Generation 1, Chapter 4

Attention: Long chapter and picture heavy.


g1c4 p1

Marrick had never had a better nights sleep, it was the first time his mind was calm and his mind wasn’t flooded with horrible memories. He sat upon his bed, sitting there in silence and thinking to himself, pondering when she had slipped off without him knowing. Marrick was a light sleeper and he wondered how he didn’t wake up when she had left, growing slightly angry with Sadie. But, Marrick thought about her actions and was beginning to feel it was for the best; he had never gotten so close to someone so quickly, but he didn’t want it to continue any further still knowing she could be at risk with him. Marrick heard Archor barking happily in the living room but he didn’t know at what, Marrick assumed he would be begging to come into the bedroom, scratching at the door, but he wasn’t. Marrick then heard a sound on the other side of his wall coming from the bathroom and he somewhat hoped it wasn’t just Archor playing tricks on him to get him to come out of his bedroom. Marrick then heard the faucet within the bathroom running and he surprisingly grew excited, but he disliked how happy he was knowing now that Sadie was still within the house. Marrick stood from his bed and went to his dresser, quickly putting on a pair of boxers and leaving his room.

g1c4 p2
g1c4 p3

Marrick walked out into the kitchen and looked around, seeing Archor standing within it and wagging his tail happily when he saw Marrick, but continuing then to stare at the bathroom door. Marrick walked around the corner and Sadie walked out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind her and she smiled when she saw Marrick, her cheeks blushing slightly at the sight of him and Marrick couldn’t help his excitement in seeing her. He kept his expression blank but let out a relieved sigh, watching as she walked up to him and put one of her hands to his face. “Good morning,” she said quietly and he couldn’t help the smirk that was barely visible. Marrick was at a loss for words, he didn’t know if he should kiss her or make her leave, the voices within his head returning and yelling for him to kick her out and save her while he still could. It seemed like he would never be able to make up his mind, constantly switching his decisions between wanting her to stay or go, but it was her that threw off his ability to think clearly and he kept silent as he pressed his lips to her gently.

g1c4 p4
g1c4 p5

Archor barked softly and walked away from them, almost as if giving them privacy as Marrick deepened the kiss roughly. Sadie was caught off guard slightly and she let out a surprised moan the harder he kissed her, feeling his hand hold the back of her head and she wasn’t sure how to react, feeling as if she had nowhere else to go. The stubble that grew upon his face was beginning to scratch and burn around her lips the harder he kissed her, but she almost felt as if she knew why he seemed so relieved when he saw her. She had just gotten out of the bed to use the bathroom, and it took him less than two minutes to wake up and realize she was gone from his side, it made her smile slightly and she felt the kiss beginning to end.

g1c4 p6

To Sadie’s surprise, Marrick soon lifted her within his arms and brought her over to his kitchen table, setting her down upon it and Sadie wrapped her legs around his hips the moment he began kissing her neck. Marrick couldn’t help his actions and he felt as if he wasn’t even in control of his body as he pulled her tightly against him and began softly biting and sucking on her neck. Sadie began to let out soft cries of both somewhat pain and slight pleasure at his behavior, wanting to continue but also wanting him to calm down on how rough he was being. Sadie put one of her hands to his chest to try and push him off from her and get him to stop, Marrick soon getting the hint and withdrawing himself. Marrick stood there, breathing heavily as he read her actions and he knew that he had made her uncomfortable. It had already begun, Marrick wasn’t sure when he had lost it, but she was already making him crazy and he hated that he almost enjoyed being rough with her.

g1c4 p7
g1c4 p8

Marrick withdrew from her more and grabbed her arms, pulling her towards him and making her stand on her feet again, “I need you to leave,” he demanded and Sadie looked to him as if she was appalled by his words, “Now,” he continued and he flinched when he had said it.

“What..? B-But.. Why? What did I do?” She asked with a worried expression, putting both of her hands to his chest delicately and the grip Marrick had on her arms tightened and he pulled her hands off of him.

