Generation 1, Chapter 13

Attention: Yayyy! I finally have a potential heir! >:D Also a heads up, blood and rather violent content/behavior in this chapter. 0.0


g1c13 p1
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Where was the time going? It had already been an entire year since we had gone to the hospital. So far, it was the first birth I had actually been there for instead of leaving like I had done with Hitomi since I was so nervous, I was late getting to the hospital when Sadie had Anya, and when she had Julia, I had to wait in the waiting room because I had to watch the girls; they’d be a nervous wreck and crying if they were in the room with Sadie. But, since Hitomi was there to watch her sisters, I actually made it to the room in time to see my baby boy born.. I was so nervous, and I still am. Sadie wanted me to name the baby since she had named all the girls, so I picked something simple and named him Jason. There’s been a drastic difference in raising him compared to the girls; he hardly cries or gives a fuss, he’s calm and content with whatever it is he’s doing and where he’s at, almost as if he’s always thinking, or rather absent-minded.. Jason already shows the characteristics of a calm nature, I just hope he stays that way.

Marrick walked into Jason’s room to find Hitomi, Anya and Julia playing with blocks. He then looked over to see Sadie holding Jason and rocking him back and forth in the rocking chair, watching as he still continued his calm and content nature as he laid relaxed in his mothers arms. Marrick smiled and looked down to Anya, seeing her already looking up to him and smiling.

g1c13 p3

“Hey, Birthday girl,” Marrick said softly, leaning down and picking her up within his arms and kissing her cheek repetitively to get to her laugh, and it worked, hearing her let out a few giggles.

“Daddy!” Julia let out and she hugged his leg as he held Anya, looking down to her and chuckling.

“Hey, little lady,” he replied and bent down once more, hugging her against his leg and she then went back to playing with Hitomi. Marrick was happy to see that they’re getting along better and Hitomi isn’t treating her like she doesn’t exist anymore, it’s probably because Julia isn’t the youngest anymore, Marrick thought to himself.

g1c13 p4

“We should do something really fun for Anya’s birthday,” Hitomi said with a smile, looking up to Marrick and Sadie while still playing with the blocks.

“Yeah! But what? I wouldn’t mind just staying home with you all, either,” Anya replied and Marrick pulled her closer to him, kissing the side of her head lovingly at her response. Anya was most definitely just as sweet and heart warming as Sadie was, a diamond in a sea of coal.

“Noooo, we should think of something.. What have you always wanted to do?” Marrick asked, looking into her big brown eyes and keeping his warm smile.

g1c13 p5
g1c13 p6

Anya grew slightly shy and Marrick chuckled, unsure of what she wanted to do for her birthday and she soon shrugged, unable to think of anything. “Well, don’t worry, Daddy’ll think of something for his pretty girl,” he answered for her and she smiled, nodding and believing he would think of something good for them to do. Marrick looked over to Sadie and smiled, watching as she seemed to be in her own little world with Jason, the son that she had been wanting and waiting for. Marrick was happy that he had finally been able to give her what she wanted and make her happy, but it was hard for him to show the same kind of love for Jason like Sadie did. Marrick was weary of him, constantly wondering how he was going to turn out and if he would end up with the same thoughts in the future like Marrick had in the past.

g1c13 p7

Sadie eventually stood from the rocking chair and walked towards Marrick, stopping in front of him and still unable to look away from Jason, but she finally managed to briefly, “I’m going to go finish Anya’s cake,” she said with a smile, looking to Anya, “Wanna help?” She asked excitedly and Anya grew excited, too.

“Yeah! Yeah!” She replied and Sadie smiled, signaling for Marrick to give her Anya and he did, then Marrick took Jason from Sadie.

“It should be done baking, so be sure to come down soon!” Sadie continued, taking a moment to plant a kiss on Marrick’s lips before leaving the room with Anya.

g1c13 p8
g1c13 p9
g1c13 p10

Jason looked up to Marrick as he held him closer, his expression blank as he starred into his fathers eyes. Marrick began to grow a little uneasy, even though he was only a year old, Marrick felt as if just by that one look Jason knew they were alike, and in more ways than one.. Marrick grew a little uncomfortable and began to talk to Jason, hoping to change his strange expression and he held him up in the air as if flying him around the room, soon seeing a soft smile form on Jason’s lips and Marrick smiled then as well. Marrick decided it was about time to go downstairs and join Sadie and Anya, looking to Hitomi and Hitomi looked up to him, “Take Julia and go downstairs to the kitchen, I’m gunna put Jason down for a nap, I’ll be down soon,” he said with a smile and Hitomi nodded.

