subtle, sweet perfume I had watched her put on her wrists this morning before leaving her house, only making me more excited and I couldn’t help myself.

Screenshot-48 (2)

I leaned forward suddenly, pressing my lips to hers with a somewhat gentle force, but it didn’t last very long at all. The moment I had done it, almost in that same moment did I pull away just as fast, “I.. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that,” I said with remorse.


I turned my head away from her and finished my cigarette, flicking it out into the street and I put my hands into my pockets, “I just learned your name a minute ago for Christ’s sake,” I belittled myself in front of her, made a fool of myself and I was expecting a slap any minute now, but I never felt one. “You’re just.. So gorgeous, and I.. It was, uhm.. Nice meeting you, Katherine,” I added, turning away from her as I felt my cheeks get warm with embarrassment and I began to walk away when I felt her hand grip my shirt, stopping me in my tracks. Good, I’m so glad she stopped me.


“Wait.. It’s okay,” she replied with a quiet tone and I looked back at her, “I was..” She laughed softly, “I was flirting anyways,” she laughed softly once more, “I just, don’t usually come on so strong, I’m not usually like this..” She was embarrassed, more than I was. I turned around to face her and I bowed my head, looking at the ground and her chest in a sly manner.

“Well, would you be open to starting over?” I asked in a shy manner, my eyes finally meeting hers.

“Yeah, sure..” She welcomed with a smile.

“You wanna.. Go to the beach or something where it’s a little cooler? I drove here, so.. I could just take you home afterwards..?” I suggested and her smile grew warmer.

“Yeah, that sounds nice,” she replied and I let out a soft sigh, showing her the way to my car in the bar parking lot.


We arrived at the beach and walked along the shoreline for roughly twenty minutes, chatting back and forth about one another and I had learned some pretty boring things, but I couldn’t afford to lose her interest now so I continued to try and pay attention. I’ve spent too much time on her already to not get what I want. She was a waitress at a small restaurant but she was on vacation at the moment, choosing to enjoy it out and about and I was lucky to have found such a great woman for tonight. She seemed humble and pretty smart, something that Gibson would appreciate more than me. She was definitely more of Gibson’s type which made being with her that much more rewarding for a reason I couldn’t quite pinpoint. Maybe I felt like getting back at him, even if he had no idea what I was up to.

Screenshot-72 (2)

Eventually, when there was a short silence, she had reached out to hold my hand and I smiled when I looked to her. I could feel my face get hot again and I turned my attention away, my eyes scanning the sand as we still walked and I heard her let out a quiet giggle, “Why are you so shy?” She questioned.

“I-I don’t know.. You’re just so pretty an all.. I can’t really seem to fully believe how lucky I am to have met you tonight,” I reply with a smooth tone, looking over to her briefly and I watched her smile get warmer.

“You know..” She began, slowing her pace until she stopped and I had stopped as well, looking to her questionably, “You can kiss me again, only if you want to..” She said in a quiet tone, looking up to me with sweet eyes and a smile slowly flowed over my lips.


“Good, I’ve been dying to do it again ever since the bar,” I replied, hearing her laugh softly and I stepped forward, letting go of her hand. I brought my hands up to either side of her face, leaning in slowly and kissing her lips in a gentle manner. She had such a great body, my hands choosing to explore it a little as I continued to kiss her and I ended up dropping my arms and wrapping them around her to pull her closer to me. Soft kissing took place for a few long seconds, eventually pulling away and I looked questionably at her lips, asking her without words if I could make our kissing a little deeper and the look in her eyes told me she wanted the same thing. I pulled her back and closer to me once more, kissing her with more force than before and I separated her lips with my tongue to deepen the kiss.


The more heated things got, the more excited I became, one of my hands going down her side and my fingers eventually found her upper thigh just passed the short length of her skirt. My hand then went back behind her and traveled up a little, cupping the bottom of her ass with my palm under her skirt and I felt her jump slightly. I took a gamble and decided to pull away, ending our kiss and turning around to take a few steps away, “I’m.. I’m sorry, I just.. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a woman, I got a little too excited..” I said with a shameful tone, “I’m sorry, Katherine.. God.. I’m so embarrassed.. I’ll just take you home..” I continued with an even more pathetic, defeated voice.


