Generation 2, Chapter 3

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My head was killing me.. It wasn’t often that I got hangovers, but wow.. Today was bad. It had been almost two weeks since I last saw or talked to Bettie; we had another party last night to celebrate the end of the semester coming, but I didn’t invite anyone special over, I just took it upon myself to have fun before I went home tomorrow for the summer. Bettie had been calling me and texting me ever since our night together, but I never responded to her. “Uugghhhh.. What happened last night?” I ask lazily, still keeping my eyes shut after waking up on the couch without my shirt.. Where the hell did my shirt go?

Dean was sitting on a different couch, chuckling at my words, “Crazy night, that’s what,” he replied and I tilted my head back more and looked to him upside down.

“Did I do anything stupid?” I asked with a light laugh, my voice kind of raspy and I guess that I was yelling a lot last night.

Dean laughed, “When do we not do stupid shit?” He asked with another laugh and I joined him, chuckling weakly and shutting my eyes again. “I’m guessing you’re not going to class today?” He wondered next.

“Hah! Yeah, right.. I’m just going to go to the class tomorrow and going home after.. It’s my last class, anyways.. What time is it?” I asked.

g2c3 p3

“A little after 2:00pm.. Which reminds me, I gotta get to class, too, today is my last one.. See you later, Jace,” he replied and I stood to my feet quickly but with groggy legs; I think I was still a little drunk.

“Aw, I have to do shit by myself today? I thought you were gunna hang out,” I wondered.

“Well, yeah.. Later, after my class. It’s my last one, I need to pass this final or I’m toast.. See ya,” he answered and I sighed, watching him leave and falling back onto the couch to rest for a little bit longer.

“Good luck on your final!” I called out and I watched out the widow as he gave a single wave but didn’t look back.

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I got ready and grabbed my shades, not leaving the house without them since my eyes still hurt from the light of the sun. My head was still pounding as I made my way to a coffee shop in town that I liked, but, it was still closed.. That’s one thing that sucked about living in the college town; everything is run and employed by college students, and half of them never get to work on time, or even make it to work at all.. I sighed angrily when I pulled on the door and it was still locked, looking to my clock on my phone and it was a little passed 2:30pm. I really wanted coffee, and wasn’t in the mood to walk anywhere else since my body still hurt from whatever I did last night, so I sat on the sidewalk and waited for whoever was supposed to open the shop to come and open it already.

g2c3 p7
g2c3 p8

It was a little before three when someone finally came to open the shop and I got up from the sidewalk with a sour attitude when it was the gay guy that always hits on me opening; I think his name is Jimmy..? He gave me dreamy eyes as he walked passed me and I followed him in, “A little late, aren’t you?” I said with anger in my tone and he laughed nervously.

“Well, Jason.. How do you expect me to open the shop when I’m just as hungover as you from last night?” He asked with a flirtatious tone and I sigh with frustration. He began making me my favorite coffee without me needing to say anything.

“You were at our party last night?” I asked with little interest in hearing the answer.

g2c3 p9
g2c3 p10

Jimmy giggled at my question, “Well, yeah.. We played beer pong together, too, you don’t remember?” He asked with another giggle and I rolled my eyes behind my shades.

“Don’t remember, and don’t care to be reminded,” I replied with an irritated tone, watching as he finished my drink and handed it to me with a smile.

“Well, it was fun, none the less.. Thanks again for having me,” he added and I could tell that he was being bashful.

“Yeah… Don’t even remember you being there, but cool,” I said with a sarcastic grin, taking the coffee and he was too infatuated with looking at me to notice that I didn’t bother to pay for it.

g2c3 p11
g2c3 p12

I hung around the coffee shop as I enjoyed my drink; it made me feel a little better and I drank it all in less than ten minutes. After I finished it, I got another text from Bettie, asking where I was and telling me that we needed to have a ‘talk’. I couldn’t help myself as I let out a pathetic chuckle, ignoring her again and placing my phone back in my pocket; I wanted one last fling before I went home, but I didn’t want Bettie. I was done with her, and the sooner she realized it, the better; this was getting to the point where I wish she would just drop off the face of the earth.

g2c3 p13
g2c3 p14

I threw out my empty cup and made my way towards the door, stopping when I noticed fiery red hair being picked up in the wind and my redheaded mistress jogged passed the coffee shop; score.. I raced out of the shop, “Hey!” I called out, but she didn’t stop, nor bothering to even look back. I took to my feet again and tried to catch up to her.