She stood from the floor and went to Julia, “Come on now, time to see Anya blow out her candles!” She said happily, picking up Julia and bringing her downstairs as Marrick put Jason in his crib to nap.

g1c13 p11

Marrick, Hitomi and Julia soon joined Sadie and Anya in the kitchen and the cake was ready and so was Hitomi. Marrick hated that his little girls were growing up so fast, but he loved seeing how much more beautiful they looked every day since all of them look so much like his lovely Sadie. Marrick put Julia in the high chair and Hitomi joined him at his side, all of them watching as Marrick lit the candles and they all began to sing happy birthday to her, watching as Anya blushed at the attention all on her.

g1c13 p12
g1c13 p13

“Make a wish, little lady,” Marrick said after the song was complete, Anya nodding and she thought hard for a few long seconds. Anya then looked to Sadie, “Ready!” She said and Sadie giggled excitedly. Sadie leaned over the table with Anya and they blew the candles out together, the rest of the family clapping with joy.

g1c13 p14
g1c13 p15
g1c13 p16

Hitomi brought out her noise maker and blew threw it, making the ambiance complete for the birthday party and Sadie set down Anya, the whole family waiting anxiously for her to grow.

g1c13 p17
g1c13 p18

Marrick, Sadie, and the girls were so surprised when Anya had aged up, seeing that she was almost identical now to Sadie aside from her beaming brown eyes she got from Marrick.

g1c13 p19
g1c13 p20
g1c13 p21
g1c13 p22

Marrick soon cut the cake and gave them all a piece, but Anya didn’t want any, “It’s your birthday and your cake, yet you don’t want any? Isn’t that bad luck?” Marrick teased at Anya and she giggled.

“It’s alright, I love the idea of it all, I’m just not a big sweets fan,” she replied and he shrugged, remembering now that even when they went trick-or-treating every year, she would barely eat any of her candy and would eventually give it to her sisters.

“Well, there will be plenty of leftovers if you change your mind,” Sadie added with a kind smile, “Me? I can’t get enough of sweets,” Sadie said with a gentle laugh, enjoying the cake.

“Maybe that’s why you taste sweet,” Marrick said with a suggestive tone, leaning down to kiss Sadie’s lips before sitting down at the table. Hitomi, Anya and Julia all let out an ‘eeeww‘ at the kiss and Sadie and Marrick only chuckled to their children’s behavior, their love still striving after all the years that have passed.

g1c13 p23
g1c13 p24

After they were all done eating their cake slices, Julia instantly wanted Marrick’s attention; she had been good throughout the beginning of the day, letting Anya have time with Marrick and Sadie since it was her birthday, but her need for attention from them overwhelmed her eventually. “Daddy, Daddy!” Julia demanded, holding up her arms to be picked up and Marrick chuckled, picking her up within his arms without hesitation and giving her the love that she so desperately needed and wanted.

g1c13 p27
g1c13 p28

Sadie put away the cake leftovers and walked around the kitchen, collecting everyone’s plates, “Anya, decide what you want to do! The day’s almost over, I’d hate for you not to have fun on your birthday,” Sadie began.

“But I don’t know what I want to do! I already said I wouldn’t mind staying home,” Anya replied and Sadie sighed, beginning to wash the dishes. Marrick grew concerned for Sadie, he knew how much she wanted to make her children happy and the fact that Anya was content with doing nothing at all upset Sadie in an odd way. Sadie loved to have fun and create memorable moments, she couldn’t understand why Anya would want to stay in rather than go out and have fun; Sadie even wondered if anything was bothering Anya simply because she didn’t get why she wouldn’t want to go out with her family.

g1c13 p25
g1c13 p26

Marrick thought of an idea since he still couldn’t think of anything to do for Anya, either, asking Julia, “Anya needs help, beautiful. What should we do for her birthday?” He asked and Julia’s expression grew excited.