“No, no.. It’s okay.. I’m sorry I flinched,” she let out an amused chuckle, “I was having fun with it.. You just did that so fast that I didn’t really know how to react..” She paused, hearing her approach me from behind and I felt her place her hand on my back, “You don’t have to take me home just yet.. How long has it been since you’ve been with someone..? If you don’t mind me asking..”

“A few years maybe.. I had a bad breakup and just never met anyone since that I thought would like me, but then you came along, and..” I stopped, letting out a depressed sigh.

“Really, it’s fine, Gareth.. Despite how I reacted, I did like it,” she replied and I smirked slightly.


“Oh.. You did?” I asked, slowly turning around to face her again and I watched her nod.

“Yeah..” She replied, seeing her then look around the beach and her eyes lit up as if she had found something she was looking for, “Here, follow me,” she continued, the flirtatious smirk on her lips was inviting and I smiled when she grabbed my hand, leading me away from the shore.


Katherine led me to a small area that was a little more private, more trees and bushes surrounded us and I kept my smile as I listened to her quiet, lustrous giggle. I looked around, checking the area and I didn’t see anyone else in sight. “Katherine, what are we doi-” I was cut off as she pulled me into the brush more and kissed me hard, my heart beginning to race and I returned the kiss with as much excitement as her. My back rested up against a tree as we continued to lock lips and I felt her hands playing around with my pants, pulling away from her in shock, “Katherine!” I said her name with strain but still kept quiet, “I-I don’t know if I can.. What if someone sees us?” I asked with worry in my voice.

“No one will.. Even if we’ve been hanging out for only a few hours, I like you, Gareth.. You’re sweet and you make me act funny,” she replied, giggling softly, “It makes me want to get to know about all of you.” 


I felt her undoing my pants and I gave her an uneasy expression which she caught onto right away, “If you don’t want to we don’t have to..” She began and I shook my head.

“No, no.. I want to, I just.. I don’t know if I’ll be any good..” I replied with a defeated tone, breaking eye contact with her.

“Don’t let it bother you, I’m sure you’ll be fine, it’s not like you’ve completely forgotten.. Besides, you don’t have to do anything,” she replied coyly. Her fingers continued to undo the buttons on my pants and she undid the zipper, leaning forward again towards me and she pressed her lips to mine as her hand dropped down underneath my underwear and into my pants.


This was hot, no question. Taking up the role of the dominated was something I rarely ever let happen in these types of situations, but it was cute to try and see how dominant the girl could be. Katherine seemed to be quite good at this, which surprised me since she seemed like the kind of girl to not have sex on the first date. It seemed that she was most intrigued by the lie I told about not being with a woman in so long that peaked her dominant curiosity. I stopped our kiss and my lips went to her neck, letting out a few pants between each kiss I gave her to reassure her that she was doing a great job at this. Finally I had gotten the chance to taste her skin like I’ve been dying to do. I had a weakness for necks. If a girl has a slender, long neck and I can see her fragile collar bones, I was entranced. Her other hand that wasn’t occupied rose up and gripped the hair on the back of my head, pulling me in more and my kisses grew a little rougher upon her neck, hearing her begin to let out quiet moans and already I wanted to take her this moment.


Katherine apparently had the same idea, pulling at my hair to pull my lips from her neck and she removed her hand from inside my pants, reaching up and removing my blazer. I tossed it aside after taking it off with her and I removed my shirt within seconds after that, watching as she removed hers then as well and her lips crashed back into mine. As we shared a rough kiss, I put my hands to her hips and pushed down her skirt, Katherine then kicking it aside and she pulled away for a moment, “Lay down,” she quietly commanded and I didn’t waste any time, going to a small open area surrounded by the foliage and laying down. 