“I’m only going to hurt you. Now leave,” he demanded once more and somewhat tossed her towards his bedroom door and she stumbled but caught her footing, looking to him in shock as tears welled up in her eyes. Archor barked angrily towards Marrick at his actions towards Sadie, but Marrick ignored it, “Get your things and go,” he added harshly, keeping his eyes upon the kitchen table and ignoring her.

g1c4 p9

Sadie was in complete shock by his words, deciding not to argue and make things any worse, she was slightly frightened when he had thrown her and she didn’t want to invoke him into doing anything else rash. She didn’t reply to him, walking into his room and getting her jacket and vest, a single tear falling from her face as she looked around the room for a moment, somewhat taking her time and wanting him to change his mind.

“I-I don’t understand,” Sadie said quietly, not hearing a response from Marrick and she only tightened her grip on the clothes she was holding, “I don’t-” She stopped, Marrick cutting her off.

“You don’t need to. Leave,” he demanded once more.

g1c4 p10
g1c4 p11

Sadie’s tears fell from her face and quickly put her pants on, walking out of his room with her other clothes in her hand and Marrick looked to her as she left, watching her walk out of his bedroom and he hated that he made her cry, she was already this involved with me to cry over it? Marrick held his tongue as he watched her leave out the front door and Archor went to follow but Sadie had slammed the door behind her before he could go with her. Marrick hated that she had slammed the door, but he understood her frustration with his lack of explaining anything. Archor came by him and sat at his feet, looking up to him as if to give him the explanation since Marrick didn’t give one to Sadie.

“Don’t look at me like that, I’ve told you about my family history, I would only..” Marrick began to say to Archor but he stopped; he refused to admit to himself that he would eventually cave in to his insanity and eventually kill her. “Don’t act like I’m not doing the right thing, even if I don’t want to..” Marrick continued and he watched as Archor bowed his head and walked away from him, laying by the door in hopes of Sadie walking back through it and Marrick sighed heavily in defeat. He felt terrible after noticing she was crying from the corner of his eye as she left, wanting to stop her and change his mind, but his decision was final and he didn’t want to immediately go back on his words. Marrick believed he was saving her from a life she didn’t deserve, let alone a life she may not survive long in, and for that reason alone, he let her leave.


. . . Three Months Later . . .


g1c4 p12
g1c4 p13

Three months without seeing Sadie, Marrick thought to himself, wondering if he had scared her away for good or if she was just keeping her distance until he somehow found her and made amends. If he ever wanted to, he would probably use Archor to do it; Marrick had been taking the time to teach Archor how to hunt and track and Archor was getting very good at it. Sadie had left behind her pocket watch that she wore on her vest the last time he saw her, he found it on the floor under his bed after the morning she left three months ago. Marrick had no idea what to do, he knew that he was unable to stop thinking about her and he knew it would take a much longer time to forget her. Marrick wondered to himself what he should do, soon coming up with the idea to visit his Grandmother that he hadn’t seen since he was 11 years old. He knew that she would never move out of the house she had been living in, so he assumed she would still be there. His thoughts of Sadie were driving him more mad each day and he acted not from his own will more often than he used to, causing him to go to great lengths in seeking advice from the one person who knew of their family’s gruesome history.

g1c4 p14
g1c4 p15

Marrick got into his car and brought Archor with him, driving back towards his home town that was a 3 hours drive away. The very thought of going back to his old neighborhood worried him, memories forcing their way back into his head and he shook them off as often as possible, succumbing to thinking more of Sadie rather than his family’s past. Marrick surprised himself when he knew how to get to his grandmothers house solely off his memory the moment he entered the town. He pulled into the driveway and his heart was beating faster, reminding him of how hard it was beating when he had spent the night with Sadie. He was drowned by the thoughts of her as he shut his eyes and sat within the drivers seat for a moment, Archor soon barking and he looked to the home, seeing an old woman coming out and not noticing his car in the driveway. She’s still here, he thought to himself, taking a few deep breathes as he got out of the car and Archor followed close behind, observing the woman and staying at Marrick’s heels as he observed her.

g1c4 p16
g1c4 p17
g1c4 p18

“Um.. Mrs. Dubois?” Marrick asked softly, seeing the woman soon turn her head and she looked to Marrick, standing to her feet and wiping her hands free of dirt.