“We could get a puppy! Or a bird! Or another horse! Or go horseback riding! Or..” Julia continued, Marrick soon realizing she was only naming things off that she wanted rather than the entire family.

Anya’s face lit up at the sound of animals, becoming as much of an animal-lover as Sadie was and loving Julia’s ideas, “Yes! Can I get a bunny? Or a hamster? Or a bird?” She asked.

“No, no more pets, sweetheart,” Sadie replied before Marrick could and he was rather surprised at her words, knowing that Anya and Sadie shared the same infatuation for animals but she had turned it down and he wondered why.

g1c13 p29
g1c13 p30
g1c13 p31

Anya’s expression went defeated and Marrick grew angered, hating to see his daughter sad on her birthday and he looked to Sadie, giving her an expression that only she would understand. Anya and Hitomi talked amongst one another and Sadie came up to Marrick, noticing his expression and wanting to talk it over, speaking in a quiet voice, “Secret time, Julia,” Sadie said to her in a whisper and Julia knew that what they were about to discuss was not to be brought up in front of Anya and she put her hands over her mouth instantly, ready to keep the secret and Marrick kissed she side of her head from her cuteness. “We shouldn’t get anymore animals, we’re just going to end up having to take care of it, and I already have a hard time keeping up with the kids and breeding Arnica and other horses, not to mention Archor always wants so much attention, too..” She began the argument and Marrick sighed.

Marrick hated to agree with her solely on the fact that he knew Anya was upset, he didn’t want to give up on her just yet, “It’ll be fine.. She adores animals just as much as you do and I know she’ll do an amazing job. She’s exactly like you, and if you can do it, so can she,” he replied and Sadie’s expression soon grew happy, his words convincing her and she nodded in agreement. “I’ll get her a little something while you girls are out, I have an idea now on what you can do,” he continued and Sadie only smiled more, excited for his idea.

“Yay! Another anim-” Julia began, about to give away Anya’s surprise but Marrick put his hand over her mouth and stopped her, smiling and shaking his head ‘no’ so she wouldn’t continue.

Secret,” he pressured, Julia finally knowing that she shouldn’t say a word and she kept her mouth shut when he removed his hand from over her mouth.

g1c13 p32

Sadie walked over to Hitomi and Anya, getting in on their ideas on what to do and also curious for Marrick’s idea as well. “What if we went to the arcade?” Hitomi offered.

“Nah, that seems like something we should do for Jason,” Anya replied and Hitomi sighed, giving her 5th idea so far and Anya continuing to turn them down.

“Well.. What about the art gallery?” Anya continued.

“No.. I don’t think it’d be fun. You and mom would like it, though,” Anya replied again and Hitomi gave a defeated and aggravated expression, giving up on ideas to give her.

g1c13 p33
g1c13 p34

Marrick went to Sadie and handed her Julia, then went into his wallet and handed Sadie a stack of money that seemed to be only 20 dollar bills, “I got it.. Just go out, get whatever you want. Go to the spa, get your nails done, your hair, makeup, anything you girls want to do, anything at all. Just go out and drive around until you see something you want to do,” he chimed in, looking to Anya with a warm smile and her eyes lit up as did Hitomi’s.

“Anything?” Anya and Hitomi asked at the same time and Marrick smiled and nodded.

“No pets,” he began, looking to Sadie and giving a quick wink at her before continuing, “Just pamper yourselves, I’ll watch Jason, he needs to nap anyways and he shouldn’t be around all of the commotion. I’ll stay home with him and you can all have a girls day,” he finished and all of their faces lit up, Marrick feeling amazing about himself now that he had managed to get a smile on all of his girl’s faces, which was extremely hard to do at one time.

“You’re the best!” Anya called out, hugging him tightly and Hitomi soon doing the same.

g1c13 p35

Sadie was warmed by Marrick’s kindness and she didn’t contest it, watching as he gave their daughters affection and just the thing they needed to help enjoy the rest of their day. Marrick said his goodbyes to Hitomi and Anya, then went to Sadie and kissed Julia’s cheek for a few long seconds. “Have fun, girls,” he said to them and gave his last goodbye to Sadie, kissing her lips and she held the kiss for a few moments, hoping to express her gratitude through it and pulled away with a warm smile.