She reached behind her and I watched her dark silhouette as she unclasped her bra and let the straps fall down her shoulders. I could feel my heart racing and even without her touching anymore, I could feel myself getting more and more excited as I watched her. She dropped her bra on the ground by the large palm tree and I couldn’t make out every detail of her breasts, but I could see enough to the point where I was still enjoying myself. I then watched as her delicate hands slid down her sides and she hooked her panties, pulling them down as well and I watched as they dropped down passed her long legs and she kicked that aside near her other clothes. Katherine then bent down, kneeling on either side of my thighs and she grabbed the rim of both my pants and underwear, pulling them down and exposing my growing excitement. 


After hastily removing my shoes, pants and underwear, she climbed over me and I looked up to her. The view I had was incredible, the moon and the bright stars shined behind her and Katherine herself was a sight to behold. My hands explored her hips and thighs as I watched her smile, “Don’t be nervous,” she whispered softly and I grinned in return. I wasn’t nervous, not at all. All I was feeling was excitement and I waited in anticipation for her to start fucking me. Her hand went behind her and I felt her gently grip my shaft, maneuvering me directly under her and I felt her tease my tip against her moist warmth. My anxiousness in starting this was getting so high to the point where I wasn’t going to wait any longer and plunge into her as hard as I could, yet as I was seriously considering it, she slowly sat down and took all of me and I watched her wince as she struggled slightly to take me in.


At first she took things slow, moaning softly as she bobbed herself up and down repeatedly and I took hold of her hips, assisting her a little and pulling her down harder when I wanted to. Finally, I’ve been able to pull off what I had been wanting to for days now, it never ceased to amaze how me easy this was sometimes. After a few minutes of build up, she quickened her pace and she became a little more vocal, her moans growing a little louder though I could tell she was trying to stay hushed as to not draw any attention from anyone. My breathing grew heavy and I could tell by her trembling legs that she was getting a little tired from doing the work herself for so long, Katherine then leaning forward and resting her hands on the ground to either side of me and I began thrusting into her to help her reach a release before me. I felt her insides tighten around me and she let out a long, gentle moan into my ear and I knew she had finally came.


I didn’t want to stop, I wasn’t done yet and I wasn’t about to leave here unsatisfied. Before she could collect herself, I sat up and put my arm around her, remaining inside of her and she wrapped her legs around me as I brought her over by the large palm tree. Putting my hand upon it for support, I began pumping into her roughly and she hummed moans while breathing heavily and I began panting as I tried to reach my breaking point. Katherine began saying my name in a pleasured whisper and it helped me get closer and closer, going just a little harder and I pushed into her as deep as I could, reaching my climax and I filled her completely as I felt her tighten around me once more, reaching her own climax again.


Was.. That okay?” I asked, sitting upon the ground and Katherine sat with me between my legs, leaning her back against my chest and I wrapped my right arm around her torso just under her breasts.

“Yeah, that was really good.. It’s hard to believe that you haven’t had practice in a few years,” she replied with a gentle giggle, letting out a relaxed and calm sigh.

I smiled, looking at the side of her face that I could see, occasionally looking down at her breasts that were still exposed and I chucked slightly, “I’m glad,” I answered softly, my fingertips dancing over her skin. She relaxed herself completely and shut her eyes, feeling her now steady breathing under the gentle weight of my hand and I sat there calmly, inhaling slowly to catch the scent of her hair. 

“Gareth.. Even though we kinda went a little fast, do you maybe.. Want to do this again? We can exchange numbers if you want..” She suggested and I kept my grin.

“Yeah, tha’d be nice.. I’ll actually take you out to dinner next time first before having this kind of fun,” I replied and she giggled again.


“I guess I haven’t been totally honest,” she began which didn’t really peak my interest, but I listened anyways, “It’s.. Been a while for me, too.. About 9 months since I broke up with my ex,” she continued.

“Oh.. It’s okay. You were amazing none the less,” I replied.