“Yes?” The old woman asked, her eyes then widening and she froze when she looked to Marrick. He swallowed hard and looked around the grass, soon looking back up to her when she walked slowly closer, “M-Mar..Rick?” She asked and he smiled for the first time in a long while, nodding and watching as the woman smiled happily and tears instantly fell from her eyes, “My, goodness..” She continued, walking out from her fenced garden, making her way up to him and instantly throwing her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly and he was slightly thrown off, but soon hugged her in return and he held his grandmother for a few long seconds.

g1c4 p19

“I-I.. Everyone.. Thought you were dead,” she continued, tightening her grip upon his clothing and he let out a gentle chuckle.

“Well, I’m still here..” Marrick replied and his grandmother withdrew from him, looking to his face and touching his cheeks lovingly as she observed what kind of man he had grown into since she had last seen him as a boy.

g1c4 p20

“Well thank the heavens.. You’ve grown up to be so handsome, Marrick. You look just like your grandfather,” she said with a warm smile, Marrick somewhat taking it as a compliment since he was the only man he knew of within his family that didn’t murder his wife or family members; he had outsmarted his insanity in order to save his family, the proof standing right in front of him, “Come, come inside! Please,” she suggested happily, holding his arm and escorting him into the small home and Archor following, already taking a liking to Marrick’s grandmother.

g1c4 p21
g1c4 p22

Marrick looked around the home and then watched as his grandmother let go of him and walked towards the kitchen, “I’ll make us something to drink, make yourself at home, dear,” she said sweetly. Marrick smirked and walked into the home more, taking his time to look around the room as old memories of when him and his sisters would play here. He watched Archor walk around and sniff everything that he could, Marrick soon venturing into the living room and seeing that nothing had changed since he was a little boy, Archor soon following behind.

g1c4 p23
g1c4 p24

g1c4 p25

Marrick looked around and soaked everything in; the run down television, the antique furniture, a clean and nature-like smell with the plants around the room.. He looked over to his right and noticed Archor already found something to be fascinated with, a rather large Cockatoo cleaning its wings. “You got a bird?” Marrick said above his normal tone, looking at the bird with a slightly irritated raised brow.

“Yes, isn’t she lovely? Her name is Angel. I got her about.. 15 years ago,” she called out in return, Marrick looking to it unimpressed.

“Leave it alone,” Marrick demanded towards Archor and he eventually looked away from the bird and walked around the room, continuing to smell everything and Marrick walked around as well.

g1c4 p26
g1c4 p27
g1c4 p28
g1c4 p29

Marrick’s eyes went to a part of the wall where his grandmother had pictures, Marrick walking up to it and his heart sank when he saw nothing but pictures of their family. His mother, holding his baby sister Andrea, pictures of him and his little sister Bionca, even a picture of his father and him together. He looked to his mothers face and a quick flash went before his eyes, covering the three girls faces in blood and then in a flash they were back to normal, memories flowing through his head from the last time he had seen them. Marrick looked to the picture of his father, remembering how much he hated getting his picture taken and his scowl gave Marrick goose bumps. He despised how he looked so much like him, but he soon remembered his grandmothers words and looked to the picture upon the small table under the rest, realizing the man in the picture looked identical to Marrick, only if his hair was shorter. Marrick smirked slightly, assuming that it was his grandfather and seeing that in his picture, he was at least smirking, unlike his father.

g1c4 p30

Marrick heard his grandmother call him from the kitchen and Marrick snapped out of his trance, walking towards the kitchen and Archor following him. Marrick walked into the kitchen and Archor went to his grandmother, introducing himself and she laughed at Archor’s good behavior, “Oh my, what a beautiful creature,” she said happily but somewhat nervously.

“Archor, leave her alone,” Marrick said calmly and Archor calmed down his excited nature towards her and she giggled, looking to Marrick and coming back over to him to hug him once more. Marrick smiled again and hugged her in return.

“It is good to see you. After all this time.. I’m so happy that you’re here,” she said quietly and withdrew from him, brushing stray hairs from his face and putting her hands to his face kindly. She withdrew from him and sat in one of her chairs at the kitchen table, motioning with her hand for Marrick to join her and he did so, losing his smile and knowing now that they were going to talk about serious things.

g1c4 p31

“I.. I came to see if you still lived here, and if you did, I wanted to get advice,” Marrick began, getting straight to the point and she smiled towards him.

