Generation 2, Chapter 2

g2c2 p1

The next day, I go for another jog around noon; the guys and I want to throw a party tonight, which means it’s my job to go out and find ladies to invite. Dean and Sabastian sometimes help me, but Dean usually says the wrong thing to scare them off and it’s up to Sabastian and I to mend things. But, today, I’m on my own. 

Last night was a little rough for me, I couldn’t stop thinking about my mother and what Hitomi said; I hate this time of year just because I knew I had to go home and see my sisters. Luckily no one in the frat house has ever witnessed me upset about my mother, they would only make fun of me since I get so emotional over the situation and I always break down into tears. A lot of nights are hard for me, actually; this party is just what I need to get my mind off of home and back on the campus and school.

g2c2 p2

I run into Sara, a Senior that’s about to graduate and I know that Dean always talks about how hot she is, so I decided to invite her. Sara’s also a well respected rebel throughout the campus, she has the most interesting artwork spread about the town; it’s the kind of thing where you know it’s her, but no one talks about her doing it, because her artwork is really good, and no one wants her to get caught by the cops. She says she might make it, but she might have other plans. She’s one girl that’s kind of hard for me to sway her mind, maybe it’s because she doesn’t cater to younger men.. Hmm.

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g2c2 p4

And what luck do I have today? Running into the adorable Bettie, sitting in the grass on her laptop. Samantha wouldn’t like it if I talked to her, let alone invited her to the party.. But, I don’t really care, this is the face time I’ve been waiting for.

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g2c2 p6

I begin to walk up and I know she notices me, but isn’t looking up. Soon enough, she rises to her feet in a hurry and puts away her laptop into her bag, “Hey, beautiful,” I begin, putting on a coy grin and she’s already blushing; this is going to be easy.

“Hey, Jason, I was just.. Getting ready to go to class, I’m running late, actually,” she says quietly and I stop her.

“Come onn, what’s the rush, huh? If you leave now I won’t be able to invite you to my party tonight,” I begin, making her notice that I’m looking at her lips and collar bone in a wanting manner, biting my bottom lip slightly.

Bettie continues to blush as I continue to smile at her, “Oh, um.. Yeah, maybe, but.. I have a lot of studying to do,” she answers and it’s time for phase two of the persuasion. 

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g2c2 p8

I remove my shades and her smile fades as she stares into the sapphire eyes my mother gave me and her cheeks turn red, “Come on, it’ll be fun. Wouldn’t be a party without you..” I begin to persuade and I put my hand on her hip to coax her more. “My night could be complete if someone as pretty as you showed up,” I said in a flirtatious tone and she touches my arm that’s holding her waist. Damn, Samantha would be pissed if she saw me doing this.. I kind of hope she does, that way I can just have Bettie now and Sam would be out of the picture.

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g2c2 p9-2

She’s at a loss for words when I begin to play with a strand of her hair, “Uh..” She let’s out quietly, watching me twirl her hair in my fingers and an alarm on her phone goes off, coming out of her trance and she looks to her phone, “Oh no, I’m late! Umm.. I gotta go, but I’ll, um.. Try to make it,” she says with a stutter in her tone and grabs up her backpack and runs off.

“See you tonight,” I say to myself as I watch her run to her class, grinning victoriously as I then put my shades back on and continue my run.

g2c2 p10
g2c2 p11

I had a few minutes before my next class, so I stop by to see Dean in his class before I go. I decided to go today since the only way to pay for the beer tonight was if Auturo bought it, so I agreed to go to class if he would provide it. I have plenty of money I got when my parents died that I couldn’t use until I was 18, but I kept it for myself back home as I only ‘got by’ here at college.

“Hey, I invited Sara, she said she might come tonight,” I begin and a few students look at me when I disturb the class, but don’t bother saying anything to me. Dean stands and joins me in a short conversation as others try to study.

“Nice goin’! Did you get anyone else?” He asks, excited about the possible turn out already and I nod.

“Yeah. Melissa, Ashley, Jessica, and Bettie,” I accentuated the last name and I watch as his eyebrows raise in surprise, and also from being impressed.

“Bettie’s coming?”

“Yup, she will be, and more than once,” I said with a devious grin and I lift my shades to give him a quick wink before walking passed him and I went to leave the room, hearing Dean laughing behind me at my insinuation.

