Generation 3, Chapter 3

     Gareth’s POV     


I stirred as I slept, half awake and still half asleep as I heard an annoying sound I couldn’t ignore. I soon realized what the sound was and it was my phone going off. I kept my eyes shut, moving around in my bed and attempting to wake up. My eyelids soon opened and I reached for my lamp next to the bed, turning it on and removing the covers from over me. By the time I went to get up, my ringtone stopped and I had missed my call, but I was in no true rush to see who it had been.


I got out of bed and looked to the last pair of pants I was wearing, searching the pockets and I pulled my phone out from one in the front. I checked to see who had called, seeing it was a little after three in the afternoon and my friend Ezra from a few houses down on the dock had called me. I stood there a moment, trying to wake up a little more before trying to call him back. I knew what he wanted already, he was my source for finding jobs and I already assumed he had something lined up for me waiting to be taken care of. A hint of excitement went through me as I called him back, looking forward to whatever he had for me to get done.

“Gareth, how you been?” He answered after a few rings.

“Pretty good, you woke me up,” I retorted with a touch of humor.

“Wow, late night, huh?”

“You could say that.. What’d you call for?” I questioned.


“Well, I have another job for you.. Interested? ” He questioned.

“Sure, what’s in it for me?” I wondered.

“We can talk about the details later.. If you’re interested, we could meet soon, sometime around 6:00 maybe?”

“Yeah, sounds good. Where you wanna meet up?” I asked. 


“Meet me over at the bar on 5th and Main,” he replied, hesitating a moment, “You know what kind of job this is, right?” He questioned, my expression growing serious though I couldn’t hold back the slight twitch my lips did in an attempt to smirk.

“Yeah.. I do,” I replied confidently.

“So, if you choose to do this for me, you’ll show up accordingly, correct?” He questioned. I hated when he talked like that, it reminded me of Gibson and it made me a little irritated to think of how he was still angry with me after all this time.

“Yeah, Ezra.. I’m not a dumbass,” I retorted with a short tone. 

“I didn’t say you were, just making sure, man.. Be seeing ya,” he replied, hanging up and I hung up as well.


I grabbed the pants I was wearing yesterday off the ground and put them on again, securing my phone within the front pocket it was in before and I went to my dresser. I looked through my clothes, trying to find something to wear though it wasn’t hard for me to make a decision. I needed something black, which was the color of more than half of what I owned. I pulled out a simple black t-shirt, throwing it on and finding a black zip-up jacket to throw over it. I looked at the top of the dresser, seeing the empty beer bottles scattered upon it and then looking around my room, noticing even more that were aimlessly about. “I should probably clean up sometime,” I voiced to myself, making a mental note of it for later.


I stepped over to my large wall mirror and looked myself over, grabbing a pair of black boots to put on besides my usual Converse and it was almost complete. There was still something missing though.. Looking around my room, I scanned the whole area, trying to jog my memory. “Where the hell did I put that?” I questioned myself, looking over to a pile of clothes on the ground in the corner. I bent down near the pile, lifting clothes out of the way in search for what I needed, finally coming across a black beanie and smirking to myself, “There you are,” I said quietly, shoving the hat into my jacket pocket and seeing a pair of shades on the floor within the pile, grabbing those as well and placing them within the other pocket of my jacket.

Screenshot-26 (2)

I went upstairs and saw Gibson sitting in a chair within the living room, reading a newspaper and he looked at me briefly when I entered the room, though he didn’t say anything. A few nights ago, I had gone up to his room and tried to talk to him, but he wanted me to leave him alone and he hasn’t said much to me since then, though I have noticed that whenever I begin the conversation, he’s a little less irritated now. I think he’s finally starting to come back around into forgiving me. “Hey bro,” I announced, seeing him glance over towards me before going back to reading the newspaper.

Afternoon,” he said rather matter-of-factly, stressing the word a little, “When did you get home last night? Or, rather, this morning?” He asked, his eyes still on the paper.

“Uhh, slept over at some girls house. She works at the hospital and was on call, so I had to leave around 5:00 am. Came home and passed out until ten minutes ago,” I replied, seeing him nod in understanding and I stood there for a moment. I raised my brow in slight confusion, he seemed less mad at me, yet he was still being somewhat of an asshole without really trying to be. His demeanor and how he said certain words still threw me off a little. 


Jess came from the kitchen to greet me and I smiled, “Hey girl,” I said happily, bending down to pet her and give her attention. The more I pet her, the more excited she grew, she loved me to death and I felt the same of her.

If you’re heading out, please remember to lock her up, I don’t want to have to worry about her with my things,” Gibson added, Jess then jumping up a little and putting her paws on my shoulders. 

“Why don’t you just put up a gate or something at the top of the stairs to keep her out of your room? Or, better yet, don’t leave your shit lying around,” I replied, petting Jess a little rougher as she hugged me and licked my neck.