g2c3 p15
g2c3 p16

I finally caught up to her and she looked to me briefly but kept her pace, “Hey, red,” I said with a sly tone as I ran with her, watching as she rolled her eyes and kept going. “Going for a run, huh?” I asked, watching as she continued to ignore me and I was beginning to get a little frustrated. “Mind stopping for a second?” I asked and I heard her sigh even through her panting from her jog.

g2c3 p17
g2c3 p18

She finally stopped when she reached the street, waiting for the walk sign to turn on and she looked to me as she caught her breath, then looked forward again. I wasn’t really used to being ignored, it made me mad a little, but then again I didn’t let it show since I wanted to get to know her. “Hey, I saw you at a party I threw a week or so ago.. I’m Jason Du-”

“Yeah, I know.. Jason Dubois,” she answered for me and I smirked at her already knowing who I was, but then I lost the smirk as I didn’t know how she meant her words.. Her voice was small and feminine, but she was by far the best looking girl I had seen on campus; I was amazed that I had never seen her before.

“Do you have a name, red?” I asked.

“Yeah, Already.. Bored Already..” She answered bluntly and I was a little shocked by her frustrated words.

“Damn, what’s up your ass, sweet thing?” I wondered with a gentle chuckle afterwards.

g2c3 p19

“Excuse me?” She asked with a short tone, “What’s up my ass is that the notorious man-whore of the school is talking to me, and fucked over my friend.. You might remember her.. Bettie? Do you even remember that name, or do you have to search your endless list of women you’ve fucked to remember?” She asked with a sarcastic tone.

“Whoa, whoa.. There’s no need for bitterness, babe. I haven’t fucked you over, have I? What’s with the hostility?” I asked with a sly tone, a little irritated with her words, but now that I’ve finally seen what she looks like, I don’t care how she talked to me, as long as I at least got a name and number out of this conversation. I couldn’t get over how much I loved her hair, she had intense green eyes to accent it even more, too. 

g2c3 p20
g2c3 p21

She turned to me and put on a sarcastic smile, “Oh, I’m sowwy.. Is this the first time you’ve been rejected? ..Must be rough, huh?” She asked and I lost my smirk briefly, realizing this was going to be quite the challenge, but I soon smiled again.

“Come on, babe.. Don’t be like that, you should get to know someone before turning them down so quickly..” I tried to persuade.

“Oh, but I do know you, Jason.. A lot more than you know, babe,” she mocked me slightly, still keeping her smirk and I was getting more and more intrigued by the second the more I looked at her, despite how she was clearly bashing me.

g2c3 p22

I tried something else, deciding to put on a little more charm than I was used to having to do; it was usually a lot easier than this, but this one was going to be hard, it’s tough to get what you want from someone who’s extremely aware of your reputation around campus; especially when it’s a promiscuous one.. “Just gimme a name and I’ll leave you alone.. Running into someone as pretty as you? I’d hate myself if I went home without your name,” I continued, dipping my head down somewhat nervously; her face never changed and I had expected her to at least blush a little, but she didn’t. She was actually making me nervous when I should be making her feel like that. 

She leaned in a little closer and I raised my brow in curiosity, “You’re going to go home hating yourself then..” She replied and I lost whatever grin, smirk or smile I may have had. “Not as easy as you thought it’d be, huh? ..Sad..” She said with another sarcastic smile, almost as if she felt a little sorry for me. “Bye, Jason,” she finished and turned around, running in the opposite direction. 

g2c3 p23

Her attitude was as fiery as her hair as I watched it continue to bounce in the wind as she ran, “See ya, Red,” I replied loud enough for her to hear me, but she didn’t bother looking back. Hmm. It made me angry that she talked to me that way, the whole time she talked it was nothing but attitude; as sweet as her voice was, her words were harsh and bitter. Funny thing was I almost wanted to chase after her, but I thought that in order to get on her good side, it’d be better if I just let her go. 

g2c3 p24
g2c3 p25
g2c3 p26

I walked to the middle of the campus, not knowing what to do with myself since I had slept through my class today, but I had tomorrow to make up for it. I did my homework, so who cares.. Wait, did I? ..Shit, now I have that to look forward to rushing to get it done so I don’t fail tomorrow. First Bettie won’t leave me the hell alone, then Red turns me down, and now I forget to do the homework that I needed to do.. It doesn’t even matter if I pass the final with a 100%, my homework grade wouldn’t be enough to pass me if I don’t turn this in.. Maybe I could get Auturo to do it for me?