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g2c2 p13

I go to class and I scope out the room, noticing a lot of guys around that would only dream of coming to this party. My still shaded eyes continue to look around and I notice a girl in the room who was kind of cute, but she’s already sleeping. I chuckle under my breath, remembering her from the last few classes I randomly attended and she was always sleeping; I had no idea why. To me it wouldn’t seem like she could exactly be the ‘life of the party’, so I end up deciding not to invite her.

g2c2 p14
g2c2 p15

Soon a bombshell walks in, Tonya. She would be someone I would love to invite, she was the most popular girl on campus, but she wasn’t exactly the brightest in the bunch. Her body was awesome, and every guy would love to spend just five minutes with her, but she was dating someone of a higher stature that even I was.. Inviting her would probably insult her, not to mention we’d probably hear from her boyfriend and he wasn’t someone that many could fair well against. I’d fight him, I could care less what happened, but I don’t think Auturo, Dean or Sabastian would stand a chance..

g2c2 p16
g2c2 p17

I notice out of the corner of my eye that Tonya looks to me for a few seconds, smirks and looks back forward, unbeknownst to her that I was watching her do it the entire time. That was, interesting, and intriguing, but I still won’t invite her to the party; I’ll continue my search after class..

g2c2 p18

After class, I invited some more people and went home and got the dining room ready by moving all the chairs and table out of the way, then set up the beer pong table. The other guys must still be in class, so I get the house ready by myself and even answer the door for the keg guy; Auturo left me money for the kegs only after I left for class so I wouldn’t take it beforehand, he’s such a tweak. I set up all the kegs around the house and even some in the back yard, it was almost time for the party and I wanted everything to be ready for whenever Bettie showed up.

g2c2 p19
g2c2 p20

I showered and got ready, put the final touches on the place and started the music. It was time for the party and I helped myself to a few cups from the keg as I waited for people to arrive. Bettie was my goal tonight and I hoped that Samantha wouldn’t drop by for a surprise visit, wanting to know why she wasn’t invited but her sister was. The last thing I wanted was sister drama, but I thought Bettie was cute enough to be worth whatever fights could become of all this. I’d be done with Bettie after I had got what I wanted, anyways..

g2c2 p21
g2c2 p22

People started to arrive and Dean and I wanted to play beer pong; he had beat me last time and I wanted to win, while he wanted to keep his triumphant title. When I showered earlier before the party, I must’ve stood in the water for ten minutes, not doing a thing as I continued to think about going back home in two weeks.. I wanted to get juiced tonight, and I also wanted to bury my sorrows away; Bettie would help with that.

“So you really think Sara might come?” Dean asked as I tried to focus on making a cup.

“I don’t know, whenever I invite her she always gives me the same answer and she’s showed up about half of the times that I had invited her. There’s always a possibility,” I replied, throwing the ball and missing the cup, “Ahh, damn..”

g2c2 p23

Dean went next and he made his cup, me letting out a sigh in aggravation and he only smiled happily. “When do you think she’ll show?” He asked next and I rolled my eyes.

“Man, I don’t know.. Just walk around and get your mind off of it, let her show when she wants,” I pressed and he sighed, deciding to calm his worry and continue to focus on our game.

“Ever thought about bringing me back with ya?” He asked and I raised my brow.

“What, like, back home with me? Why would I do that?” I asked sarcastically.

“I dunno, I think it might be fun since you make it seem like all of your friends are here. Might be nice to have someone around that you know other than your sisters.. I wouldn’t mind helpin’ you through that rough time a’yers you’ll have when you visit your folks, too,” he answered and I hesitated before I took my shot.

“Why are you talking like this? Like you care?” I asked with a sarcastic smile.

“Hey man, just a thought,” he added and I rolled my eyes, throwing the ball and making it this time.

g2c2 p24

“Hey Jason, hey Dean,” Melissa came into the room and Dean sighed in frustration at the shot I made.

“Hey, Lissa, there’s kegs everywhere, help yourelf, lovely,” I answered her with a suave grin and she couldn’t hold back a wide smile, nodding and making her way out of the room again.

“See? How d’ya do that shit? Make ‘um all.. Floaty and fuzzy inside. I feel like I just eventually piss them off,” Dean said with a sigh and I laughed.

“It’s an art, man.. Practice makes perfect, I guess,” I replied, cocking my eyebrows and he sighed, rolling his eyes and chuckling at my response.

g2c2 p25
g2c2 p26

I see Dean look towards the door and he smiles, “I think your lady just arrived, she brought a friend, too,” he says with an interested brow.