“Hm.. Maybe if you’d train her better instead of letting her still be a puppy when she’s over three years old, we’d have a good dog that I wouldn’t despise and have to watch for you,” he answered and I sighed. I didn’t like discussing Jess with Gibson, he always came off as a parent, talking to me as if I was ten years old still and I hate when he treated me like I was irresponsible. I took care of Jess. I bought her food all the time and fed her when she needed to be, gave her attention, bought her toys and things to chew on, it’s not my fault she happens to prefer his belongings over her own.

“Whatever man, is there anything to eat in this place?” I asked, though mostly asking myself as I pushed Jess off of me playfully and went to investigate.


I went to the kitchen and looked through the fridge, trying to choose between making a sandwich or just picking something I could easily throw in the microwave. “So, where are you off to then?” Gibson wondered from the living room. I hesitated a few seconds, trying to think of what to say to him without him wanting to pry.

“Just going out with Ezra,” I replied, deciding then to do something a little daring, “Wanna join us?” I asked. I invited him to make it seem less conspicuous, somewhat knowing he’d decline the offer.

“No, thanks.. I have work in an hour and I don’t get off until 10:00,” he replied and I let out a quiet, relieved sigh. 


After microwaving a quick meal, I changed the subject with Gibson, “You know, I’m kinda glad you’re coming back around. I didn’t like you not talking to me,” I began.

“Well, I had every reason under the sun not to talk to you, which by the way, when did I ever say I was coming back around?” He wondered as I took my meal out of the microwave and walked to the small dining table.

“I mean, you’ve been talking a little more to me lately, been less of a dick, just seems to me like you forgive me,” I answered, taking a seat and beginning to eat my meal. I heard Gibson closing the newspaper he was reading and I could hear his footsteps walking towards the kitchen. I didn’t want to make this a big thing, I just thought it was something else to bring up to cure the silence, but apparently Gibson had a lot more to say.


“You’re my brother, we live together, of course I’m going to talk to you from time to time even if I’m angry with you.. But, I admit I’m curious, what makes you think you’ve been forgiven?” He wondered. I was able to literally feel his sarcasm and attitude returning and I knew I had just dug myself into a deep hole.

“I don’t know, just seems like it,” I replied, continuing to eat my meal and trying to avoid the conversation I had started.

“You’ve never had the balls to even apologize, how could you be forgiven if you don’t ask for forgiveness? They do go hand in hand, Gareth,” he added as if talking down to me. I was never much for apologizing, even when I was one hundred percent aware of my wrong-doing. 

“Well, then maybe I fucked up,” I replied softly, putting another forkful of food in my mouth and hoping that that would suffice. 

“Excuse my lack of hearing, you must’ve forgotten that I was deaf,” he added with so much sarcasm that I got angered, “But I missed that, Gareth, can you repeat it for me? Maybe this time without food in your mouth?” He added. After finishing what was left in my mouth, I bit the inside of my bottom lip angrily, irritated by his wording, but I figured this was as best of a time as any to get this bullshit over with.


I stood from the dining table and looked to Gibson, “Look, Gibs, I never meant to hurt you, I never even really knew you were that serious about her,” I began and I watched his expression twist into growing anger.

“Why is it so hard for you to just say you’re sorry? You’re trying to defend yourself still as if what you did was completely acceptable. We dated for three months and she’s all I ever talked about, shouldn’t that be a huge clue that I like her a lot and you shouldn’t mess with it?”

“Well, yeah, I guess..” I replied.

“Then why did you!?” He asked as his rage built.

“I don’t know,” I added, starting to feel a little bad about it for once.

“Well, I do. It’s because you’re greedy, selfish, and you couldn’t give two shits about anyone but yourself. It doesn’t matter if a girl has a boyfriend, a husband, or dying of some illness, as long as she’s hot, you’ll still fuck her just so you can add another name to your endless list! You disgust me, to be honest, and the fact that you can’t even say sorry to my face about ruining a relationship that I finally enjoyed being in just makes me want to vomit. We’ve been together literally since the beginning, we grew in Mom at the same time, lived together all of our lives and I know you even more than I know myself, but I never expected after everything’s we’ve been through that you would have the tenacity to do what you’ve done to me,” Gibson voiced angrily and I was at a loss for words. I couldn’t even think.


“Gibs..” I began, but Gibson cut me off before I could continue.

“I’m sorry, just got a little caught in the moment,” he added, turning around and walking away from me, “I gotta get ready for work, say ‘hi’ to Ezra for me,” he added and I watched him go to his stairs and go up to his room. I was a little shocked by his outburst, I’ve never witnessed the shit end of his anger and it didn’t feel too great. It always amused me seeing him do it to other people since his choice of words were always right on the money, but knowing that now and thinking about what he said to me, I wondered if his words were true this time..

Jess whimpered softly and I looked to her, giving a fake smirk and sighing softly, “Come on, Jess, time to go in the crate,” I said, doing as Gibson had asked earlier and I locked her up downstairs.


