Generation 2, Chapter 12

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It’s been a few years since Detective Grander was here with his wife; Janelle came by about three times within the first year of me getting Lucy and she eventually granted me complete custody. Lucy is 8 now and the twins just turned 4, Faline had graduated and was already doing great at her job; she was a lad assistant and working her way up quickly. I opened a bar in town a while ago and it was doing really well, there were always people there no matter what day of the week and it was a nice little getaway whenever the kids or Faline would be a little too much to handle; not that I didn’t love seeing them and spending time with them, but everyone needs alone time every now and then, and running the bar was perfect for that.

I feel like I’ve changed so much, I feel good, better than I’ve been even despite living with Faline. Ever since she came home from college after she graduated and got this job, she’s been a little more arrogant than I’m used to. She’s always had strong opinions and she tells me what she thinks and whenever anything is wrong, yet she berates me a little more in the process.

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“Your haircut looks really nice, it’s better than what you had at least.. It looks more like you’re the boss instead of just an employee,” Faline says softly with a chuckle following it.

“Yeah, I’m glad I got it. I think I’m going to keep the scruff though,” I replied, turning around to face her taking a bath in the tub. She was still so beautiful, I still loved her bright emerald eyes mixed with her bright red hair.

“You’d look even better without it, but whatever,” she answered and I gave a slight grimace, “What? I’m just saying you’d look more professional and they might take you more seriously.”

“I think that they respect me enough.. They haven’t treated me in a way that’s anything less than their superior, so it’s fine,” I retorted.

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“Why don’t you get better dress shoes?” She questioned next.

“What’s wrong with these?” I wondered, beginning to get a little irritated and wanting leave so I could go to the bar a little earlier than usual..

“Those are so old, they look so plain, too.. You should get new ones.”

“I like these.. They’re comfortable and I don’t have to worry about scuffing them. They look nice enough.. I run a bar, Faline, it’s not like I’m running a five star restaurant,” I replied with a short tone.

“..Still..” She continued to persist and I rolled my eyes gently without her noticing. “Have you fired that secretary yet?” She asked next, throwing me off completely.

“What? No, why would I? She’s perfectly qualified, that’s why I hired her,” I replied in a slightly defensive manner.

“Jason, she’s what, 20? 21? The most she would have is a high school diploma. Not to mention she dresses slutty, always wearing those stupid tights,” Faline continued, but I couldn’t tell if the girl herself actually bothered Faline or if she was slightly jealous.

“Faline, I’m 27 with a girlfriend and 3 kids to look after, I doubt she would ever try anything,” I attempted to comfort.

“Oh please.. She’s not the one I’m worried about,” she said with a blunt tone, glancing up at me and I stared at her as my anger grew.

“I’m gunna go now, I’ll see you later,” I said, turning and leaving the bathroom before she could say anything else.

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I walked to the boys room and heard struggling from Gibson behind the door, stepping in quickly and seeing what was wrong. Gareth was chasing Gibson around the room making dinosaur noises and scaring him, and although I wanted to scold him for being mean to his twin brother, I couldn’t help but smile at the both of them. They were the best part of my life, my real sons, something that I’ve made; I’d do anything in the world for them.

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“Rawwrrr rarrr!” Gareth called out at he chased Gibson.

“Gareth, quit it! I said I give up! Stooppppp!” Gibson cried out as Gareth chased him.

They both brought so much joy to my life. They got their blonde hair from my mother and I loved looking at them. Gareth got my fathers eyes and he was still the little firecracker I knew him to be since he was a baby, still so fussy and now he’s become rambunctious and almost a little evil towards his brother constantly. Gibson got Faline’s beautiful emerald eyes and her sweet and innocent mannerisms, always becoming a target for Gareth and he loved to pick on Gibson. 

Gibson noticed me as he ran from Gareth, “Daddy! Make him stop! Make him stopppp!” He whined and I chuckled, running up behind Gareth and assisting Gibson.

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“Hey, hey, hey,” I voiced towards Gareth as I picked him up into my arms, “Stop picking on him, how many times have I told you that, huh?” I questioned.

“I just wanted to play, and, and he has to be such.. Such a baby about it!” He contested and I gave him a slightly warning expression.

“I’ve told you before that he doesn’t like how you play, you need to be more nice and be gentle with your brother, alright?”

“But I’m a dinosaur! H-He needs to capture me! I broke loose!” He continued to argue.