“We’ll be back later tonight.. I love you,” she replied and kissed him once more.

“Love you,” he replied instantly, surprising himself at how easily and eager he was to say it back and he watched as Sadie’s cheeks turned a gentle pink before walking away with their daughters, and smile cemented among her lips.

g1c13 p36

After the girls had gone, Marrick watching them load up in the car and pull out of the driveway, he went upstairs to the third floor and went to the first room, peaking in on Jason and seeing that he was still asleep. He silently closed the door and went to the small living area in between Jason and Hitomi’s room, sitting on the couch and beginning to watch television at a quiet level, making sure that he would be able to hear Jason if he woke up and needed Marrick for any reason. Archor’s claws tapped upon the steps, walking upstairs and joining Marrick, laying on the floor and starring at him.

“You’re getting to close to them,” Archor began and Marrick rolled his eyes; it had been a while since Archor had spoken to Marrick..

“Why do you say things like that? I thought you liked them,” Marrick replied with a blunt tone.

“They’re going to be the death of you and you know it. Especially Jason, who knows what he’ll be capable of when he gets older,” Archor continued, ignoring Marrick’s question.

“I should just get rid of you. You do nothing but say terrible things about my family, a family which you are a part of,” Marrick replied, unable to understand what Archor was ever getting at.

g1c13 p37
g1c13 p38

Archor stood to his feet and continued to stare at Marrick, “Get rid of me and then what? Let them continue to bring you to the slumps that you don’t deserve, dragging you down and always being a burden on your shoulders,” Archor replied and Marrick grew angered, chills running over his arms at the hate-filled words that Archor pronounced.

“Shut up,” Marrick demanded.

“He’s going to be just like you, crazy, not all there in the head.. Insane,” Archor continued without hesitation.

g1c13 p39
g1c13 p40

“I said, shut up!” Marrick called out in rage, balling his fists and slamming them upon his knees.

Archor grew angered as well and retaliated, “I’m looking out for you! He’ll kill you if you don’t kill him first!” Archor yelled back and Marrick’s eyes widened in shock, appalled at his words and unable to comprehend why Archor wanted Jason dead.

“Shut the fuck up! You’re supposed to be my best friend! How the hell can you act like my family is going to be the death of me when they’re all that I live for? They mean everything to me!” Marrick yelled back, his tone still filled with rage and he stood to his feet, ready to fight Archor in this argument to the death and wanting it all to stop.

g1c13 p41

A gentle cry of a baby boy filled both of their ears and Marrick’s manner went soft instantly, his expression calmed and worried for his son as he cried for attention in his room. “See? He’s going to run your life from now on, and at that one moment when you think that he’ll be okay, that he’ll make it, that he’s a success, that he beat the insanity just like you did.. He’ll stab you in the back, and remind you of what your family name is so well known for,” Archor finished his words and Marrick was at a loss. Marrick didn’t have anything to say.. Archor was, right.. The men in his family were known for being notoriously insane and bat-shit crazy, but Marrick had finally convinced himself that he was passed all of it; he had beaten his family gene, that is, until his son was born and Archor was talking to him once again..

g1c13 p42

Marrick didn’t respond to Archor and went to Jason’s room, going to his crying son and holding him within his arms until he stopped his tears, cooing him back to sleep by walking around Jason’s bedroom and caressing his cheek. Marrick never imagined that he could love someone so much, especially the son that he never really wanted. Jason was his everything now, the youngest of the children and Marrick made a promise to protect him from everything that he could from then on, including Marrick himself and especially Archor..

g1c13 p43

After Marrick had successfully put Jason back to sleep, he returned him to his crib and went downstairs, looking for something to eat since the girls had been gone now for more than three hours and he was growing hungry, yet, he didn’t have an appetite. Not for food..