I came back upstairs from locking up Jess and I went to the bottom of Gibson’s stairs, hesitating a moment before I called up to him. I wasn’t sure if trying to talk to him right now was the best choice, but I tried anyways, “Gibs, you want a ride to work?” I asked, hearing him shut his dresser drawer before answering me.

“Sure.. Just give me a minute..” He agrees to my surprise, smirking a little and nodding to myself. It’s a start, I guess..

“I’ll be outside,” I call back up, going outside for a smoke as I waited.


Gibson came out of the house a few minutes after I had finished my cigarette and I walked in front of him as we walked off the dock and towards the car together. The ride to his work wouldn’t take long, but the silence within the car was grueling and it made the ride seem like a road trip across the state. I didn’t really know what to say to him, especially after the outburst he had. I still felt a little angered by his words, but it was outweighed by resentment and sadness. Thinking about his words more and more made me see the truth in them and for once in my life I actually felt the need to apologize. I didn’t want to lose the one person that’s been with me since the very beginning.


I pulled up to the bookstore and went on the shoulder slightly so he could get out, but I spoke up before he could leave the car, “Gibs, I am sorry. I know I should’ve said it sooner, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.. Well, you do,” I said with a quiet chuckle, “But.. It won’t happen again,” I finished, looking over to him sitting in the passenger seat, starring at the dashboard.

Gibson nodded slowly, looking to me briefly and looking back to the dashboard, “Thank you, Gareth,” he replied softly, getting out then and closing the door, passing in front of the car and walking towards his work.

I rolled the window down, getting his attention before he goes inside, “Do you need a ride home?” I asked, seeing him turn around and smirk, but he shook his head ‘no’. I nodded in understanding, seeing him turn back around and he walked up the steps and inside of the store as I pulled the car away.


As I drove to the bar that Ezra had told me to meet him at, I got a text from him at 5:45 saying he was going to be a little late and changing the location we were supposed to meet at. He told me to meet him at a different bar across town and said he’d be there before 6:30. I knew the bar he told me to go to, sighing heavy when I knew it didn’t open until six and I knew I’d be one of the only few people there this early. I hated going places that didn’t have many people, that meant more watchful employees and I wasn’t sure I was comfortable talking with Ezra about our business there. But, I didn’t question him, going to the bar anways and waiting until a little passed six before I went inside.

Screenshot-77 (2)
Screenshot-78 (2)

As I had assumed, the bar was empty besides myself and the bartender. I order a beer and tell her I’m waiting for someone, to my surprise she said the beer was on the house and she knew of the meeting, sending me to the back of the bar where it was more secluded. I accepted the generous beer and went where I was told, taking a seat by the back door and waiting for Ezra. Hiding things like this from Gibson pained me a little, this is the kind of thing we used to do together, but not for money. It was just pure pleasure. He chose to give it up a few years after we moved here and I adopted Jess soon after. It was a little pathetic of me to admit that I missed that bond we held, we did things together that not many could say they’ve done the same and I feel like we grew closer because of it. Then again, we’ve been close ever since we dealt with the bully back in grade school and buried him in the snow.

Screenshot-86 (2)

Ezra showed up just before 6:30 and we shook hands as we greeted one another, “It’s been a few weeks, huh?” Ezra began.

“Yeah, what’ve you been up to?” I asked, taking a seat with him at the table I had chosen. 

“Not too much, business has been taking up most of my time, but I finally found something that would be good for you,” he replied.

“And what’s that?” I ask, taking a quick sip of my beer.

“Well, you’ve been getting good at this stuff. Maybe ‘getting good’ isn’t the right phrasing.. It seems you actually have an act for this,” he praised and I smirked.

“Tell me what you’re offering then,” I encouraged, seeing him smirk in return and nod.


“Well.. There’s this woman. Her husband is worth a quite a bit of money, but she’s not entitled to a dime until his death. Guy’s been sleeping around, lying to her, withholding funds from her, stuff like that. She doesn’t want to be treated like this and divorce will get her practically nothing. The only thing she wants you to do is make it look like an accident with no foul play,” Ezra begins, stating the facts and I nod as he speaks.

“How much?” I question.

“She’ll pay you $10,000 now, $20,000 more when it’s done and it’s ruled as accidental. The ten up front will do plenty for you, I’m sure.. The extra at the end is just a bonus of a job well done, sound good to you?” Ezra laid out more details, the amount of money I could make baffled me but my expression didn’t show as such.

“Sounds pretty fair, what about the target?” I asked, wanting to know everything about him so I could do the job as asked without fail.


“His name’s James Cumberland, he owns a high profit company and almost every night he comes to the factory here in Lucky Palms to work in his private office for a few hours during the night to escape his wife. It’s not too far from here, actually, about a ten minute drive. You can do it during that time when he’s alone. As weird as it sounds, his office is underground in the back surrounded by a fence. His office leads to the basement of the building it’s behind for easy access for himself only,” he gave me more details. I continued to nod as he spoke, trying to think of ways to deal with him as Ezra spoke.