I brought him over to the playpen and put him into it, “I know, but stop when he asks you to, okay? He doesn’t like to play the way you do.. Find something else you can both do without scaring him, please,” I requested, kissing his forehead and he ignored me as he sat in the playpen, knowing that this was his ‘time out’.

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I walked over to Gibson after putting Gareth in the playpen and picked him up, feeling him wrap his tiny arms around my neck quickly and he sobbed gently on my shoulder, “I told him to stop! I told him..” He began and I smirked, holding him tightly and rubbing his back.

“I knowww, I know.. It’s okay, stop your tears, huh? He’s not chasing you anymore,” I tried to settle him down as he hugged me. “Don’t let him get to you.. He’s just trying to have fun and doesn’t know when to stop.”

“B-But I told him! He.. He shoud’ve-”

“Shhh shh sshhhh, stooooppp, you’re fine,” I continued to comfort, a smile forming on my lips as I continued to rub his back and calm him down.

“Baby!” Gareth voiced from the playpen and I looked to him.

“Knock it off,” I said with a short tone and he pouted, then turned away from us and I brought Gibson to the other side of the room.

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I set Gibson down and tousled his hair, waiting for him to smile and he soon did when he had finally calmed down. “I’m going to work now, alright? You two be good for Mommy and your sister and no more fighting, understand?” I said sternly, looking over my shoulder towards Gareth and my words were mostly for him since Gibson didn’t act out as much as he did.

Gibson smiled and nodded, “Okay, bye Daddy,” he said with an excited tone.

I stood slowly and smirked towards Gibson, then looked over to Gareth as I made my way to the door, “You stay in there until Mommy lets you out,” I say with warning and Gareth ignores me, acting like he didn’t hear me and I sighed as I left the room and shut the door behind me.

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I walked downstairs and noticed Lucy sitting on the couch by herself, fiddling with her thumbs and it seemed like she was thinking. It’s been a rough journey for us these past few years after Lana died, but somehow we managed to get through it together. Faline tried to help all that she could, but it was only me that could ever comfort Lucy whenever she would throw a fit yelling for her mother or just acting out in general because she wanted to see her, but as she grew older, she was able to understand it better and better, and Lana doesn’t seem to cross her mind too much anymore. It was a little harder for me, considering every single time I looked at Lucy, I couldn’t help but see Lana in her as well; even with her being gone, she’ll still always haunt me.

Lucy looked up to me when she heard me coming down and she quickly stood up with a smile on her lips; she definitely was waiting for me. “Hey, princess,” I said with a warm smile.

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“Hey, Daddy!” She said happily and made her way hastily over to me, “Um, I have a question,” she said with a gentle nerve in her tone.

“Oh yeah? What is it, baby girl?” I asked, keeping my smile as I looked down to the only girl in my life that I could truly say that I loved.

“Um.. Well, I know it’s a school day, but Cara needs help with her homework and she wants me to come over to help. It might take us a while, so I was wondering if I could just sleep over? We won’t stay up late at all, I promise!” She asked and almost begged. Cara was Lucy’s best friend since she had first entered school a few years ago, Cara also helped more than she even knew with helping Lucy get her mind off of Lana. I thought for a moment and Lucy watched me and waited impatiently for my answer.

“Did you ask Faline?” I wondered.

“Yeah, but she said no because I have school tomorrow, but I already said we’d get to bed on time and we’d get all of our homework done! It’ll be fine, I swear,” she replied, her tone beginning to get a little winy.

“Promise me you’ll call me before you go to bed, and you’d better have all the homework done, no going there just to fool around and what not,” I answered and I watched her nod quickly to my request with a smile.

“Yeah, I promise! Please, Daddy?”

“Alright, fine.. Go pack an overnight bag and I’ll drop you off on my way to work, okay?” I finally agreed and her smile grew even wider, squealing a little to my answer and I let out a gentle chuckle.

“Yay! Thank you, thank you!” She replied and ran passed me and upstairs to her room.

“I’ll be in the car!” I called up to her and I wasn’t sure if she heard me or not, but I continued on and went outside.