I smile at his words, glad that she had showed up, but a little bothered that she brought a friend. I always hated when the girls I wanted brought friends.. It either meant that they didn’t feel comfortable where they were, or they were unsure about getting with me; always wanting the friend to tell them what to do, and it sometimes resulted in me not getting them in bed. But, I kept my grin regardless, I just hoped her friend wasn’t hotter than Bettie or else I might just have to change my decision about who I want. 

g2c2 p27
g2c2 p28
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g2c2 p30

Dean and I stopped our game and we went to the doorway of the living room, watching as Bettie danced a little with her friend. As we watched them dance nonchalantly, I couldn’t help that my eyes went to her friend and the vibrant red hair she had. Hmm.. It wouldn’t be a first for me to invite a girl and then end up with her friend by the end of the night, but after working on getting Bettie alone for so long, and with the chance right in front of me, I hesitated as I watched the body of her red-headed friend.

“Well, go over there.. I’m gunna go walk around and see if Sara’s here yet,” Dean said in a whisper even though the music was loud enough to cloud our conversation from any eavesdroppers. Dean pats my shoulder and walks towards the kitchen to go outside and I wait for my chance, waiting for her friend to leave her to get a drink or use the bathroom before going over to Bettie. 

g2c2 p31
g2c2 p32

Bettie’s friend eventually leaves her side to go get a drink and I never really manage to get a look at her face, but I take this opportunity to go and say ‘hi’ before her friend is there to intervene or hover over our conversation. We chat for a little bit and I get to know her a little better. Apparently her and her sister don’t even talk anymore due to a fallout that happened between the family. She goes into some detail about it, but I barely hear a word of it as I watch her mouth and lips move when she’s talking. Every now and then, I’ll politely nod and give a gentle chuckle whenever I see her smile or laugh after something she says, but for me it’s in one ear out the other as I space out while eyeing her body every now and then. I noticed Bettie look to someone passed my shoulder and I assume her friend is on her way back over, so I leave her and tell her I’ll see her later; I want to have a little more fun and more beer before I handle this fragile little flower.

g2c2 p33

I see Dean and I smile, cocking my eyebrows triumphantly and he smiles back, “All went well, I’m sure?” He asks and I nod.

“Oh, of course.. Who do you think you’re talking to?” I asked sarcastically with a show-off grin and he laughs, “Come on, help me with a keg stand,” I request and he agrees, walking with me outside.

g2c2 p34
g2c2 p35

We walk outside and I noticed the same long haired red-head that came with Bettie, wondering now who had Bettie been looking at for me to feel like I should leave her when the red head was here outside.. Hmm. My eyes soon traveled down her exposed legs, but Dean soon hit my back to knock me out of my spacing, both of us then walking over to the keg and he assisted me as I drank for about fifteen to twenty seconds.

g2c2 p36
g2c2 p37

After the keg stand, he pulled at my arm and looked to his right, noticing someone and I could tell he was nervous. I looked over slightly and noticed Sara had decided to show up and I smiled at Dean, “Hey, this is what you’ve been waiting for, go say hi,” I encourage and she walks towards the keg we were just at.

“Well yeah, but, what do I say, what would you say?” He asks in a panic and I chuckle.

“I don’t know, I just tell them the truth.. ‘Hey, you’re pretty, blah blah blah,’ you know.. Stuff that girls like to hear. It’s not as difficult as you’re making it seem,” I reply and he sighs. 

“What’r you gunna do?” He asks and I shrug, looking over my shoulder at the red head and back to Dean.

“I’m just gunna welcome Bettie’s friend to the party,” I say with a sly tone, Dean shaking his head but smiling at my eagerness to talk to another girl other than Bettie already..

g2c2 p38

As I looked to the red head, the fire from the pit the same color as her hair, my mind went blank and I started to feel like a creep for just starring at the back of her head. Her hair looked as soft as my mother’s was, yet instead of naturally being straight, it had a slight wave to it and it hung off her shoulders effortlessly; I wanted to touch it more than I had wanted to touch Bettie’s earlier. 

g2c2 p39
g2c2 p41
g2c2 p40

As I make my way towards the red head, I can feel my heart begin to race slightly and just as I was about to say something, I hear Bettie calling my name from behind me and I stop, sour-faced and all and I now wanted nothing to do with Bettie since she had ruined my chance at getting to know the red head.. My anger grew and I hesitated, but soon turned around and my expression was blank, then quickly giving a fake smile to Bettie and she walked up to me. Bettie started to talk with me and I then noticed her smile at the red head as she passed us by, going back into the house and I watched my opportunity melt in failure before my eyes. Bettie doesn’t know what kind of punishment she’s in for now.