“What time does he usually show up?” I ask.

Ezra looks to his watch briefly, “Around 11:00 every time. His office is only accessible through a staircase that’s located in the back of the factory.. He likes his privacy,” he continued. When it comes to things looking accidental, I admit I was pretty good at it, especially when it came to a set of stairs. “So, do you want the job?” He asked. I looked to Ezra and kept my smirk, nodding.

“Yeah, I want it,” I confirmed, seeing Ezra’s smirk turn into a large smile and he reached into his pocket.


Ezra removed a thick envelope from his pant pocket and slid it across the table to me. I took it quickly and brought the envelope to my lap, looking around before checking the amount and I counted it within a few seconds. All in hundreds, it counted out to a clean $10,000 and I smirked, closing the envelope and tucking it in the inside pocket within the jacket. Ezra rose from his seat and nodded towards me, “Call me when it’s done, we’ll actually hang out and go out for drinks.. It’s been too long, my friend,” he added with a chuckle. I nodded in return and laid back in my seat a little, watching him leave and grabbing my beer with a new sense of accomplishment and drinking the rest of it.


I left after I was sure that Ezra had gone and there were a few more people within the bar so I could easily be ignored as I left. I got outside and it was a nice night, a cool 75 degrees with a gentle breeze was the best weather anyone could ask for. I was a little warm in my jacket, but I could deal with it. I pulled out my pack of smokes from the pocket of my pants my phone wasn’t in. I always had a pack somewhere, whether it was in multiple pants, jackets, on the counter in the kitchen, living room, my car, I always had a few on me or scattered about. As I took my time with the cigarette, not hindering myself from checking out the occasional woman that passed me to enter the bar, I thought of ways I could get the job done. 

Screenshot-111 (2)

Thinking of something didn’t take me long as I was on my way towards a convenient store after my cigarette. I went in and greeted the clerk, they knew me from always coming in to get smokes but I wasn’t here for only that. I picked up a few things; Turtle Wax, paper towels, two bottles of water, a bag of Gibson’s favorite chips and a bar of my favorite chocolate, and when I got to the counter, I got two packs of my favorite cigarettes. I made small talk and jokes with the clerk who was used to me, leaving after paying him and I casually tossed everything in the back of the car. I pulled out the envelope as I drove, looking at the front of it and the address of the factory was written in pencil. I sat in my car for a couple of hours a few doors down from the location of where he’d be showing up, scoping out the area for a little while before doing anything. I noticed a security camera by the front entrance, but there weren’t any in the parking lot or anywhere else that I could see. This man really did like his privacy.. 

Screenshot-113 (2)

I pulled out my beanie from my jacket pocket I had placed there earlier and put it on, tucking the front of my hair away under it and out of my eyes. I went into the bag I had thrown in the back and opened the package of paper towels, ripping off a couple and shoving them into my pocket. I grabbed the small bottle of Turtle Wax as well and put it in the same pocket, removing my shades from the other and putting them on my face. Even though it was dark out, I still couldn’t risk anyone recognizing me. I silenced my phone before I got out of the car and shut the door quietly, walking towards the factory away from the street and within the shadows. I crouched down within some bushes and checked the area once more before continuing, making complete sure that the only camera they had was pointed at the front door, and it was. 


I carefully and quietly made my way through the shadows in the parking lot and walked along the side of the factory, making sure to stay in the darkness everywhere I went. I reached the back and looked around, still not seeing any cameras attached to the building or within any trees. All I saw were large and small palms, large rocks and a small fenced in area I assumed was where Mr. Cumberland’s private office was located underground. I walked up to the gate of the fence and pulled at it gently, it didn’t open like I suspected and I looked around, over my shoulder, towards the parking lot, seeing no one still and I was all alone. It was hard to keep quiet with these types of fences, but climbing over was my only option now. 

Screenshot-121 (2)

After jumping the fence and putting my hands up against it to hush the sound, I quietly walked over to the staircase and looked down it, seeing the walls made of stone and a reinforced door at the bottom when you turn to the left. Without wasting any more time, glancing at my phone and seeing it was almost 10:30, I removed the wax from my pocket and same with the paper towels I had brought. Smearing some of the wax on the paper towel, I began polishing the first three steps, putting a lot of it on the places I think he would step while smearing it and blending it in with the stairs so it wouldn’t be noticeable to the naked eye. With it being so dark, too, that helped greatly. After sufficiently coating the steps with the wax, I stood back up and climbed back over the fence, walking away from the factory and seeing a large rock not too far away, deciding to hide behind it and wait there.