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As I drove Lucy to her friends place, listening to her talk about her and Cara, the city, the stars, all I could think about was Faline. I had never gotten around to asking her if she ever wanted to get married, it just never came to mind ever since that one night I found out about Lana. She’s changed a little, and I don’t even think I loved her in the first place, it was just this.. This weird feeling I was having that I can’t describe, but I can’t label it love. Maybe I just cared for her more knowing she was carrying my boys, she was the mother of my children, but there weren’t any other feelings for her besides that. Butterflies in my stomach and weak knees and legs didn’t happen that much anymore, only occasionally; pretty much only when we were intimate, but even that seemed forced sometimes instead of us lusting after one another. There wasn’t really that spark anymore, at least not for me. I still found her extremely attractive, our relationship, however, had turned into this awkward friendship with benefits to me. I can’t even figure out what we are anymore.. Maybe that’s why I still haven’t asked how she felt about getting married, it just never seemed right. One thing I did know though was that she didn’t use me for anything like Lana had. Faline had her own job, benefits, a great paycheck every two weeks, she had no reason to take anything from me, yet she stayed in the house for the boys. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of what I went through with Lana; driving back and forth to pick up and drop off Lucy, it was always such a pain. But, unlike with Lana, Faline and I were on good terms, there’d just be no point in her moving out, even if we don’t love one another. I want us to stay together for Gareth and Gibson’s sake.

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After dropping Lucy off at her friends, I drove to the bar and there were only a few cars in the lot. It was a little after 7:00 pm and we had just opened, so people wouldn’t get here for a little while still; most of the people I knew that came here to drink and party often came later, the bar was usually always this dead when it opened every night.

“Hey, Mr. Dubois!” A voice I recognized called over to me from across the room and I looked to the bartender behind the bar and I gave a gentle wave as I walked towards my office.

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I need to go through my secretary’s office in order to get to mine and when I walked in, she started talking before I even shut the door, “Hey, Mr. Dubois, I was going over sales and I noticed that ever since you added the outdoor bar and deck, the income has gone up by 15%, at this rate it should even go up 25-30% by the end of this month. That’s really exciting!” She said happily and looked up from her computer to me. “Whoa, big shot walkin’ in with a nice new haircut.. You look hot,” she said with a devious smile and I chuckled.

“Miss Chu, may I see you in my office for a moment?” I asked, continuing on and walking towards my door.

“Ooooh, of course, Mr. Dubois,” she said softly with a hint of excitement. 

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She followed me into my office and shut the door behind her, locking it quietly as if trying to hide it even though I heard her do it. I walked over to my desk and she began first again, “How are the boys doing?” She wondered, a smirk going over my lips as I pulled out my chair and took a seat in front of my computer.

“They’re doing great, thank you Miss Chu,” I replied and I heard her let out a bored sigh.

“For the billionth time, you can call me Synthia, it’s really not that big of a deal,” she pressured.

“A first name basis is better left alone, I don’t want to get used to it and have Faline stop by or whatever and hear me call you that, she’ll think there’s something going on,” I replied.

She let out a giggle, “Like there isn’t anything going on?” She said somewhat sarcastically and I looked up to her briefly.

“No, there isn’t.. Now, would you please..?” I asked, motioning with my hand for her to take a seat and she smiled as she rolled her eyes, walking over to a chair then and sitting like I had asked.

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“If you had to get rid of someone, who would you pick?” I asked first.

Miss Chu didn’t know what to say at first, somewhat put off by the question, “Um.. I didn’t know you were planning on getting rid of someone, so I haven’t really thought about it..”

“Who’s the first one to come to your mind, then?”

She hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Well.. There’s always Larry, he’s kind of a dick to the male customers and favors the girls, whereas the others don’t do that. I’ve been getting complaints about him actually from customers and other employees,” she hesitated once again, “He has kids though and a wife.. Him being a convicted felon, too, would make it hard for him to find any other job. You were the only one to cut him some slack.”

I thought for a moment, “True.. Have we warned him at all about his behavior? I don’t recall.”

“No, I don’t think so..”

“Well, talk to him about it tonight, I guess that’ll be his first warning.. Who else can you think of?”

“I’m sorry, Jason, I just don’t really see the point in getting rid of someone when profits are obviously increasing.. You just hired someone, too, for the outside bar, why would you get rid of someone?” She wondered.

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“Do you like working here?” I asked her next, watching as her expression grew a little offended.

“Of course I do.. Wait, are you firing me?” She asked quickly.

“No, no, I’m not firing you..”

“Then what the hell is this about?” She asked, and by my lack of response, she continued, “This is about Faline, isn’t it? She still wants you to get rid of me, huh? What the hell is up her ass?”

“Miss Chu..” I said with a slightly angered tone, “Please don’t get upset, I’m not firing you,” I continued to try and keep her calm.