g2c2 p42

Bettie was suddenly surprised by me taking hold of her in the middle of her talking and pressing my lips to hers to shut her up, though without her knowing that I hated her talking, so much. As much as I looked forward to the chase of Bettie before, this wasn’t that kind of game anymore. Without her knowing that I wanted to talk to her friend more than her, I toyed with her, kissing her deeply and making her seem like she was the only girl at the party that I wanted. I didn’t feel sorry as she hummed in her tone for me to stop the kiss, but I didn’t; no one, no woman, could tell me what to do and I kissed her regardless of her contesting humming, though she eventually accepted it and returned the kiss within seconds.

g2c2 p43
g2c2 p44
g2c2 p45

I can read girls like picture books and after I finally released her from the kiss outside, it was obvious that she wanted me, even if her expression told me she wasn’t fully convinced yet. I took her hand, leading her without a word and I was annoyed by her slightly dragging her feet when I went towards the door to the house. She kept saying my name, along with a few ‘uhh’s and ‘umm’s when I pulled her into the house and then into my room. As soon as I shut my door behind us, I removed my shirt and I watched her eyes widen, “Um.. Jason.. I..” She began but I stopped her words with another kiss as I untied the strings of her dress behind her.

“Stop talking,” I demanded softly with a sweet tone and she held her tongue like a scolded puppy as I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs to raise her dress over her head and get rid of it. Finally, the Bettie I’ve been wanting and working over Sam for for an entire week has finally paid off. 

g2c2 p46
g2c2 p47

Without her saying a word, but me somewhat knowing her timid and hesitant personality, I turn the lights off in my room before removing the rest of her clothes and she let’s me like I thought she would. It wasn’t long before I was over her on the bed and getting exactly what I invited her over for. I was going to take my time with her, make this last a few hours, but she was being punished for intervening when I wanted to talk to the red head; I’d have my way with her and tell her leave soon.

g2c2 p48

This was the last time I was ever going to have contact with Bettie, I’ll avoid her with ease like I do every other girl. Though, I have to admit, with how many girls there are walking around campus that I’ve slept with, it’s getting a little harder to avoid them all. I wonder when Samantha is going to find out about this? Bettie doesn’t notice through her moaning and shut eyes, but I can’t help but chuckle at the thought of her cussing me out whenever she does find out, and I even wonder if I could coax her in to bed one last time after she’s done yelling at me.. I’ve never done something like that before. Maybe it’s time to look for an even bigger thrill than just simply going after different girls every time. ..I’ll let things brew with Bettie for a few days before I try to find Samantha.

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PS. The girl sleeping in Jason’s class is supposed to be a random Sim-self of me. I made her a while ago and she ended up being in one of his classes. lol Also, I changed Jason’s eyes to look a little more real, they’re still the sapphire blue, though, of course.

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  1. I like this. I love this. Haha. My mind kept going blank during this whole chapter. Jason don’t be mad, it’s like this. I’ll see you, get lost in your eyes, drool all over myself, then hear what you have to say until the next picture. Jason smiling so much, holy hell. *faints* Haha, I liked that innuendo he told Dean. That pic of Jason sticking his tongue out. *loses balance* I always thought beer pong was silly because it’s like you’re trying to be really accurate at something while losing the ability to be accurate at the same time. It’s such a hilarious contradiction. Haha, that was you sleeping in class? Can’t stay away from Jason either, can ya? LMAO. Oh that sour face Jason makes… *drools* so sexy. When Bettie was being all reluctant with Jason, the exact thought that ran through my mind was “What the fuck is wrong with you?” Haha. And last but not least, Jason shirtless again. *faints for an undetermined period of time*

    • lmfao
      Omg, I always look forward to your comments.. I put a lot of face shots of Jason in there for ya. ;D
      When they started playing beer pong and he was trying to aim, I just HAD to get that picture… *loses balance as well* rofl
      Yeah, Bettie’s stupid for even hesitating one second in not going with Jason to his room, but.. Eh. She’s just dumb I guess. LOL

      And Jason doesn’t mind at all that you stare at him..
      Jason: “Does she have a number, or…?”
      Ugh.. Would you.. Just..! *shoves away from hovering over my shoulder* Get out of here! She’s married! lmao

      Thank you for reading, lovely!