I stood behind cover and waited, watching the minutes counting up to 11:00 and listening intently so I could hear Mr. Cumberland coming whenever he decided to show up. As I watched the clock on my phone, I received a text from Nina and I sighed angrily. I don’t have time for this, but I opened the text anyways and read it to myself, telling me she wanted to see me and wanting to talk. It’s been about a week since I fucked her I thought I’ve been making it perfectly clear I want nothing to do with her anymore by my lack of contact. I never answered her calls and I never once replied to her texts, yet she continues to persist and nag at me. 


As I went through my phone, deleting all of her messages, I could hear faint footsteps approaching and it sounded like someone was coming. Quickly, I put my phone away into my front pocket and carefully peaked around the edge of the large rock, seeing a middle-aged man walking through the dark parking lot. I had no idea what Mr. Cumberland looked like, the only way I could tell that it was him was by his expensive looking suit like Dad used to wear and he would obviously be the only person who would be around at this time of night that would go to the chain-link fence and be able to unlock it. I watched as he played with his keys to open the gate, waiting anxiously for him to find the right one and he finally unlocked it. He walked in and locked it behind him, my heart was pounding as I watched each and every step he took, my adrenaline racing the closer and closer he got to the steps. Suddenly, on the second step down, I heard him let out a soft ‘whoa!’ and he fell back, hearing him crack his head on the stairs and I could hear him tumbling down them from where I was standing. “Jackpot,” I whispered to myself.


I quickly ran out from behind the rock and towards the fence, climbing over it and landing hard onto the sand. I walked over to the staircase and looked down, seeing Mr. Cumberland lying there with a pool of blood beginning to grow large underneath where his head lie; he split his head open, just like I expected.. I smirked slightly, carefully making my way down the steps while trying not to slip myself. I got to the bottom and bent down near the man, careful as to not touch anything else. I took hold of his wrist and checked for a pulse, counting to ten and not feeling anything. To be sure, I checked his carotid artery and felt nothing there as well. He was dead. I kept my gentle smirk, rising up and walking back up the stairs.


I went back to my car, grabbing a few more paper towels and also the two water bottles I had bought and came back to the staircase. Taking my time, I used the water and paper towels to help wipe away any evidence of the slippery wax, cleaning up my affirmation of foul play to ensure that I would get the rest of the money I was owed after this. After cleaning everything, I kicked some sand over the stairs as to make it look not too clean and cause suspicion. I went back and forth in my mind, trying to figure out if I was forgetting anything and one more thing came to mind that I had to do before I left. I jumped back over the fence and walked back out towards the rock I had hid behind and retraced my steps, messing up the sand and covering any footprints that I had left imprinted within it. 


After I was completely sure that everything was perfect, I went back to my car and got in, removing my beanie and shades and tossing them in the back seat. Pulling away from my deed successfully made me feel alive, I could barely wipe the smug grin off my lips as I drove home and all I could think about now was getting the rest of the twenty grand when the news of Mr. Cumberland’s death would reach his wife’s ears. I parked the car in the dock parking lot and walked towards my house at the end, suddenly remembering that I still wasn’t done for the night. Before I walked in through the front door, I pulled out my phone and called Ezra, remembering he told me to let him know when I was done. It was a little after 12:30 am, but I knew he’d still be awake.

He answered after only two rings, “Yeah?”

“It’s done,” I replied softly, still trying to keep my voice down in case Gibs was still awake.

“Excellent, nicely done. I wasn’t expecting to hear from you for a couple of days at least,” he replied and I chuckled quietly.

“Yeah, well.. I like to work fast and efficiently. You home?” I wondered.

“Nah, I’m out at the moment. I’ll have to get confirmation from Mrs. Cumberland before I can get the rest of your money, but I’ll most likely see you within the next few days if you pulled it off,” he replied.

“Sounds good, see you soon, then..” I answered confidently and we both hung up.

Screenshot-10 (2)

I remembered that there was still one more thing to do before I could rest easy and that was to get rid of all the evidence I had on me. After putting my phone away back into my pocket, I looked behind me and noticed the fire pit, walking over to it and beginning to empty my pockets of the paper towels I had used. I threw them in the pit and took out my lighter, lighting the towels and watching as the fire consumed them almost instantly. I sat at the pit, removing the envelope with my ten grand inside from my inside jacket pocket and pulling the cash out of it, throwing the envelope with Mr. Cumberland’s company address on it into the flames and returning the money to the same pocket quickly. I felt something else within my pocket and it was the turtle wax, uncapping it and tossing both the cap and the open bottle over the railing of the dock and into the water, knowing eventually both would fill with water and sink.

Screenshot-26 (3)

I sat there for about fifteen minutes, making sure every shred of the evidence was gone and I poked at the fire with a calmed mind when I realized I could finally relax. Though, I still had to dump my shoes, I’d throw them out tomorrow morning.. The front sliding door opened and I looked up, seeing Gibson coming out of the house and I smirked, “Hey, bro,” I announced, still poking the fire. Even though I had finally apologized to him, I still wondered if he was a little mad.

“Hey.. When’d you get home?” He wondered, taking a seat at the pit with me.