g1c13 p44
g1c13 p45

There was an itch in the back of Marrick’s spine that he couldn’t scratch, something eating at him and wanting to make itself known. Marrick had never felt something like this before, and he couldn’t pin point exactly what it was  that he wanted to do besides eat. It was more so of a thing of nature, it was around that time when they would all be sitting down to eat dinner and Marrick almost made dinner solely on the fact that he wanted his family to be there with him. He made dinner for the entire family, yet no one was there to eat it with him.

g1c13 p46

Marrick soon finished the preparation and stood at the counter, putting his hands among it and shutting his eyes, his fingers delicately dancing over the knife he used to cut vegetables for Julia. His middle finger traced over the handle of the knife and before he knew it, it was grasped within his hand and ready to wield at his every whim. Marrick left the meal he had prepared and went upstairs, back to the third floor where he last saw Archor.

g1c13 p47

The entire house had an eerie silence to it, all the lights throughout every room was out or dimmed as Marrick made his way upstairs. It felt so empty without Marrick’s girls running around and causing commotion, but that was the last thing on Marrick’s mind..

He has to go.. I can’t risk this anymore, I’ve gotten to far ahead of myself and I lost the big picture. I never wanted my name to carry on, I never wanted there to be another Dubois man alive after I died.. I wanted me to be the last, I was happy when I was alone.. Everything’s changed, though.

g1c13 p48
g1c13 p49
g1c13 p50

Marrick soon reached the top of the stairs to the third floor, his eyes fixed on Jason’s door and make a slow beeline towards it.

“Good, you’ve finally come to your senses, I see,” Archor said softly and Marrick’s hand gripped Jason’s doorknob but he stopped himself from entering when Archor’s voice went into his ears. He gently turned his attention to Archor and everything went red in Marrick’s eyes, starring at Archor as he lost complete control over what he was doing and unable to stop himself. Luckily for Jason, Marrick was searching for one of them to dispose of and came upon Archor, first..

“Do you ever think back to when we had the house and it was only you and I?” Marrick asked, continuing their eye contact and neither of them bothering to take the time to blink. Marrick had a completely different personality,  taken over by his bottled up insanity and he was a new man. If Sadie would converse with him, she’d have no idea who he was; his manner, his tone of voice, the look in his eyes as he gazed at Archor, it was all something that wasn’t the real Marrick.

“I don’t care, just do it! Kill him already so this can all be over with!” Archor replied, “Open the door, Marrick, and finish this!”

Marrick completely ignored Archor, “Do you remember that one time.. Back when we went out for that walk and you killed that squirrel but I didn’t let you keep it?” Marrick continued, a bone chilling, evil grin forming on his lips.

g1c13 p51

Archor’s expression grew more impatient than angered now, both of them still refusing to acknowledge one another’s words, “I said I don’t care, do it already!” Archor yelled.

Marrick continued his grin, “Well.. I’m still me, you’re still you, but the squirrel this time is Jason, and you won’t touch him,” Marrick replied, soon losing his smile as he still continued his eerie glare into Archor’s eyes.

Archor was filled with rage, “Shut up! Stop stalling and fucking do it! Kill that bastard or I will the first chance I get!” Archor yelled back.

g1c13 p52
g1c13 p53

“Wrong answer,” Marrick said with an ominous tone, his grin then coming back to his lips and Archor’s expression went intimidated, then scared. Marrick finally let go of Jason’s doorknob and lunged at Archor. Archor in defense bit Marrick’s right wrist but Marrick’s left hand continued, driving the large knife into Archor’s stomach and chest repetitively. The yelps and cries from the dog were loud and full of agony, releasing his teeth from Marrick’s wrist as he was brutally murdered just outside of the baby’s room.

g1c13 p54
g1c13 p55

When the deed was done and he had stabbed Archor more than 15 times, Marrick starred at Archor’s limp body, watching in excitement as the blood pooled around him on the floor boards and seeped in between each crack. Marrick took a deep breath in through his nose, savoring the smell of blood that stained the air and floors and soon letting out the breath through his mouth; the hunger he felt before had finally been dealt with and Marrick felt accomplished and satisfied. He lifted his hand and touched his face and looked to it, seeing blood among his fingers that he took from his face that must’ve splattered on him as he stabbed repetitively.

