Friendly Update 7/02/13

Sorry I’ve been rather absent.. LOL I always update this story so quickly, but many of you who read this also know of another awesome simmer named LateKnightSimmer. Her and I have started a story together, and atm we’ve been working hard on getting that story started so it has a good base. I admit, I miss my Dubois boy. I updated TBO recently, because I’ve put that off longer than Jason’s story, but now that I have about 98% of the screenshots for this next chapter coming soon, I’m working hard on typing everything up now and hopefully I will have Generation 2 Chapter 8 up very soon. No need for a comment or anything if you don’t want to, this new “Updates” section is just to let you all know where I’m standing, just in case I don’t post for longer than I usually do, hahaha, and seeing as I haven’t updated in a little over 3 weeks @_@ here’s an update.

Also, just a heads up, this next chapter has the most screenshots I’ve used for this story so far, measuring a little over 100 screenshots, so.. Be ready for Jason’s welcome back to college. XD

Screenshot-241 (2)
LOL Jason as a child.

Generation 2, Chapter 8 coming soon!

~ by SimComix on July 2, 2013.

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