“You’re father asked me for advice once as well with the same look that you have..” She began and Marrick grew discouraged, wondering now if her advice was what drove him to his insanity or not. “Have you met someone, dear?” She asked and Marrick’s eyes widened slightly, looking to the mug that was placed before him and not giving any sign of an answer. She did the same as him, looking to her mug when she knew by his silence that he had met someone, and she smiled.

g1c4 p32

“I’m very aware of the history of our family and I can tell you’re worried about what might become of you if you get involved with someone..” She began, looking to Marrick and he looked to her as well, “I have no advice for you, dear.. If I knew what cured insanity, then I would’ve help your grandfather and your father long ago,” she replied, watching as Marrick’s face grew discouraged and he looked towards his lap in defeat. “My only advice is to do what your heart tells you, nothing else, and especially no one else,” she emphasized, referring to the voices within their heads and he looked to her with a serious expression. She smiled warmly towards him and reached out over the table, Marrick bringing his hand up and placing it within her hands as she requested without words, “Tell me of her, what is her name?” She asked and Marrick shied his eyes away, looking to Archor and smirking slightly.

“Sadie,” he replied and Archor let out a soft bark at her name, Marrick’s grandmother letting out a pleased giggle at their behavior towards her.

She nodded and tightened her grip upon his hand, “And?” She pressured, watching as Marrick smiled more and looked to her, happy that he wasn’t completely alone in the world now that he had chased off Sadie.

g1c4 p33

“It doesn’t matter,” he soon replied, losing his smile and so did his grandmother, “I made it clear that nothing would become of us, she’s caused me to lose control once and I don’t want it to happen again,” he replied and she withdrew her hands from his, shocked by his words and he soon corrected himself, “No, I didn’t hurt her.. I just.. I made her leave and I pushed her gently away from me after I noticed that I was already began to lose control a little, she’s alright..” He comforted and his grandmother was pleased by his words, though still a little worried by his actions of throwing her, even if it was gently. “What’s worse though.. Is..” He continued but stopped, hesitating with his words and she gave him a soft smile, coaxing him to continue, “..There’s a possibility she could be pregnant, though I haven’t talked to her since I saw her last, about three months ago,” he said quietly, fully aware now since he had so much time to think without her that he realized they didn’t use protection, he was too caught up in the moment to even remember to.

g1c4 p34

“And what will you do if she is?” She asked with a serious tone, glaring into Marrick’s eyes and hoping for the answer she wanted.

“I.. I don’t know,” he answered.

“Wrong,” she answered quickly in return and he looked to her curiously, “Despite what you may think, and despite what has happened in the past, there is always room for happiness and love.. I know that this can sound selfish coming from someone who knows our history well, but your grandfather found a way around it.. You still can fight it, fight the urges, be strong, Marrick. You shouldn’t have to spend your days alone when you don’t even know what will happen for sure until you give her a chance.. I know you can fight it, and I know you will do nothing to her that will cause her any physical harm, you’re stronger than that. Look at how far you have made it already.. You’re love for this dog alone proves that you are capable of loving another human being. Please believe me when I say that you will not be the one to end her life, no one will,” she said sternly and gripped his hand once more, tears returning to her eyes and he looked to her with remorse. Marrick hated to admit it, but she was right; how could he know that he was incapable of beating this dangerous trait? “I believe that when she comes back, and she will, you should give her the chance to change you, give her a chance and prove to yourself that you are stronger than this,” she paused, “And I want great grandchildren before I die,” she added and he smiled as she chuckled lightly through her tears.

g1c4 p35

Marrick avoided eye contact with her as she looked to him lovingly, knowing that she probably couldn’t help how she stared at him, but how could she not when he resembled his grandfather so much? But, to his relief, she soon looked down at the table and continued her words, “Where have you been? Where did you go the day you..” She began but stopped, thinking of Marrick’s father, her son, and Marrick could tell by the expression upon her face that she was still horrified by what he had done to their family.