“About twenty minutes ago.. Oh, I got you those chips that you like, but I left them in the car,” I replied, then talking to myself, “My chocolate bar is in there too, still.. Dammit..” I continued.

Gibson let out a soft snicker, “I’ll get them out of the car in the morning before it gets too hot out and before we go to Bennu’s,” he replied and I looked up to him from poking the fire.

“Wait, what?” I questioned, a little thrown off by his statement and he looked to me with a bothered expression.


“Don’t tell me you forgot,” Gibson replied and my eyes widened. Forgot? Forgot, what? “Jesus, Gareth.. Every year this happens.. But, why am I surprised?” Gibson asked himself with slight aggravation.

“Would you stop pussy-footing around and just tell me what I’m supposed to be remembering?” I request with the same irritation.

“It’s Bennu’s birthday tomorrow, Gareth.. You know we have to be there for her since Dad can’t be,” Gibson replied and I let out a heavy sigh.

“I didn’t even get her anything,” I added.

“Well, I did..” Gibson answered, hearing him sigh heavily once again, “It can be from the both of us again this year, I guess..” He said with discontent, “But next time you can go fuck yourself,” he added and I smirked at his reply.

“Awesome, you saved me again,” I answered with a chuckle, looking to him and he didn’t react to my reply.


There was a long silence between us as we both sat at the fire pit, I could tell something was on Gibson’s mind and I knew he wanted to talk about it or he would’ve gone back inside already. I looked at him as he starred at the fire with a focused demeanor, “What’s on your mind, Gibs?” I asked softly, giving him an open invitation to talk to me.

“Even years after moving here, I still can’t comprehend fully what’s happened.. I can’t get used to it,” he replied.

“What do you mean?”

“About Dad.. Not having him around.. He seemed fine, right? Well, maybe not a few months before he killed Lucy’s grandma, but he did seem normal before that. Given what we’ve done together, the small things he did makes him seem like a saint, but I just never saw him as a violent person, did you?” He asked.

“Course not. Bennu punished us more than he did when we did something wrong,” I replied with a gentle chuckle, “But you’re forgetting about Lina, or Lana.. Whatever her name was.. He killed her when we were only a few months old. He’s always been a violent person, he just never really showed it in front of us, I guess..” I replied. 

“Then why did we turn out worse?” Gibson questioned, looking to me and my expression went blank as I starred back at him. He had a good question, I’ve never thought of that before.

Screenshot-35 (2)

“I don’t know, Gibs..” I replied with a shrug. “Do you hate yourself or have any regret?” I asked, seeing him look back to the fire and I could see a tiny smirk on his lips.

“No.. I accept who I am and what I’ve done, it’s just what we are. Or, were.. Seeing what he’s been put through makes me not want to do what we did anymore because I don’t want to experience that either. I don’t want to get caught. I don’t want to be labeled something like ‘crazy’ by my own family. I can live without the need now, can’t you?” He asked, looking back to me and my expression was still the same; blank. I didn’t really know what to say to him, his logic on the whole thing was a little weird and I didn’t want to make it worse by telling him that I was still enjoying every life that I took to this day.

“Yeah.. I know what you mean,” I lied, seeing him nod and I watched as he lost the tiny grin he held.

“Do you think he’ll ever be released?” He asked, watching him look back to the fire.

“Honestly? No.. Even if I’m wrong and he was eventually let out, I wouldn’t like the idea of him living with Bennu or Bahiti again. I think it’s better for everyone if he just stays there,” I answered, watching Gibson’s expression and it didn’t waver much at all.

“Agreed..” He replied after a long silence.

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We talked for about another half hour about aimless things and Gibson began yawning before me, standing from the pit, “I’m going to bed, I’m really tired.. Get to sleep soon, too, we gotta be ready and be at Bennu’s around 4:00 pm,” he voiced.

“What’s the plan, anyways?”

“Bahiti and I were going to make her dinner, then maybe we could all just hang out or go to a movie or something, I don’t know.. Whatever Bennu wants to do, I suppose,” he replied.

“You made all those plans without me?” I asked, “Thanks, dick.”

“If you wanted to be involved, maybe you should put forth the effort of even remembering the date, then I would’ve gladly discussed it with you,” he answered with a smug grin.

“Did you seriously test me with this? You knew I wouldn’t remember, didn’t you? That’s why you didn’t even bring it up!” I pointed out.

Goodnight, Gareth..” He continued and I didn’t reply as I watched him walk back into the house.

“Such an asshole..” I spoke quietly under my breath. 