Katherine continued, “It’s just.. I don’t want you to think I’m dishonest or I sleep with everyone I meet.. I just liked you. There was something about you that made me want to know more,” she went on and I hummed a few ‘uh huh’s as she spoke to let her know I was still paying attention, even if I wasn’t. I leaned my head back a little, looking to my right and seeing my clothes lying in a pile within my reach. “I’m glad I took a chance on you, you seem really genuine and someone I’d love to get to know and spend time with,” she still continued and I removed my right hand slowly from touching her. I reached slowly towards my pants, gripping the very edge of them and pulling them closer to me so I could reach one of my pockets. “What are you up to?” She wondered.

“Just, uhm.. Looking for my phone. I thought I heard it go off a little while ago,” I replied.


My fingertips played with something within my pocket, pulling it out and taking it within my hand. My left hand that was supporting myself reached forward and my palm cupped over her mouth quickly, flipping open my large butterfly knife with my right hand and putting the sharpness to her neck, sliding the blade over her throat quickly with a heavy hand.


A gruesome, deep slash opened her neck and blood began to pour out rapidly from the wound, letting go of the knife and holding one of her arms down to keep her from struggling so much. I kept her in place with immense force, giving her no room to get free and I looked down at her chest, seeing blood pour down her collar bones and cleavage and her legs began to kick and twitch.


Wasn’t that a wonderful performance I made?” I asked her, knowing she wouldn’t reply, nor would I let her. “I always wondered how I’d be with an acting career, I think after this performance, though, I could land a good roll in a horror movie, don’t you?” I continued to ask her quiet questions into her ear as she continued to try and flail to get away from me. I continued to cover her mouth, pulling a little harder and opening her gash more so the blood from her carotid arteries flowed out faster. Her struggle began to lessen and her body became to involuntarily twitch more, looking to her face and I watched as her eyes slowly lost their shine and soon she didn’t struggle at all. “Goodbye, my beautiful lucky lady. I had fun tonight,” I whispered into her ear just before I heard her last breath.

Screenshot-122 (2)

As she lie limp against my chest, I slowly let go of covering her mouth and I reached back again, holding myself up once more and my right hand came up to the front of her, gripping her breast as I continued to watch the blood flow out slowly and drip down her chest. I played with her nipple teasingly and it still naturally stiffened under my touch, “This is the most beautiful you’ve looked all night, Katherine,” I continued but my whisper fell on deaf ears. I’ll lay here for a little while longer, eventually choosing to leave and I’d make sure to collect my knife as well as her clothes, putting her into the ocean to sink and although the blood within the grass would still remain, no other trace of her would be left behind. All in all, it was a successful night and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. This is definitely what I needed to get my mind off of my troubles.

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    • Aww, well thanks for commenting! And thank you so much, I’m really happy that you liked this chapter. I had a minor setback when I questioned whether I should publish it or not hahaha
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      Yeah, true, they’re relationship was going bad and it then got better, but then it got worse. It’s hard to keep them from being at each other’s throats lately. They used to want to do everything together, but the more they grew up and found their own interests, they became their own person and no longer rely on the other to have fun. Their interests conflict now, causing them themselves to ultimately conflict.
      Thanks, glad you liked Katherine :D
      It was kinda hard writing the whole murder scene without cringing myself XD
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      Gareth is the master of manipulation hahaha he’s very precise, and despite Gibson coming off as the nerdy smart guy, Gareth is extremely intelligent when it comes to these types of situations. He wouldn’t do it unless he knew he’d get away with it.
      Thanks for reading :D

  4. Dood. after three attempts I still couldn’t bring myself to read every word all the way through. I skimmed a little bit. As a testament to your writing it troubles me too much to know all the details….

    This guy is a monster. I can’t imagine how the future heirs could possibly fall further – though I’m sure you’ll find a way…

    God, I wonder if Jason would regret his decision to believe his boys were just innocent little boys if he knew what Gareth was up to.

    • Aww haha sorry it bothered you to read it >.< I wanted to grasp a little more on just how evil he can be sometimes.
      Gareth is one sick guy though when he has, in my opinion, the two worst traits a Dubois could have for this type of legacy.. Or the best traits, idk XD
      Hmm.. If Jason knew of what the boys had done and what Gareth was doing now.. Well, he definitely wouldn't approve of it, I know that much hahaha
      Thanks for reading!