“I.. Had just come home from school. I noticed blood on the ground and made my way into the library where I saw Bionca, Andria, and my mother. My mother was still alive, but barely, so I rushed to her side and all she told me was that she loved me and that I needed to leave, my father was still within the house. I heard him upstairs, and after I had stayed with her until she passed, I did as she asked and left. I ran away. I probably ran for 3 or 4 days.. I eventually wound up at an orphanage and they took me in, living there until I was 18 and I moved into my own place across the river from Bridgeport City,” Marrick replied and looked to her, watching as her expression went even more sad to his words and he sighed, “I’ve lived by myself since.. I never have noticed my behavior out of the ordinary however, until I met Sadie.. That’s why I’m here, I guess.. I want her, but I don’t want to hurt her,” Marrick finished and didn’t want to discuss anything more, he was getting a little overwhelmed with being there and he wanted to get out of the house. But, he had to admit, there were still a few things he wanted to know about..

g1c4 p36

Marrick’s grandmother could tell he wanted to know more by the expression on his face and she sighed, “What else did you want to know?” She reluctantly asked.

He looked to her and continued, “Is he still out there?” He asked, referring to his father and he watched as she shook her head ‘no’.

“They caught him almost immediately, he’s been placed in a psyche ward,” she paused, “He’s still there to this day. I haven’t seen him since his birthday.. About 10 years ago. It was the first time he had acted violently towards me, but he was subdued before he could hurt me,” she replied, Marrick’s fists balling in rage on how he still wanted to hurt their family, or whatever was left of it..

g1c4 p37

“Where is he being held?” Marrick more so demanded than asked, his grandmother growing worried.

“You shouldn’t go there, Marrick, judging by how he acted towards me, I can’t even imagine what he might try with you,” she said with fear in her tone, worried to lose the last heir of their family that wasn’t locked away. “Please, don’t do anything foolish, I couldn’t stand knowing this family would never live on, despite what our past has been,” she finished, Marrick keeping his blank expression as he looked to her pleading eyes.

g1c4 p38
g1c4 p39

Marrick had barely toughed the tea she had made for him when he had already decided to leave, standing from the chair and she looked to him with a confused expression, “Do you have to go so soon?” She asked, looking to Marrick’s eyes and knowing he wasn’t changing his mind.

“..It was really great seeing you again,” he said softly and she bowed her head, standing to her feet and coming into his arms for another hug.

“Please, don’t be a stranger and visit me more, I would love to meet Sadie some day, as well,” she added and withdrew from the hug, looking to Marrick and smiling.

Marrick nodded, “Thank you,” he replied and kissed her cheek, calling Archor to follow him and he left the home that flooded him with memories. Marrick walked to his car and let Archor in, getting in after him and pulling out of the driveway to leave his grandmothers home and his old neighborhood.

g1c4 p40
g1c4 p41

Marrick got home around seven at night and made dinner after he had fed Archor, sitting at his kitchen table and he thought of Sadie as he sat there in silence to himself, looking at the empty seat in front of him and wishing she was sitting there. Marrick began to think over his decision on making her leave now, wishing he hadn’t done what he did and hoping she would come around again eventually as he looked to the back door, wanting to see her walking up to it with another pizza in her hands even though he had just eaten dinner.. He began to wonder if he had truly scared her away by how he had acted towards her, he was ashamed of his actions and his hope soon dwindled when he realized once more that it had been three months, she’s not coming back, he thought to himself. He crossed his arms over the table, soon bringing his head down and laying it over them, shutting his eyes and wondering what he should do. Archor walked over to him and sat next to him, laying his chin down on his lap and laying a paw over his leg as if knowing his pain, missing Sadie as much as Marrick did.

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25 Responses to “Generation 1, Chapter 4”

  1. Aww, his grandmother was so adorable. :) Don’t you hate how doing the right thing sometimes feels so wrong?

  2. I really love how you use Archer to make a second character. It really adds a lot, and gives an opportunity for dialog and explanation (for me) where there otherwise wouldn’t be a natural one. :)

    • I have to admit I was a little surprised to find out about his grandmother. I guess I was under the impression that he didn’t have any family left, and I’m not sure I understand why he wouldn’t have been re-united with her instead of being raised as an orphan…

      • Marrick ran away, everyone assumed that his Father had killed him, even though his father never gave confirmation that he did. And in Chapter one, it states that Marrick’s grandfather was the only one so far that ‘beat’ his insanity by sending his family away from him, then he killed himself eventually. Marrick and his Grandmother are the only ones still alive from the family. :)
        Thanks for reading!

    • Thanks, I really like including an animal, I’ve never done it in a story before. Thanks for reading!