I haven’t seen Bennu or Bahiti in a long time. Gibson usually goes over there at least once every two weeks and he always asks me if I want to come, but I’m usually busy either with a job from Ezra or a date with a girl. I guess those kinds of things have become more important to me since we’ve moved here. I need more thrills in my life than just faking nice in front of my family. I used to like it, but now it’s grown boring and I don’t get much from it anymore. Gibson seems like he enjoys it, or maybe he just feels obligated.. Either way, I wasn’t looking forward to it and I found that I like to live without them. I hated seeing Bennu and Bahiti crying every day, and if they haven’t, they’d find something that made them sad and it would never stop. I admire how much they care, how they’re able to so openly show their grief, but I can’t do that. I don’t really want to and I don’t even see a need to. Crying isn’t going to make my Dad any less insane, I just wish they could get over it already and move on with their lives like Gibs and I have.

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~ by SimComix on January 19, 2014.

14 Responses to “Generation 3, Chapter 3”

  1. I’m glad Gibson finally confronted Gareth about sleeping with his girlfriend. If anyone can make Gareth feel something, it’s Gibs. Still, I’m amazed that Gareth actually apologized.

    Figures Gareth gets work as a hit man. It seems to be his calling, since he started at such a young age. I guess we know now that he did, indeed, push his mother down the stairs. Interesting that Gibs thinks since he hasn’t killed anyone in years that Gareth hasn’t either. I guess Gibs doesn’t know that Gareth’s been holding out on him.

    • Ugh, I responded to this but I guess WP lost my comment >_< I'll reply again hahaha

      Yeah, Gibson finally showed his rage a little and Gareth didn't like what he saw. It IS pretty surprising that Gareth apologized, but he didn't really have a choice. Gibson's the one person Gareth is super close to, plus they live together, in order for him to keep his brother close and to get rid of the awkwardness and tension, he needed to act, so he said sorry.
      Hahahaha Gareth's job as a hit man fits him well and he greatly enjoys what he does. Though, keeping it from Gibson is hard since they used to do this kind of thing together all the time with no pay, but Gareth feels that keeping it from Gibson is the best choice so he doesn't feel left out or worries for Gareth. Plus, he knows Gibson doesn't get the same thrill anymore that Gareth still does from taking lives, or maybe Gibson still does, but doesn't act on his needs.
      Thanks for reading :D

  2. mmmm… *sees Gareth, falls off the couch and goes into a deep slumber* Ugh. I just. He’s so fuckin’ hot. I love that mirror in his room because then I can stare at his ass and his abs at the same time. *dies* *sees Gibson, faints* This double heir thing is bad for my ass cause I keep falling down. ROFL.

    Gibson and Gareth’s conversation was really good, I feel. With Gareth’s no nonsense personality, I feel like he needed to be yelled at to get the point through his head. As if Gibson’s yelling made it glaringly obvious how serious the situation was. I liked that, and I’m also happy Gareth apologized. If anything, just so Gibson could hear it. I do think Gareth felt a little bit sad about how it was affecting their relationship even if he tried to brush it off.

    Well hello Ezra… you tattooed stud. ROFL. No worries Gareth, I love you more. *sees Gareth smile, dies* See? LOLL. ugh, he’s so cute. A hit man? A sexy hit man. Fuck yeah. I love the detail you went into when describing Gareth doing his job, from him going to pick up the supplies, down to the cleanup. I think I love Gareth more because he’s so intelligent, thinking of every step carefully. I am pretty sure I smirked when Mr. Clumsy, I mean Mr. Cumberland fell down the stairs. ROFL.

    How convenient that they have a firepit at their house. >:D LOL. Perfect way to dispose of evidence. Gibson has interesting logic when it comes to him not wanting to do insane stuff with Gareth anymore, but I suppose fear is a very powerful driving force for the majority of people. Hmm… Bahiti and Bennu choosing to be sad over Jason… I think I’m with Gareth on that one. I’ve had my fair share of choosing to be sad over things in my past and present, and the days when I suck it up and decide I want to be happy are always better days for me. *warms self by fire, snuggles Gareth*

    • LOLL Sorry your ass hurts from falling down so much because of the twins.. They have that effect on some people, XD
      Yeah, as much as Gareth needs to come off as the tough guy, his only weakness really is Gibson, since they’ve been through so much together. The only person that’s been with Gareth the whole time was on the brink of leaving him and he couldn’t have that, and as much as he hates to apologize, he felt it was needed in order to make everything right again.
      LOL Ezra is so cute, I really like how he turned out when I was making him, he’s very different than what I usually produce. Yesss Gareth as a hit man >:D he enjoys his career very much, mUHAHAHAHAHHA. And thank you, I’m glad you liked the detail I put in to his ‘job’. You’re right, Gareth IS very intelligent, at least when it comes to the small details of his job and he’s very precise. I guess despite Gibson coming off as the smarter one, this is one thing the two boys have in common, their intelligence, yet their intelligence for different specific things. I’m glad you noticed that.
      Hahahaha the convenience of the fireplace XD But of course they’d have one.. >:D Yeah, despite Gibson coming off as someone who isn’t afraid of anything and has such a strong will and personality, the risk of getting caught for the things him and his brother have done together is enough to make him fear it and he’s afraid even HE might mess up something and leave enough evidence behind to get put away. Despite his brilliance, he’s smart enough to realize that even the most skilled killer always has the possibility of messing up and getting caught. Gareth doesn’t realize that and even chooses to ignore those fears, but his intelligence when it comes to killing people is a little better than Gibson in my opinion. As far as smarts go, this is the one thing Gareth trumps Gibson at, Gareth even takes a little pride in that. It might even be another reason why Gareth loves to do it so much.
      Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Damn I love Gareth, even if he is an evil dude who kills people professionally for a living. LOL. Although I do have to say what a perfect job for him! I have a feeling, and maybe that I’m wrong, but I think Gibson is into something that Gareth doesn’t know about. Man, if both boys teamed up together….that would be evily delicious.