g2c3 p27

My head starts to get light and dizzy, so I walk over to a chess table and take a quick seat. I must’ve dozed off for an hour or so, because the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and the sun was setting. I rubbed my fingers over my shut eyes under my shades, waking myself up and I felt a lot less hungover now that I apparently took a random nap. I look at my phone and it’s just before 6:00pm; I had a few texts from Bettie, no surprise there, and also one from a girl I knew in a sorority, inviting me over for a party she was throwing. Fuck it.. Auturo can do my homework, I’ll even throw him a few bucks.

g2c3 p28
g2c3 p29

Jason!” I heard a voice that I was not pleased to hear, looking sluggishly to my left a little and seeing Bettie walking up to me.. Jesus, what is with this girl..? I’ve had a few clingers before, but never this annoying. “Jason, is your phone working? I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for weeks it seems.. The end of the semester is already here, where have you been?” She wondered as she walked up to me and my eyes hurt for how hard I rolled them back. Why..? Why now? I was hoping to avoid her until I was miles away on my way home..

g2c3 p30
g2c3 p31

I sighed heavily and she placed her backpack down, “Are you alright? You look drained,” she said in a sweet tone. Is she really this stupid to not realize I was completely ignoring her?

“I’m fine, yeah.. Just, hungover a little..” I reply with little care and she grows concerned.

“Oh, maybe you should go home and lie down? I can make you some soup or something?” She wondered and almost wanted to laugh in her face for how pathetic this was. 

“No, I’m fine.. I was actually just going somewhere,” I answered, trying to ditch her again.

g2c3 p32
g2c3 p33

“Oh, where are you going? Did you get invited to Joanne’s party?” She wondered and I hesitated, realizing that Joanne must have invited her too and there was no getting out of this.. She wasn’t going to let up.

“..Uhh, yeah.. She did, I was just.. Going to drop by.. For a few minutes maybe,” I replied and I watched as she smiled.

“I was going to go, too! Let’s just walk together, I feel like we haven’t talked in forever, anyways,” she added, continuing her smile and all I wanted to do was knock her out and throw her into the bushes to get her away from me, it would at least give me an hour or two head start to get out of this situation. 

“Ooohhh… Yeeaahh.. Great idea..” I say with a fake smile, my tone obvious that I hated the idea, but she was too oblivious to notice. 

g2c3 p34
g2c3 p35

She grabbed her backpack and threw it over her shoulder, looking to me and removing my shades for me and I flinched slightly when she did this, “Take those off, silly. It’s getting dark out,” she said with a giggle and I gave a fake chuckle, trying to take them from her but she kept them. “I can just carry them for you in my backpack if you want? They won’t get broken, I promise,” she said with another giggle and the moment she finished zipping up her backpack, I let out a heavy sigh.. I’m never getting those back now..

g2c3 p36
g2c3 p37

We got to Joanne’s and all I wanted to do was drink again, heavily. Anything, I didn’t care.. Beer, vodka, rum, whatever I could find to forget this horrible day. The entire walk to the party, Bettie was nervous and fidgety, wanting to hold my hand, my arm, around my waist, anything, but the bored and tired look on the face the whole walk there probably wasn’t helping; thank God.. She talked and talked, just like back at my party and I swear I couldn’t repeat to you anything that she had told me.

g2c3 p38
g2c3 p39

Bettie was the one that constantly offered to get up and get us drinks, seemingly not wanting to give me the chance to wander off since we were at a sorority and I was pretty sure I was 1 of about 6 guys there.. But, I was getting pretty buzzed like I had wanted, so I didn’t complain too much, let alone say one fuckin’ word since we had gotten there..

g2c3 p40
g2c3 p41

I looked at my phone during one of Bettie’s endless conversations and noticed we had been there for two hours already.. Jesus, how did I sit there for that long? I interrupted Bettie and made up a lie, “Oh man.. Sorry, Bettie.. But Dean just texted me and it doesn’t look like he passed.. I’m gunna go call him, I’ll be right back,” I say with a fake smile and she nods. Finally some peace.. I had noticed that not a lot of people had been going outside, so that was the first place I chose to escape to. Maybe there was a gate that I could slip through and go home.

g2c3 p42
g2c3 p43

I made my way outside and noticed a bright light, realizing there was a huge bonfire going and it only had one person there enjoying it, my little redhead. Well, this night doesn’t have to end too bad.. Maybe she’ll actually tell me her name this time.. The closer I got, the more nervous I grew; I hoped she would give me the time of day that I wanted earlier to talk to her.