  3. I’m glad Marrick went to see his grandmother. If his grandfather fought the insanity, there is hope for Marrick too. If he hasn’t frightened Sadie off completely. I hope he finds her so he can at least try.

  4. What a great chapter. I loved seeing the grandma. The pictures of his family on the wall was a great touch and added so much to the story IMO. I really like the depth you go into with each character. Even though I’m not that far in yet, I feel like you are leading up to something great, and possibly heartbreaking…This is an awesome story!

    • Idk why I never replied to this? That’s not like me! Hahaha
      Can’t really reply to it now though seeing as you’ve been keeping up with the story into gen 2 already XD
      But, thank you! I try my hardest to go pretty in depth with characters, it’s so fun watching them blossom more and more as the story unfolds. :D
      Thanks for reading!

  5. Awww, this chapter was so sad and moving :-(. The way he pushed Sadie out of his life was really heartbreaking, but at least I’m glad he got to visit his grandmother; it proved good for both of them in the end, and his grandmother gave him some sound advice, after all.

    However, that last pic just tore my heart out :-(.

    • T_T Yes, a sad chapter.. Visiting his grandmother did help him in a way though, having hope now that he might see her again, yet still not sure if he should.
      Thanks for reading!

  6. Marrick went from being passionate with Sadie to being rough very quickly that morning. I think he surprised them both by his actions. It was sad to see their budding relationship end badly when it had only just begun.

    I’m really glad Marrick has his grandmother to talk to, and she was obviously thrilled to see him. I hope she succeeded in convincing Marrick that he might still have a future with Sadie. He looks so depressed.

    • Yes, you’re very right, they both were surprised. He doesn’t want to get involved with anyone, yet he let himself do just that, and Sadie wanted to get to know him, but got pushed away so quickly. But, after now pushing her away, he can’t stop thinking about her since she’s the only human contact he’s had in a long time that’s lasted more than a few minutes.
      Thanks for reading!

  7. I liked this chapter because he visits his grandma. That’s sweet! I love the car out front. :) It’s a sweet ride! I love how his grandma almost read his mind on some occasion. He got some questions answered, which was nice. I’m very interested to see him visit his dad. I think that it may be dangerous, but it might shed some light for him, too. Of course, you’ve already written it probably, so I shall read on….

    • Glad you liked the chapter! Haha I like that car, too. It seemed to fit her. Yeah, it’s good for him to get an outside opinion besides replying on his own thoughts for a change. Thanks for reading and commenting! :D

  8. Hi…I’m a new reader (although I have been following you for a couple of months now)…and I would like to say that I really and truly LOVE your story so far!! I mean wow…Your writing style is incredible and I can really feel Marrick’s pain and confusion. I would have started reading this a lot sooner, but I had started my own legacy story and hadn’t really had much time to really get into the first chapter of this story. I know I have a lot of catching up to do, so I will get right to it while I still have the time to. Just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing writer and that I love this story…even though I just said that earlier, lol.

    • Hi! Aww, thank you so much! I’m really glad that you like the story so far and how I write ^_^ Thanks for reading and commenting, I hope you continue to enjoy the story whenever you read more!

  9. Hopefully his grandmother can give him some hope. Poor Marrick has so much conflict in his heart, maybe not having him, even if so they can only be together for a while, would be worse for Sadie than not having him at all. I felt so awful for her and jeez, someone needs to give sims a sex ed class!

    • Hahaha yeah, hopefully Marrick’s grandmother gave him good advice and he’s able to be less scared of commitment when it comes to a relationship. Thanks for reading and commenting :D

  10. He needed good advice for sure

  11. Oh wow…well I understand why he sent her away. The fact he was already losing control was bad. He was only trying to protect her but he was also trying to guard himself. 3 months and he’s not heard from her. I guess we can hope with Sadie’s forward behavior that she is on some form of birth control.

    The talk with his grandmother was sweet. It was nice to know he has family out there still. I do wonder if he will go visit his father.

    • True, he was trying to protect both himself and her by getting rid of her, but we’ll see if that’s all it takes to keep Sadie away.
      Aw, I’m glad you liked it. Yeah, she’s the only other living relative, besides his father, so there really isn’t that much of them left.. Maybe that’ll change soon, though :0
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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