    Holy hell was Ezra hot. Those pants…yum. Chest tattoo. Extra yum. I love how you went into detail about him setting up the murder scene to make it look like an accident, and then the clean up afterwards…

    Great chapter! I’m loving this generation so much. Gareth is so drool worthy. Those Dubios men sure do have good genes. Thank you Merrik and Sadie. I salute you! ROFL

    • LOL I’m glad you like Gareth so much ^_^ he is a little devil though, isn’t he? XD The next chapter of his might change some perspectives, though >_>
      Ikr? A hit man is quite a fitting job for Gareth, he loves his career hahaha
      As of right now, Gibson doesn’t have anything to hide from Gareth and he has no reason to believe that Gareth is hiding anything either because he’s good at lying and keeping things from him. Idk if I’ll ever make them team up again, but it’s always a possibility. Both of their minds put together, they’re unstoppable.
      LOL Glad you like Ezra ;) he’s super cute, when I made him I just had to squeeze him into one of my stories somewhere XD Thanks, too, it was fun going into detail about Gareth’s bad deeds >:D
      Ikr? Marrick and Sadie really make great founders and their genes are so, just.. ugh >_< perf. LOL
      Thanks for reading!

  4. Man, do I love looking at the twins. . .Sorry, I spaced out for a minute. And then Ezra comes in. . .I think I spent more time staring at the pictures then reading. *blushes*

    I too started wondering about them teaming up. They would be unstoppable.

    Awesome chapter!!!

    • LOLL I’m happy that my male Sims please you so! XD It’s often very hard for me to even get pictures because I get distracted so much O_O hahaha
      They used to team up, but Gibson has learned to live without the ‘urge’, unlike Gareth.
      Thanks for reading! :D

  5. I was having a bad week and just couldn’t bring myself to read this, so I’m sorry it took so long.

    It’s a really great chapter, and neat seeing more of what makes them people. I wonder if this is foreshadowing for when their dad eventually tells them what he knows… though maybe he won’t, or maybe they wouldn’t believe him even if he did.

    It’ll be really cool to see the girls again, though I’m sad that Lucy won’t be there…

    I am worried that this Nina thing means she’s pregnant – though it’s a little early to be presenting chances for heirs already… In a strange way I think Gareth would make a better father then Gibs. Even though Gibs takes care of everyone he’s far more judgmental…. I think he’d forever be disappointed or demanding of his kids.

    • Aww it’s okay, you don’t have to apologize for not commenting sooner hahaha I don’t mind at all. :)
      Thanks! I’m glad you liked the chapter. As far as Jason goes, he might make an appearance in a later chapter, but I’m still not sure yet how to go about it or what he might say to them, if anything.
      Bennu and Bahiti will be in the next chapter :D Though yes, Lucy will not be there. Idk if and when I’ll bring her back.
      Yeah, it is a little early to be introducing any possible heirs, Gareth used protection anyhow, so no pregnant Nina ;D She’s just very clingy and she is still under the impression that they’re dating even despite Gareth completely ignoring her.
      Hmm, I honestly don’t know who’d be a better father.. Hmm. I see Gareth and Gibson both raising kids veeerryy differently.. I still need to ponder on how exactly either would be with a child XD it’s still too early for me to even think about LOL
      Thanks for reading! <3

  6. Great chapter but need to rest

  7. Yep, still not liking Gareth. I’m glad Gibson’s words got through to him. I know he slept with that girl on purpose. He couldn’t stand the thought of his brother being with someone. He’s the jealous one, not Gibson. Gareth has meaningless one night stands, Gibson was trying for something real and Gareth couldn’t stand that! He’s a selfish prick and that last chapter with Gibs talking about how Gareth did nothing around the house. :(

    So, Gareth is a hitman of sorts for hire. Or s thug of some sort in general? That fits him.

    • You’re right, Gareth is a lot more of a jealous person than Gibson is, though he tries to hide it as best as he can. Gareth is also an extremely selfish person and he has the high and mighty and untouchable attitude of a foolish king. He doesn’t have much, but he does have his brother, and he should be grateful for that, but it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks and Gareth is an extremely difficult person to change. Yeah, his job does fit him hahaha

      Thanks for reading and commenting! :D

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