“Then what the fuck is her problem with me, huh?”

“I don’t appreciate the tone, and if anything, you should take all of this as a compliment,” I replied with a gentle smirk. She looked at me as if she was confused at what I was trying to say, so I continued, “She doesn’t like you working under me because she thinks you’re too pretty to be my secretary, she pictures a woman in her 50’s wearing glasses with wrinkles and a raspy voice that doesn’t like to come into my office as often as she pleases.. Like you do. Locking the door is never a good idea, either, especially when you’re not out there.. Where else would you be?” I pointed out. 

Her expression grew less irritated and she looked at me with wanting eyes, her lips curling into a soft smirk, “Well, I’d be more than happy to work on you than under you, if you think that would be better,” she hinted as I watched her bite in the inside of her bottom lip.

g2c12 p32

“Yeah, maybe you’re right,” I replied, raising one of my brows slightly. 

I watched as she slowly stood to her feet, keeping her sultry eyes on mine as she took her time walking around my desk, her index finger dragging softly over the glass surface that lay over the wood. My eyes trailed down her body as she moved closer to me and I couldn’t stop looking at her legs once they came into view, darkened and smooth from the thigh high stockings I knew she always wore.

g2c12 p33

My heart started to race a little as she grew closer, her hand going to the back of my chair and swiveling me around to face her. “You seem a little stressed out, sir.. You don’t mind me helping you loosen up a bit, do you?” She asked, parting my legs with hers and she placed her hands upon the armrests of the chair, leaning down and she planted a few light pecks on my jawline and neck.

“Not at all,” I replied between breathes. I watched her hands lift from the armrests and she traced her fingers along the brim of my pants, beginning then to undo my belt, button and zipper.

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g2c12 p35

She separated her lips from my neck and I watched as she bent down, going onto her knees and she untucked my shirt a little, pulling down the front of my pants gently and pulling all of me out from underneath. I felt her mouth consume me and I let out a soft gasp of air, shutting my eyes and leaning back in my chair as she started out slow. Synthia didn’t get this job solely on her looks and what she could do perfectly with her mouth, it was only after I hired her off of her experience that I realized her full potential and generosity, and although Faline didn’t like her, I didn’t care. I felt awful when I cheated on her at college with Bennu, but something had changed with Faline and I over the years, and the more I thought about it, the less I regretted seeing Bennu. I felt the slightest bit of guilt, yes, but everyone has needs, and Faline wasn’t doing it for me. I loved the thrill with Synthia, just as I did with Bennu the night I had gotten back to my last year of college. Ever since Bennu had left me with nothing, no explanation, no note, no phone call, I felt a slight emptiness in me, something that was gone and I needed to fill it with something else; Sythia’s mouth was a pretty good example.

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g2c12 p36

The more she did the closer I got, her pace quickening and she eventually brought in the help of her hand to get me more excited. I sat up, putting my hands to the back of her head and assisting her even more, pushing her head and pulling her hair accordingly, letting out soft moans and not wanting her to stop even despite my body refusing me to hold out any longer. Her pace quickened even more and I felt my body light on fire, the sensation flowing through me and I let out one more gasp of air as she sucked the life out of me.

g2c12 p38

I leaned back once again and panted softly through my parted lips, watching Synthia release me and smile devilishly as she stood to her feet and I put myself back into my pants. I secured them as I watched her walk towards the door and she turned to face me as she opened it, “Yes, Mr. Dubois, I’ll get those papers to you right away,” she teased and faked to anyone who may be in her office waiting for her. I smirked softly as she shut the door behind her and I shook my head, standing and fixing my pants the exact way I had left them when I left the house. I opened a drawer to my desk and pulled out a tiny bottle of cologne, spritzing myself a few times and trying to cover anything that might cause suspicion. I sat down in my chair again, sitting there and relaxing before starting any of my work.

g2c12 p39

Synthia and I weren’t anything special, I didn’t love her or have a sweet spot for her or anything like that, we just simply loved to fool around. Synthia and Faline hated one another, I’m sure doing things with me behind Faline’s back only made her more willing to do them just to get at Faline; even if she didn’t know about it, I could tell it gave Synthia this sense of satisfaction and power. Though after Bennu, I haven’t slept with anyone else besides Faline, there just wasn’t anyone else besides those two that I found as interesting or worthy. But, Faline was right to be worried about me, Synthia had this attraction about her that I couldn’t resist. Maybe I just never lost my old habits back when I started college. Maybe it was even deeper than that, but I was in no mood to acknowledge it.

g2c12 p40

I was in my office for a while doing work on the computer and paperwork, hearing the music faintly coming through the walls and looked to the time on my computer; it was almost ten and I still hadn’t heard from Lucy. It didn’t worry me, I was sure that she was safe at Cara’s, but maybe she just forgot and went to bed? Either way, I didn’t like that she didn’t call me. I decide to call Cara’s mother before it gets too late and I end up sitting here until closing still waiting for Lucy to call.