  5. Holy moley. I was not expecting to see that knife! O.O I actually gasped. Then, opening the wound … yuck! I wasn’t expecting Katherine to be so willing to have sex with Gareth. So, I figured his plan was to rape her. I knew there was evil intent when he’d been stalking her, but somehow I didn’t think he’d kill her — use her & abuse her, absolutely — but kill her, that didn’t occur to me. It figures he’d pick someone that Gibson might’ve liked. Killing two birds with one stone since he’s still pissed at Gibs.

    I should recalibrate my expectations for Gareth. After all, he’s the only one of the Dubois men to have the Evil trait in addition to being Insane. I don’t know why I still get surprised when he acts like a psychopath. Duh.

    • You gasped! I’m glad.. >:D hahaha
      Eh, sometimes you just get the urge to empower something or someone, Gareth knows that urge very well, but he let her think he was vulnerable and fragile and for her own reasoning, she took the chance he gave her and wanted to show him a good time as well as have fun herself. She didn’t know that a little fun would cost her her life, though. :/
      With how Gareth’s been feeling lately and with what’s going on with him and Gibs, he needed something more than just the ‘use and abuse’ thrill he seems to love so much. He wanted to combine his two favorite things tonight and that’s pretty much Sex and Murder XD
      Yeah, that Evil trait along with the Insane is a pretty scary and deadly combination, but Gareth has the time of his life with them.
      Thanks for reading! ^_^

  6. . . . . .Wah???. . . That was insane! (hahaha, no pun intended).

    Man, I mean his grandfather and dad were messed up but Gareth takes it to a whole other level. Gotta love insanity and evil rolled together. =D

    NOt that I think she deserved it, but why would you go to a secluded beach with a guy you just met? Come on girl! Have some sense! I mean sure he’s good looking and a smooth talker but. . .oh well.

    Here’s what I’m worried about, he’s going out and doing things to other people because Gibson is getting under his skin. Is Gibson going to push him to the point that he turns his frustration out on the actual person who’s causing it. . .? I really hope not.

    Insanely good chapter (pun intended). =D

    • Hahaha Yeah, Gareth really loves what he does and he lives off of this terrible need to make others suffer. The insane and evil trait is turning out to be one hell of a combo XD
      Eh, not every woman thinks the same or is as smart as others hahaha she was lonely just as much as he portrayed to her and he actually seemed like a genuine, good, yet shy person the whole time, he gave her no reason to be scared of him.
      Hmm, good observation.. It’s too early for me to say yes or no to him turning on Gibson, I never know where each chapter is going to go until I start writing it. But, as much as Gibson is pissing him off, anyone that has the capability of doing so need to watch their back. Gibson is smarter than that, though.. idk thinking about who they are and what they’ve been through, a lot of personality pros and cons are rushing to me that work for both boys, but i won’t expand on that anymore.. Wouldn’t want to unknowingly give something away XD
      Thanks for reading!

  7. Was not expecting him to kill her like that! At first I expected him to kill her…and then she seemed to be charming him so I thought maybe he’d be nice and play with her for a while. But nope, he just slashed her! XD
    Awesome chapter!

  8. Oh my goddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. “Sadistic” doesn’t even cover it. There are no words in the English language that could possibly be properly attributed to Gareth Dubois! “Insane” is even putting it lightly. “Insane” makes it looks like he sees Santa in his free time and has deep meaningful conversations with him. Wow! Just wow! I CANNOT. This point of view is so difficult to read!!!


    I’m off to read the next chapter immediately because I know it’s Gibson and maybe he’ll make me stop feeling so horrified…..JEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


  9. What does it say about me that this is the first chapter in which I’ve liked Gareth??? hahaha man I’m twisted. :( I don’t mind crazy, psycho murdering him. It’s selfish jackass him I can’t stand. Yep…I’m one twisted sista. hahaha

    • LOLL Even despite his asshole-ness, he can be pretty entertaining at times, I suppose haha I’m glad you found something about him, even if it’s just ONE thing, that you kind of like XD

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. And I was here thinking Katherine would be impregnated by him!

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