“Well.. Is Little Miss Red stalking me after blowing me off earlier?” I begin, watching as she looked over and gave me a flirtatious smile; this is already looking good.

g2c3 p44

Jason Dubois,” she began in a fake french accent and it made me float the rest of the way to her, “Funny seeing you here.. If I’m not mistaken, I believe you are the one following me?” She replied and I could tell she was just as buzzed as I was, or more.

“You going to tell me your name yet?” I asked, keeping my expression blank and genuinely curious.

She gave me a peculiar look, as if trying to read me but having difficulty. “No, you’ll just laugh, it’s childish,” she replied, shrugging and looking towards the fire.

“Childish? How can a name be childish?” I wondered, more curious now than I had been all day.

“Because..” She sighed, looking to me and giggling, “It’s from.. A Disney movie..” She continued, keeping her smile and looking to the fire again, acting as if talking to me was a nuisance. 

g2c3 p45
g2c3 p46

“What’s it from? Which one?” I asked, waiting for her to at least give me a clue. I loved how the fire illuminated her already fiery red hair, I couldn’t stop looking at it.

She sighed, not eager to answer me but she let out a chuckle and looked to me, “The girlfriend.. Of ‘Bambi’,” she finally answered and I raised a brow.

“Umm.. Vixey?” I guessed and she let out a laugh.

“No! ..That’s from ‘The Fox and the Hound’.. ‘Bambi’? The deer story?” She pointed out as if I was stupid for not knowing.

“OH! ..Faline?” I wondered, watching as she covered her face bashfully and nodded, laughing at her own name and I snickered, “That’s cute.. It’s not childish, it fits you..” I continued, flirting with her, but I meant my words; she was adorable and her name fit her well.

“I shouldn’t even be talking to you, Bettie would be pissed..” She said with a nervous laugh, “Who’d you come with, anyone?” She wondered, looking to the fire and her body was swaying gently, realizing she wasn’t drunk, but around the same coherency as me. 

g2c3 p47
g2c3 p48

I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to comb my fingers through her hair and I wanted to touch her skin, taste her lips. I slipped my hand forward, caressing her cheek without caring if she pushed it away, but to my surprise, she didn’t. I completely ignored her question, not wanting to tell her that I had brought Bettie even after her just saying that Bettie would be pissed at her.. Man, I reeeeaaallly hope Bettie doesn’t decide to come out and ruin this for me. “You have nice eyes, green are my favorite, actually. It’s my favorite color,” I continued to try and coax her into letting me in, letting me get to know her, since for once in my life I actually cared about making sure to get her name before anything else happened. Why did I even care at all? Tomorrow, I would have successfully made it through 3 or the 4 years of my college experience without muttering the word ‘girlfriend’ at all..

“Oh, really?” She asked sarcastically, “Just so happens that blue is my favorite.. You’re not wearing contacts, are you?” She asked with a teasing tone and I snickered.

“Nope, all me,” I answered, hearing her let out a smitten giggle and I could tell she enjoyed looking at my eyes almost as much as I loved looking at hers.

g2c3 p49
g2c3 p50

I took a couple steps closer to Faline and she surprisingly welcomed my hands around her waist, “You know, you really are beautiful, it’s amazing how I’ve never noticed you around campus before or I would’ve definitely made an effort to know you sooner,” I continued my flirting, watching her red lips as they smiled at my words. 

Jason Dubois..” She repeated again, shaking her head at herself; most likely in disbelief since I could tell on her face earlier that she probably would’ve never let me get this close if she were more attentive and less drunk, “I’m beginning to see why it’s rather easy for you to get girls,” she said softly and gave a light chuckled after, “I know you’ve been with a lot of girls, but how many women have you been with?” She wondered with a smug grin, and I was slightly confused by her words, but soon figured out that she was insulting me again, and saying all of my past lays weren’t mature, let alone very experienced. Was she hinting that she was better than them all, an actual woman instead of a childish girl?

“Hm.. I don’t know.. Why? Did you wanna be the first?” I asked back with a sly grin and she laughed.

