Gen 2 Family Photos

Hey, everyone! I like to do family photo shoots so much, so I’ll continue to do them after each generations end. Listed below is a little info about Jason and also his family’s stats since I took away a lot of the information from the Family Tree section. Now I’m only going to list the founder and heirs because it’s a lot less clutter. After the stats section, there’s a few outtakes, or “Behind The Scenes” shots I took while writing all of generation two. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Also, stay tuned for a trivia post to come soon after this one, where you can test yourself on just how well you know the Dubois family! Oh, and the family tree will be updated with Gareth and Gibson’s information after I post their first chapter.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s stuck with me and the Dubois for this long and showing support! It really means a lot, and it keeps me inspired to keep going! :D

Jason’s Skills Mastered:

  • Athletic
  • Cooking
  • Guitar
  • Handiness
  • Logic
  • Painting
  • Piano
  • Social Networking
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Charisma

Traits Acquired on top of his regular 5:

  • Irresistible
  • Great Kisser




Jason’s wife, Bennu Banafrit Chione


  • Brave
  • Good
  • Athletic
  • Ambitious
  • Friendly


  • Music: Egyptian
  • Food: Frog Legs
  • Color: Yellow


Jason’s adopted daughter, (with Lana) Lucille Bane Hughes-Dubois


  • Brave
  • Genius
  • Animal Lover
  • Excitable
  • Vegetarian


  • Music: Geek Rock
  • Food: Vegetarian Dim Sum
  • Color: Lime


Jason’s first twin boy (with Faline), Gareth Ian Dubois


  •  Insane
  •  Evil
  •  Dog Person
  •  Schmoozer
  •  ?


  • Music: Hip Hop
  • Food: Porcini Risotto
  • Color: Black


Jason’s second twin boy (with Faline) Gibson Aries Dubois


  •  Insane
  •  Excitable
  •  Bookworm
  •  Perfectionist
  •  ?


  • Music: Classical
  • Food: Ratatouille
  • Color: Spice Brown


Jason’s daughter (with Bennu) Bahiti Amisi Dubois


  •  Loner
  •  Shy
  •  Virtuoso
  •  Artistic
  •  ?


  • Music: Egyptian
  • Food: Ceviche
  • Color: Orange




Screenshot-18 (3)

Screenshot-26 (2)

Screenshot-31 (6)



Screenshot-51 (3)




Screenshot-102 (3)

g2c8 p10

Screenshot-33 (5)


Screenshot-31 (5)

Screenshot-32 (3)


Screenshot-65 (2)


Screenshot-8 (2)

Next 13 were edited for tumblr















Screenshot-36 (3)

Screenshot-8 (3)

Screenshot-13 (2)

Screenshot-9 (5)

Screenshot-66 (3)

Screenshot-69 (2)


Screenshot-131 (3)

Screenshot-17 (5)

Screenshot-21 (5)

Screenshot-22 (4)

Screenshot-29 (2)

Screenshot-16 (7)

Screenshot-37 (2)

Screenshot-242 (2)

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6 Responses to “Gen 2 Family Photos”

  1. o.O My eyes are now permanently stuck like that. I loved all of your pictures. *dies from Jason’s sour face* LMAO his selfie… I always make that face when I take a selfie. Ugh Jason’s profile. *dies*
    Haha, that pic where he’s behind Matt, he looks like he’s like “Fuuuckkker” LOL. God his eyes are so big and blue and *loses ability to think* Shirtless? Mmmmm… *naughty thoughts* OMFG. Gareth and Gibson. *dies* *eyes go crazy* Jason and Marrick… *drools all over my keyboard, falls off couch*

    Ummm successful photo shoot much? Yes. Definite yes. <3

    Oh yeah and the mailman running away from Archor? Fuck yeah, LOL. Was the mailman insane too? O_O

    • LOL I think his selfie is one of my favorite pictures of him XD
      I always love your comments, they’re so great hahaha
      Glad you liked the photoshoot! I had fun sharing a lot of my best outtakes in this photo session. The one with the mailman running away from Archor in front of Jason’s house, even though Archor wasn’t there in game, freaked me out a little.. O_O Archor is still haunting Jason apparently XD

  2. Great pictures! I loved the outtakes. I think my favorite was of the mailman being chased by Archer. Kinda creepy, but the expression on his face was funny. I loved all the faces of Jason, even when he’s scowling, he’s hot to look at. *fans self*

    I have to ask. The pics from when the twins were babies, you said they were edited for tumbler. I always notice pictures on tumbler seem to look like that. Does tumbler edit the pictures for you like that? Or is it you editing them like that. Whatever it is, it looks awesome. I’ve tried to do effects like that for sometime. Some kind of filter maybe? I dunno, it just looks super cool and really added a nice pop to the pictures.

    • Thank you! The mailman one is great XD I noticed he runs away like that every day from Jason’s house, even though Archor isn’t there in game XD I forgot to put hideheadlineeffects on and noticed. HAD to get a picture hahaha
      Yes, Jason *dies* he’s going to be missed very much!
      As for the tumblr pics, I edit them myself using photoshop. That community(simblr) is very fond of editing pics and making them look really good, so I thought I’d try it out. I follow a lot of story blogs that don’t edit, but I follow a ton that only make sims, edit them to make them look good, post and move on. Glad you liked my edits :D

  3. *looks at each photo from top to bottom, then scrolls back slowly to the top to look at ’em all again and stare at Jason* I love him in that orange sweater. It really complements his blue eyes (the old opposites-on-the-color-wheel trick, eh?).

    I’m gonna miss seeing Jason’s handsome face. Since he’s not in jail, maybe the twins can visit him … just once? Of course, I haven’t seen them as young adults yet. ;)

    • Wtf, I never replied to this? WP needs to step up it’s game and let me know about this stuff when it happens! It does it so often >_<
      I miss Jason's face already, too. haha he was a really fun character to portray.
      They may or may not be a visit to the mental ward, we'll just have to wait and see what I decide to do with this twins XD

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