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g2c12 p42

I stood up to stretch my legs from sitting at the computer for so long, pulling out my cell from my pocket and I looked through my contacts as I paced around the room. I found Cara’s mother and called her, listening to it ring a few times before she finally answered.


“Hi, Mrs. Jones?” I replied; I always felt as if I needed to address her like that because she was a little older than me, though she called me by my first name all the time.

Oh, Jason.. How are you?” She wondered, her tone sounding a little happy to hear from me and I was surprised that she recognized my voice so easily.

“I’m good, I’m good.. I’m just sitting here at work, but I had asked Lucy to call me before she went to bed and she didn’t, are the girls sleeping already?” I asked.

Yeah, they fell asleep about half an hour ago.. I’m sorry, had I known she was supposed to call, I would’ve made her do so.

“Oh no, it’s fine.. It’s not your fault, I’m not mad. Just checking in is all,” I reassured her.

g2c12 p43

There was a short silence that went over the phone, but I quickly thought of something to say, “I’m sorry, how are you? I just noticed I didn’t ask like you had, I feel like a jerk now,” I said with a slightly nervous chuckle.

No no, it’s fine, I’m doing okay.. Doug is on a business trip for a few days; with him gone and Cara at school or over at a friend’s house all the time, it gets a little quiet around here..” She replied, referring to her husband and her tone having a hint of sadness. 

“Ahh, well you’re lucky that it’s quiet. Enjoy it.. My house is far from that, I almost look forward to coming to work sometimes,” I retorted, hearing her giggle over the phone made my lips smile slightly.

Of course, the twins.. Last time I saw them they were just beginning to talk, they must be chatting up a storm by now.. How are those little ones?” She wondered and my smile grew wider as I thought of them.

“They’re wonderful, thanks for asking.. They seem inseparable, yet they fight all the time.. I don’t know what’s going on with them,” I replied and we both let out simultaneous soft laughter.

Well, that’s great, I’m glad they’re doing well..” There was another short silence over the phone, but she broke the silence this time, “If you get done early enough, you should stop by for a glass of wine,” she offered, raising my brow in slight surprise as I paced more around the room.

g2c12 p44

“Um..” I let out softly, hesitating a few short moments as I contemplated my answer, “You know, I’m not going to getting out of here any time soon, I’m here until 3:00 am actually,” I said with a gentle chuckle.

Oh come on.. You’re the boss, right? Don’t you make the hours?” She teased. As sexy as I thought she was, and this being the first opportunity she’s presented to me, there was no way I’d go over there, especially with Lucy there having a sleepover with her best friend; what if Cara or Lucy woke up like they sometimes do for a glass of water and saw me there with her? What if Doug came home early? No, no way, it was way too risky.

“Nah, sorry, Mrs. Jones.. As tempting as it sounds, I’ll have to decline. I still have a lot of work to do here, and the employees are looking forward to getting their hours in. I’d hate to cut them short, so..” I finally replied, hearing a dainty sigh on the other line.

Well, alright.. Rain check, then?” She offered an alternative, and as much as I wanted to drop everything and go over there, I sighed softly in defeat as well.

“Yeah, we’ll see.. Would you mind telling Lucy to call me before she goes to school tomorrow morning?” I asked, trying to change the subject before she could coax me anymore.

Of course, Jason.. Let me know when you wanna take me up on that offer, okay?” She said with a sensual tone that made me regret turning her down even more.

“Yeah, I will.. Have a good night,” I replied, hearing her say the same thing in return and I hung up. I looked to my phone and read the time, it was almost 10:30 pm now and I still had a lot more work to do before I went home for the night.

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g2c12 p46

The night went by faster than I had expected it to, looking to the corner of my screen and seeing it was 3:15 am; I wondered if I was the last person there. I shut the lights off to my office and went back to the computer to make a few last minute adjustments, then shut that off as well. I made my way out and looked to Miss Chu’s desk as I shut the door, noticing she was still here for some reason. “Why haven’t you gone home yet?” I asked.

