TIDL Trivia: Round 1 (Happy Holidays!)


“Hey, everyone. I’m here wanting to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Before my sons take over for Generation 3, I thought it’d be fun to do a little Dubois Trivia while you wait for the beginning of Generation 3. Anyone up for it?”

“Below are two different tests to see how well you know TIDL! The first one is for Generation 2, my generation, and if you’re feeling even more daring and think you remember it well enough, you can take another test that involves Generation 1, my father’s generation. This is purely for fun and something to do while you wait! And remember, no cheating!” ;)

“Feel free to share your results below in the comments, too!”

Generation One Trivia Challenge

Generation Two Trivia Challenge

~ by SimComix on December 25, 2013.

10 Responses to “TIDL Trivia: Round 1 (Happy Holidays!)”

  1. Woo!! LOL.
    Gen 2 – 19 out of 21
    Gen 1 – 14 out of 17

    *dies from Jason talking to me*

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Gen 1 – 12/17
    Gen 2 – 16/21

    Darn.. Now I have to reread the chapters! Lol Merry christmas

  3. Some of those question were tricky. Fun, though. :)
    Gen 1 – 12/17 (I got antsy & forgot to answer the last question – oops!)
    Gen 2 – 17/21

  4. Gen 1 – 16 out of 17!!!!
    Whoop :-)

  5. Gen 2 – 18 out of 21
    To be fair, I’ve read all of this up till now within two weeks, these guys above were probably following it as you posted originally and so had longer time in between chapters and therefore likely to forgot little details and such.
    Its such a great story! Can’t wait (literally) to continue reading!!

    • Hahaha you’re right, actually, the commenters above have been reading for a lot longer and it is possible that some details got lost as other generations came out. Everyone did such a good job, though, with every trivia!
      Good job to you, as well! ^_^
      So happy to hear you can’t wait to read more, I really hope you continue to enjoy this legacy!

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