“I don’t think you could handle it,” she replied, still keeping her smug grin and I chuckled; she was difficult to read, and by how she treated me earlier, I still wasn’t sure if she was making fun of me or actually flirting back.

g2c3 p51
g2c3 p52
g2c3 p53

I leaned in more, taking her last statement as a challenge, and I accepted it. “Why don’t you let me take you back to my place and we can test that theory?” I whisper gently into her ear and she lets out a gentle giggle as if we were going to get into trouble. Her hair smelled like lilies and I wouldn’t mind doing it right here and now outside, maybe against the house, the fence, right here in front of the fire, but I couldn’t risk Bettie catching us or I’d lose my chance with Faline. She pulled away from me and her eyes gave me a once over, as if contemplating my suggestion and she looked around, seeing a gate in the fence and she took my hand, quickly dragging me behind her and we slipped out of the party together, leaving Bettie and everyone else behind to wonder where we had gone.

g2c3 p54
g2c3 p55

We got back to my place in record time and the first thing that happened was unexpected, at least to me. Faline grabbed me before I could make the first move and removed the blue button up I was wearing quicker than I could even comprehend and her lips crashed into mine. She was an insanely Great Kisser and I found myself taking my time with her lips as she began undressing me and also herself since I was still too distracted by our kiss. As much as I barely ever talked when it came to stuff like this with girls, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was going to see her after the summer when I got back to college for my last year, I wanted to know if I’d see her again, and I already hoped I would. “What do we do after this?” I asked in between kisses.

“What are you.. Talking about?” She asked in return, “You’re already thinking of after when we haven’t even done anything yet?” She asked with a cocky tone, distracting me a little with another deep kiss.

g2c3 p56
g2c3 p57
g2c3 p58

We stumbled over to the bed with eyes shut and lips still locked, trying not to trip over our clothes on the floor and I tried to continue without coming off as if I was bored with her; I didn’t like the question she had asked me back and I wanted to let her know I wasn’t trying to rush this at all. “I mean.. I don’t know what you know about me..” She kissed me once more as if she didn’t care I was even talking, “You don’t have to leave right away,” I continued, “If you don’t want..” I finished and she stopped the kiss briefly, looking at me and chuckling.

“Relax.. And shut up,” she said with a smile and I was completely thrown off by her words, reminding me of when I was with Bettie and I had told her practically the same thing since she kept trying to talk. I was a little uncomfortable with our roles being switched; I was the one that should be telling her what to do and where to go and when, but as she kissed me again after telling me to shut up, I simply accepted it and stopped talking like she demanded.

g2c3 p59
g2c3 p60
g2c3 p61

Faline and I stayed up for hours it seemed and she even let me keep the lights on. My phone had been going off like crazy the whole time and it was probably Bettie wondering why I had ditched her, but not once did it ever distract me from what I was currently occupying myself with; which was her friend. There wasn’t a position that we couldn’t think of doing and I swear there were even a couple times where we defied gravity; she was a huge ball of sexy and fun all rolled into one and I don’t think I had ever had a better time in that room, let alone throughout all of college in general. The one thing I enjoyed the most throughout all of our fun was that she always had a smirk or a smile of some kind, which only made me feel amazing, like I was doing everything right and I made a promise to myself that this would not be the last time I saw her.

g2c3 p65

I could barely catch my breath, my heart was pounding so fast, my legs were shaking and my hair stuck to my face from the perspiration I had worked up for however long we were doing that for. We both collapsed on my bed and both let out a simultaneous heave of a satisfied sigh, neither of us being able to handle more if we tried and Faline was asleep within minutes. Both of us were exhausted, buzzed, and as I looked over to Faline already asleep, I couldn’t help but let out a triumphant sigh. From her being there for so long, my entire room smelled of her and I found myself taking in the deepest breaths I have all night, looking over to Faline briefly again and smirking slightly. Maybe I’ll invite her to come back to my home with me for a few days or something when we wake up; I didn’t like that tomorrow was my last day anymore and I wanted to see her over the summer even.. I don’t know if I could handle anyone else besides her, I’d get bored too easily.. Especially now after experiencing something as fun as that. The only other girl to make me feel like this was Lana who lived back in Bridgeport.. I wonder what she would say if I brought Faline home with me..