“I felt like waiting for you,” she replied with a soft smile and I looked around her office briefly before going back to her.

“Did you talk to Larry like I asked before?”

“Yeah, I gave him a warning, he said it wouldn’t happen again, but we’ll see I guess..” She answered with a shrug.

“Good.. Is anyone else here or did everyone leave?”

“No one here but us, babe,” she replied with a giggle as her eyes danced over me.

“Don’t call me that, it’s weird,” I said with a short tone.

g2c12 p47

“Aww, is someone grumpy?” She teased and my annoyed expression didn’t change.

“You look tired, you should go home and get some sleep,” I retorted with a bland tone. She only waited for me on occasion, but those were the nights she would always try to get me to come home with her.

“Oh, I’m not tired yet..” She answered with a devious grin, “Besides, I got dropped off, I need a ride home.. Would you mind?” She asked, sighing to myself.

“You didn’t ask them to pick you back up when you got off?”

“Well, no, because I haven’t yet,” she said with another lustrous look.

“Call a cab,” I suggested with a harsh tone and her smile faded.

g2c12 p48
g2c12 p49

Miss Chu stood to her feet and my eyes couldn’t help but travel over her as she approached me, “Pleeeeaase?” She persisted, putting her arm around me and bringing her right hand to the side of my face. As much as I’ve tried to turn her down before, she always knew how to coax me into doing what she wanted; well, minor things.. She pressed her body against me and I could feel the stockings on her legs tracing over the fabric of my pants, glancing down at her legs and I watched then as her smile returned, “Don’t you want to take those off with your teeth again? I love it when you do that,” she spoke just above a whisper, making my body respond with a soft quiver at the thought of it. But, I wanted to get home, I was tired, I wanted to see the twins and tell them goodnight even if they were asleep, and I wanted Miss Chu to stop pressuring me.

“Fine, I’ll give you a ride home, but that’s it. Now go wait by the car as I close up,” I finally agreed and she smiled more, letting out an excited giggle as I gripped her bottom and pushed her towards the door. 

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g2c12 p52

I turned off all the lights and locked the doors, seeing Miss Chu closer to the deck and not by the car like I had told her. I walked up to her and she waited until I had passed her to wrap her arms around the front of my neck playfully, giggling as she did so and I tried to get her free from me. “Come on, get off.. What is someone were to see?” I asked, finally able to loosen her grip and she let go and trailed behind me at my heels.

“What? I’m just having fun.. It’s not like we’re screwing on the pavement,” she retorted and I sighed heavily.

“First of all, we’d never do that here, let alone anywhere else, and second, shut up and keep your voice down,” I replied harshly.

“Jeez, you really are grumpy tonight.. What’s wrong?” She asked as we reached the car and both got in.

I started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot, “Nothing, I just wish you’d be more discreet.. I have a lot more to lose than you do,” I said softly with a hint of worry, but I don’t think she caught on to it.

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g2c12 p54

After dropping off Miss Chu and turning her down at least five times in going up to her place, I managed to get home a little before 4:00 am. I locked the outside gate and the house, looking around the foyer and leaving one light on by the door. I looked upstairs to the second floor and it seemed like the darkest part of the house, giving me slight chills as I walked up. I went to Gareth and Gibson’s room, opening the door as quietly as I could and I peaked in, not seeing Gibson in his crib and my eyebrow raised in curiosity, stepping in more and going to Gareth’s crib then.

g2c12 p55
g2c12 p56

As I walked over to Gareth’s crib, I adored the sight that came before me; Gibson was with him in his crib, sleeping soundly with one another and I couldn’t hold back the sudden smile on my lips, even if my life depended on it. It was always so foreign to see them so calm, let alone sleeping together; I wonder what happened while I was gone for them to want to do that..? As I looked down at them, nothing else was on my mind, and nothing in the world could take away the happiness I felt at this moment. I reached down and brushed Gareth’s hair out of his eyes and he let out an unconscious moan, seemingly irritated that I was touching him and I hummed a quiet chuckle. I did the same to Gibson then, brushing the hair from his eyes as well and cupping his small head into my palm. I traced my thumb over his cheek and he turned his head more, seemingly enjoying the warmth of my hand against his face and I let out a loving sigh. After a few moments of bliss, I slowly pulled my hand away from Gibson and watched as he turned his head back towards Gareth for the warmth that was just taken away from him. I grabbed one of their blankets and covered them, tucking them in on their sides and quietly leaving the room without waking them.