      • Rolls on the floor laughing. < — Yeah, I laughed so hard, and laid down, not on the floor, but on the futon I'm sitting on. Hubby came out and was like what the hell? I said I'm in a good mood, aren't you happy? He's like, yes I am. UGH I can't believe I forgot to say this in my first comment, when Jason was getting all pissed about Bettie's friend being there, and then he started wanting Bettie's friend instead, I thought of the word three-way… *skips away*

  2. Awesome chapter!!! I did notice Jason’s eyes. They look awesome. He is HOT. His tattoos are growing on me, they fit him perfectly! Dean is a hottie too. I want my sim self to go to that college and be in the middle of a Dean and Jason sandwich. /blush.

    I like Jason so much that I cant even scold him for the way he treated Betty. I do wonder if he’ll see that redhead again from the bonfire. I also have to say I loved the pic of Jason playing beer pong with his tongue out. You obviously take so much time setting up every picture, and it really shows.

    Love this, as always :)
    p.s oh how funny about your sim self sleeping in class, that’s too cute!

    • Thank you! I really love how be turned out, Marrick and Sadie did a good job. ;)
      lol! Dean and Jason sandwich.. Great, now I’m distracted.. haha!
      I love getting every shot that I can to really make it feel like you’re there, standing next to them and listening to them talk, haha I’m glad you like it :D
      Everyone will meet the red head soon, too.
      LOL my self-sim is so funny.. She always sleeps during classes and never goes out anywhere. Kind of like what I do now, staying in all the time just working on my stories and playing Sims. haha!
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  3. Lol. I love that your simself made a special appearance :). There are soo many beautiful sims in your worlds, I’m absolutely jealous….

    Dood. You’re an awesome story teller. I feel myself torn. I love Jason, and I think he’s absolutely hot. But, I kinda hate him for running around and treating all these girls like objects… They say that the sign of a great writer is the ability to make your readers feel strongly about your characters, and I do feel strongly. I can’t wait for your new chapters, and I was so mad when I got the notification at work. >:D I would’ve killed for a 15min break ;)

    I hope he does bring Dean back home with him when he eventually graduates. He’s hot, and I find him endearing.

    • Aw, thanks! If you ever want me to make you a little creation, let me know. ;)
      Thank you so much! I try my hardest to write as ‘normal’ as I can make it without it being to ‘Sim-y’. I’m glad you feel strongly for the characters! LOL @ you got the notification at work and wanted a break. That makes me smile :D
      Lol Dean is really good looking.. I think it was lateknight who said he looked like a young wolverine, and I have to agree with her. AmanadraLynn and I want a Dean and Jason sandwich. lmao
      And I’m still contemplating bringing Dean home with him, not sure yet.
      Thanks for reading!!

  4. That was seriously creepy when Jason kind of snapped and decided he would punish Bettie for getting in the way of him meting the mysterious redhead.
    I mean, you wrote that perfectly, the kind of controlling, abusive type that he is.
    I hope we see the mysterious redhead again!

    • omg yes! Exactly Caterpillar. I had chills a little bit at that part. Jason is such a complex character, because I want to be mad at him, but its hard when you have seen him as a child and how cute he was as a baby. Of course, knowing this is the insane Dubois family, you know there will not be a happy ending for him, which makes it really sad and exciting to read.

      I think I may have a little girl crush on msoogieboogie. LOL. I keep thinking this would be awesome TV. I’d watch it. LOL

      • @caterpillar
        Yeah, I’m trying to make him seem possesive and like he always gets what he wants, and if he doesn’t, someone else pays for it. He’s selfish. haha
        And the redhead will make another appearence soon enough! ;)

        lmao I have a girl crush on you, too.. All of you.. =X lol!
        A lot have people said they think this could be a TV show and I can’t tell people enough how much that means to me. This one girl even said she looks forward to my updates as much as the new Walking Dead episodes… O_O I was like.. Holy shit, awesome!? hahaha!
        I’m so glad everyone likes this story so much.

        Thank you everyone for reading and commenting!!

  5. Wha? You have a girl crush on me mrsoogieboogie? I never would have known. Sometimes I come back to read the comment stream if I was the first to comment to see if others have and, hahaha this comment stream made made me ROFL. Actually I came back to see if Jason wanted to… Oh hi Jason, you wanna…? *winks* No, I’m not flirty, not at all. What are you talking about?

    • Lmao
      I loved how much everyone likes Jason. I love reading everyone’s comments, too.
      I can’t say this enough, but Marrick and Sadie reeaalllyyy know how to make some attractive kids. Omg I wanna make him get some bitch pregnant already. lol Working on the next chapter now. :D

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    I like how this generation has started off so differently from the previous one.