“Ha.. Haha.. Hahahahahaha!” Marrick began laughing menacingly at what he had just done, the smell of the blood overwhelming his brain and causing him to go into an insane frenzy.

g1c13 p56
g1c13 p57

Archor laid there, dead and continuing to bleed over the floor and soon Marrick’s ears heard the gentle cry of Jason in his room, most likely startled and scared of what he had just heard coming from the other side of the door. Marrick blinked roughly a few times and seemed to snap out of his other personality, looking around and seeing Archor mutilated among the floor and hearing Jason’s crying getting louder, “Oh my g-” Marrick stopped his words, looking to his left hand and seeing a bloodied knife within it, causing him to drop it immediately and take a few steps back.

g1c13 p58

“W-What.. Jesus Christ.. W-what , happened?” He asked himself, unaware of anything he had just done, seeming to have blacked out, “I was.. Making dinner.. I was just making dinner,” Marrick repeated to himself, his hands shaking violently from his nerves building up and he fell to his knees. “A-Ar.. Archor?” His voice was beginning to give out and it cracked the more he tried to talk, slowly crawling towards Archor and reaching for him. The moment Marrick touched Archor’s fur, he knew that by him not responding instantly to his touch that he was dead, causing him to quickly pull back his hand from him. “What have I done?” Marrick asked himself, continuing to stare at Archor without an explanation and still hearing Jason crying within his room but unable to move and go to him. “Oh, f-fuck.. The girls!” Marrick said to himself,  realizing now that they could be home any minute and he began to panic; he had to deal with Archor, and fast..


Attention: No animals were harmed in the making of this chapter, lol :D But Archor is just no longer in the story, because he’s Marrick’s black shadow and he needed to be ‘disposed of’ in the words of Marrick. I don’t have anything against animals.. >_>;; lol

<3 R.I.P Archor Dubois

P.S. Sorry for the grotesquely large knife, too, it was all that I could find for DL.. XD Hope you all enjoyed the chapter.

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  4. Hey! Did ya miss me? This chapter is awesome. I really liked the part where Marrick lost his sanity for a while because you wrote that really well. That knife was cool… I have it in my game, and I wondered where it came from because it appeared shortly after I downloaded Alex… Anyway, off topic here. I hope Marrick can figure out how to clean up before the girls get back or he’s going to have more problems on his hands. :)

    • Lol, yes, I did miss you!
      I’m super glad you liked the chapter! And that knife is too big, lol, but it’s all I could find.. And I wonder why Alex would have that knife? That’s sooo weird.. Even if he was holding it and stuff, I didn’t include the CC, so I don’t know why you have it, or why it came with him.. 0_0 haha!
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      • Ya, I don’t know. LOL. Alex stole Marrick’s way too big knife! The only other Sim I’d downloaded recently was simswhen’s Gavin, and I seriously doubt Gavin would have a big ass knife. ROFL. Oh, I forgot to say that one picture of Marrick where he’s got that evil grin on his face, I think it’s right after the one of Archor barking, is super HOT.

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      • Oh I think you portrayed Marrick’s eerieness perfectly. I’m just twisted and find scariness hot. LOL. My fave actor is Christian Bale and he’s scary as hell sometimes, but he’s oh so hot. One of my fave movies is American Psycho if that tells you anything. Haha!

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    Omg, I love American Psycho.. I read the book, too, and it’s even more awesome and sick. If you haven’t, do so!

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      Archor had it coming, you’re right, but then again, it could’ve been all in his mind O_O
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    • Thank you ^_^
      Yes, it is sad.. :( He’s finally begun to crack, but there’s nothing wrong with hopeing that it stops here hahaha
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  12. Holy hell! Judging by the build up over the last few chapters I had the feeling that Marrick was going to end up murdering Archor, but that still did not prepare me for this! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh screaming forever!!!!

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    • LOLL Yess he killed Archor T_T Poor little pup.
      Aww thank you, I’m so glad you like how I write and how I take my pictures! As you read more of the generations, the red becomes a rather grim and exciting trademark for the heirs. ^o^
      Hahaha yes, there’s plenty to catch up on, I hope you enjoy your continued read!
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