g2c12 p57
g2c12 p58

I walked away from their room and loosened my tie, taking a deep breath in and sighing heavily as I made my way into my bedroom. I tossed my tie on top of the dresser and unbuttoned my shirt, throwing it aimlessly within the room. Faline was sleeping over the covers wearing a pair of white panties and a matching white bra, my eyes traveling from her shoulders slowly down to her feet, admiring her body as she laid. 

g2c12 p59

I quietly walked over to the bed and undo my belt along with my pants in the process, pulling them down and sitting on the bed. I removed my shoes and socks and pulled each pant leg off slowly, slumping over from exhaustion and I sat there for a moment as I relaxed. I brought my hand up to the bridge of my nose and I rubbed the inner corner of my eyes with my index finger and thumb, helping myself relax more and Faline shifted gently behind me.

“How was work?” She spoke quietly, woken up by my presence.

“Fine, busy.. How were the boys tonight?” I asked in return.

“At each others throats, but they got better and then wanted to sleep together, so I let them,” she replied with the same quiet tone, still half asleep.

g2c12 p60
g2c12 p61

I leaned back and laid on the bed, facing Faline’s back and pressing the front of my body against her warm skin. My arm wrapped around her torso and she lifted her head slightly to let my other arm be her new pillow, feeling her scoot her body even closer to me. I inhaled deeply, breathing in the scent of her hair and I relaxed completely, happy to be home after this long night. As much as I loved my college days and seeing my bed full of different woman every week, I had to admit that it was nice to always have someone there waiting for me, and not just any someone; knowing I’d never be alone was a great feeling. Faline’s scent had become all too familiar to me and I felt as if I wouldn’t be able to sleep without her there to hold on to. I lifted my head for a moment and kissed her shoulder a few times, “Are you still awake?” I wondered, listening to her heavy breathing with no response. I let out a soft sigh, kissing her shoulder once more before laying my head back down and slowly drifting off to sleep.


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~ by SimComix on August 20, 2013.

12 Responses to “Generation 2, Chapter 12”

  1. Great chapter as always! The boys are so damn adorable, I liked when they were playing in their rooms, and again at the end when they were asleep. Sleeping, they looked so much alike. Also, I LOVE Jason’s new look. I’m so glad he kept the stubble. It just wouldn’t be Jason without it!

    Also, what was up with Faline. I expected to feel some sympathy for her when he cheated on her with his secretary, but I didn’t. And I think that’s because how she acted towards Jason before he left for work. She was cutting him down and I didn’t like it. (I got your back Jason!)

    The scene in the office was great. Jason definitely is a ladies man, and I can see why Faline is jealous of Ms. Chu, she is very pretty and exotic looking, I can’t blame Jason for being tempted. Sounds like he also has some prospects with Ms. Jones, Cara’s mom.

    • Aw, thank you doll! ^_^
      – The twins… ugh *dies* they’re so cute and I’m already so attached to them T_T LOL
      – Thanks! I thought Jason needed to get a more mature look now that he’s getting older. And oh, of course I left the stubble. ;) hahaha
      – Jason appreciates you having his back XD Yeah, Faline is kind of turning into a snob, who knows why.. You might find out in the next chapter.
      – I’m glad you liked the scene in the office, it always makes me blush to write such things LOL Yes, Jason is the epitome of a Ladies Man, probably always will be. He has a lot of ladies after him, what woman would pass him up without a second glance? XD

      Thanks so much for reading :D

  2. Uhhh so my mind went blank from seeing Jason shirtless… *racks brain* Oh.em.gee. Jason’s new haircut is… *dies* Faline… -__- wtf, he looks hot with that stubble, and those shoes, keep your opinions in your head… This is your first and only warning, next time you’re fired.
    Gareth and Gibson are so cute! *screams* *snuggles them and Jason* I can’t get enough of the adorableness. *faints* Ugh, them sleeping in the same crib. What cutie pies.
    Woo. Pushy much, Miss Chu? Jesus. LOL, although the sexy scene was super hot. ;) Also thought it was hilarious Cara’s mom was hitting on him too. ROFL. I don’t blame her though, i can’t type two sentences without dying from his hotness. LOL.