    And LOL at all that girl crush thing: it cracked me up! Too bad I’m sooooo late for the party…

    • Yeah, like every character in this story, they take some getting used to, so it’s okay if you don’t know how to feel about Jason yet, haha. He’s a player, a ladies man. Yeah, he does look a loootttt like Marrick, he looks a ton like Sadie, too.
      Jason’s tattoos take up about 80% of his body hahaha they’ll be explained more in a later chapter, too.
      LOL It’s never too late to the girl crush party. Feel free to join in anytime! ;) Hahahaa
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  7. Oh, that Jason is quite the manipulator, isn’t he? Using his sweet mom’s gorgeous eyes to seduce women and have his way with them. I don’t think Sadie would be too happy about that. :P Then again, he sounds like a typical frat guy in a lot of ways. That beer pong photo was awesome! Dean’s a cutie, too. I don’t know if I already said that in a previous comment.

    I’m getting awfully spoiled reading sims blogs. Now if I read a book without photos, I’ll feel like I’m missing something. These are like picture books for adults. LOL

    • LOL Yes, quite the manipulator indeed. Hes a little vein and knows the ladies love him, so he opportunises every chance he gets. Glad you like Dean, too!
      LOL I agree, these are like picture books for adults. I’ve always loved writing and Sims, I’m very happy to get the chance to combine the two XD
      Thanks for reading!

  8. Jason is so hot

  9. Hmmm. I almost didn’t write this comment after reading the vastly different thoughts that everyone else had regarding Jason, but ah well, I’ll say it anyway—I am actually NOT AT ALL a fan of Jason at the moment! Like, it’s to the point where I’m only two chapters into the generation and I can already barely withhold my disgust!!!!

    His view toward women is so deplorable that it’s hard to believe that he grew up in a household with THREE sisters and a mother who all LOVED him with all of their hearts. I can’t even reconcile this fact with how Jason is right now because I feel like it just doesn’t match up at all. You would think that he’d actually be really respectful toward women considering he grew up alongside so many of them and even had positive relationships with them, but evidently the reality is anything but.

    I’m just…speechless. Absolutely speechless. Sadie would be SO, SO heartbroken to see Jason like this. Like, it literally hurts me to think about how she’d react if she saw him right now :(

    Of course, the fact that I feel like punching this pixelated pig right in his stupid face is a testament to your outstanding writing skills…especially when it comes to characterization :)

    They’re so good, in fact, that I may need to read this generation in small doses, lol.

    Hey though, who knows? Maybe I’ll grow to understand and like Jason better as I get further into the generation….I mean, there’s no denying the guy’s been through a lot in his life, and he doesn’t seem to be totally callous…..well, we’ll see I guess….

    • Ohh it’s okay! No one’s going to jump down your throat because of your opinion.. I like to think my readers for this story would be more understanding to many views on anything I write about with this legacy. And so doubt, hate, or love anything particular, also questioning things, because then that leaves room for me to answer them and perhaps even give different perspectives of certain matters. Don’t hold yourself back if you ever have the urge to comment and express that opinion! ^_^
      It’s alright, there are a lot of people who are fans of him and there are some who hate him, but it’s totally understandable from both views. How he looks at women as objects of course is always a touchy subject, and yes, despite him living with his mother and sisters, maybe it just wasn’t long enough, or maybe after his mother died, he just didn’t care anymore.
      He loved his mother, more than anything really, and losing her really made a huge impact on him. Also, since he was so young when his parents passed away, he was then being raised by his sisters. He rebelled, of course, through his youth, but now that he’s going to college and he’s not under the watchful eye of his siblings, he can rebel more and do so many more things that pretty much just help him not think about his mother. Sleeping with many women is another thing he does to keep his mind off the bad stuff.
      I don’t mean to give anything away, so I’ll let you keep reading to see if your view ever changes of him, or if it stays the same! Hahaha
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. So yep Jason is a major ass!!! I really don’t like him. He all about the next lay and has no care or concerns about the girl. He invited Bettie but he had the nerve to want to ‘punish’ her for merely talking to him!!!! Not her issue your a dick and had your sight now on her friend. It was bad enough he was sleeping with one sister to get to the other one. Now he’s going to play one against the other??? Who the fuck does he think he is? Sadie would be very disappointed in him.

    • LOL Yeah, he really isn’t all that nice of a person, at least when it comes to picking up girls and getting laid. You’re right, too, Sadie would be disappointed D:
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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