15 thoughts on “Generation 2, Chapter 3

  1. Yay! The mysterious redhead has a name. Faline, I love that name, unique and pretty. She’s a beautiful sim, I can see why Jason is so smitten with her. I loved that she gave him a lot of sass in the beginning. As much as I love Jason, he deserved having to work for it a bit. I love that she has an attitude! But now I’m wondering who this Lana is! I’m glad there were a lot of close up Jason face shots. He really is one good lookin sim! I’m already looking forward to your next update!

    1. Thank you so much for reading!!

      Yes, she finally has a name! Haha I’ve ALWAYS loved the name Faline, just never knew where I could fit it in.. I loved naming the red head that. And thank you! She’s so tiny, mousy and pretty.. ^_^
      She’s just like Jason when it comes to sass, yet not the slutiness! LOL I love her, a lot. She’s the first woman to actually make Jason ‘think’ for once… *rolls eyes*
      Lana….Ahh… You will ALL realize who she is very quickly this next chapter coming.. Here’s a hint.. She’s the daughter of someone Jason has had contact with when he was younger.. ;)
      Thank you! I love Jason, he’s so hot.. LOL! I love getting screenshots of him, espECIALLY close ones!
      Thanks again for reading!

  2. Where the hell did your shirt go? I have your shirt, Jason. You didn’t need it. I scrolled down real quick to write this. *frantically scrolls back up* LMAO, free coffee from the distracted coffee shop guy. I’m noticing some similarities here between Max and Jason. Haha, it’s so awesome. LOL the way Bettie’s annoying Jason is like how my “dumb whore” girl kept annoying Max. Haha – “knock her out and throw her into the bushes” – ROFL. O_O Jason’s eyes. *faints* Aww, is mah sexy Jason in love? *sighs* *swoons* Uh… this isn’t very funny, sowwy. Imma kinda drunk and pissed. Angry sex, Jason? Oh wait, I’m not angry with you, so just sex then. M’kay. Yaaa…. uh, my heart’s beating so fast right now. *dies*

    1. Omg.
      Who knows where his shirt went(absent minded much? lol) and who cares where it went? LOL
      SO many similarities between him and Max, it’s crazy.
      Honestly, I’m SO happy that you pointed out the “knock her out and throw her into the bushes” reference.. His first sign of insanity.. O_O So thank you for pointing it out. ;) (i laughed really hard writing that part, actually..)
      – I can’t respond more about what Jason’s feeling about all of this. I feel that it speaks for itself. He’s smitten.. :X

      1. Ugh. *face palm* So… here’s a non drunk comment. I was being rhetorical about Jason liking the red haired girl, but I don’t think that came across yesterday. :) Because it did speak for itself! *hee hee* If she’s the baby momma, oh dear the drool will continue all throughout Gen 3. ROFL. Cause, dear Faline is so beautiful and adorable with her glasses. Oh my that pose with her feet around his neck? *faints* Can you believe I have never seen Bambi? Also, yeah, I didn’t really give a shit that he had no shirt on, I’d prefer it that way. Hot Jason… so hot.

  3. @LateKnight
    And now for a non drunk response, as well.. lmao
    Faline may be a baby momma, who knows. With this experience, who knows is Jason was ‘absent-minded’ enough to use protection.. ;)
    LOL Believe me, I already can’t wait until Jason has a son.. So excited!
    I love naughty poses, and I love to use them in my screenshots. It gets the point across without being too **OMG THEY’RE DOING IT.** LOL That pose was made by mypalsim.
    You’ve never seen Bambi? ..Shit.. LOL I only used that reference because I wanted readers to know how to pronounce her name. Haha!
    No shirt Jason = A mighty fine day.

    1. *blushes* Yeaaaah, never seen Bambi. I pronounced it Fa (with a long a) and then Leeene, so Fay-leene? Is that right? Haha, I did almost type Fontine from Les Miserables when I was commenting, but I was like, wait, that doesn’t sound right. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a lot of the Disney movies that had animals as the main characters, the few I remember seeing were Fox and the Hound (which was mentioned in this chapter :) and Lady and the Tramp.

  4. Finally, Jason meets someone he feels is worthy of his time and attention. Looks like he’s found a pretty good match in Faline. Gotta love a woman with sass. Now I’m wondering if he’s going to bring Faline back to Bridgeport for the summer and who’s Lana?

    1. Yeahhhhh *sigh* she got a little drunk and Jason knows every which route to take the conversation to get her to be smitten with him.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! :D

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