    • – LOL I’m glad you like the new change in Jason ;) Yeah, Faline’s being a bitch lately. I’m glad you warned her, too. It was needing to be said. XD
      – Eeee! I’m happy you like the twins ^_^ I can’t get enough of them.
      – Yeeaaahh LOL Synthia is the ‘clinger’ type. *rolls eyes* Jason wouldn’t be Jason though without those occasional steamy scenes XD He’s got women lining up to be with him, it’s a little ridiculous, but he doesn’t mind at all. LOL

      Thank you for reading!

  3. I’m loving Jason’s new haircut! I’m not a fan of full-body tattoos, so I love seeing Jason dressed for work with that hew, shorter haircut. *wolf whistles* (I get that the tattoos suit his personality, though.)

    The twins are adorable! I’m guessing Gareth rolled the Evil trait. ;) If so, I love how you portrayed it. In any case, it’s great to see Gareth & Gibson with distinct personalities. Seeing them sleeping together in one crib was a definite “awww” moment.

    Faline has good reason not to be a fan of Miss Chu, who tries to seduce Jason every chance she gets. I’m actually surprised he didn’t go home with her. A modicum of self control … Jason? Then again, he had already gotten off earlier. Jason seemed content to be with Faline again when he got home. Must be the hopeless romantic in him. He’s tough to figure out.

    • Thanks! I felt since he was getting older, he needed to lose the longer ‘college day’ hair XD And it’s okay, tattoos aren’t for everyone I suppose.
      Yes, Gareth rolled the evil trait and is going to be quite the little handful. I’m glad you like how I portrayed it! The twins do fight a lot, but at the same time, they’re completely inseparable.
      Well, based on just how many women Jason’s slept with, which is quite a lot, he knows a ‘clinger’ when he sees it, and Miss Chu is definitely a clinger. He’ll do minimal stuff with her, but he refuses to make the commitment of sleeping with her because she would only get worse about how much she wants to be with him or around him, and Jason can’t have that when he’s with Faline and has children.
      Yeah, he is a little tough to figure out. You’re right, his hopeless romantic side enjoyed being with her again, and also the fact that she hasn’t left him brings him comfort as well.
      Thanks for reading! :D

  4. Definitely a lady’s man

  5. Oh I love Jason’s new look! It’s much more mature and I honestly think he looks a lot better :)

    I’m really sad about Faline’s change and the potential of those two drifting apart. I still really like them and that last scene where Jason just comes home to Faline and holds her, taking in her familiar scent just made me even more sad about the two of them drifting. For some reason I really want them to work out, but I’m kind of getting the vibe now that maybe they won’t? I’m not sure.

    Perhaps that’s fitting though for Jason who seriously just seems UNABLE to keep it in his damn pants. I hate Ms. Chu too…take a hint, eh? Ugh. And yet he STILL can’t manage to say “no” entirely. “Ladies man” seems like too nice a title for him. How about man whore? I think I like that better, haha. Not that I hate him anymore though. I mean, besides that part of him, which I obviously hate, Jason isn’t actually all that bad a person and he really is a great father. I’m afraid to see what happens in the future because it’s sure to have negative effects on his kids :(

    • Glad you like his new look!
      Yeah, Faline has definitely changed, but it’s for a lot of reasons, and some of them will be explained later on.
      Hahaha Ms Chu is young and has a lot of spunk still XD she really doesn’t know when to take a hint, and seems to be getting a little too comfortable with her boss than she should be. True, ladies man is too nice of a title hahaha but in all other aspects, yeah, he really is a good guy.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Wow…so sweet Faline is gone slowly being replaced with bitchy controlling Faline. That won’t go over well.

    The boys are cute and so different. I don’t envy you having to pick an heir. Lucy grew up well. She’s going to be a knock out as she gets older.

    Well I guess Faline has a reason to worry about his secretary LOL. Not only that, but the mom??? Um wow. Jason may be older, but he still has panties dropping where ever he goes.

    • Yeah, Faline’s changed quite a bit.. But you’re right, she has every right to worry about Jason’s secretary because, well, you saw what happened.. Hahaha Jason is a player and she knows it, but she just never has any proof. Her suspicions are enough to make her change and not trust him any longer.Their whole relationship thus far has been so, so up and down.

      Hahaha aren’t they cute? True, they are truly different and and I was trying to decide for a while if I should do an heir poll, but when I finally started generation 3, I just kind of made up my mind to make it a “double heir” generation, so you’ll soon be reading the life of both boys. ^_^

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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