Generation 1, Chapter 1


It had been so long since Marrick had last seen his father. His family history was something he hated to think about and every one of the males within the family were nothing short of being on the edge of insanity. He often thought of what exactly made him crazy, curious as to when his final moments were going to come when he would finally succumb to it like all of the males within his family before him. His great-grandfather was a mad scientist, creating and cloning and even testing his experiments on people. His grandfather was born before his great-grandfather finally succumbed to his insane experiments and tested them on his wife. His grandfather saw everything, witness to his fathers unforgivable crimes and he was taken from him after others had found out that he had murdered his wife using his science. Marrick’s father was born when his grandfather was in his early twenties, but his wife left him while she was pregnant with him, his grandfather making them leave when he began to notice signs of his insanity starting to blossom. He didn’t want his family there in fear of doing what his father before him had done to his wife, his insanity causing him to take his own life, instead, years later.. When Marrick’s father was in his late teens, he met Marrick’s mother and they were madly in love, oblivious to his family history and never once assuming it could happen to him, as well, but with a woman as special as she was, he was sure to never go to the dark side of his thoughts, but it was never out of the realm of possibility.

Marrick ‘s father was the first man within his family to live past his twenties before completely succumbing to his insanity, causing Marrick to wonder if he would be so lucky for it to hit him sooner than later before he could possibly hurt anyone he cared about. Marrick ran away when he was 11 years old after walking in on his fathers heinous acts.. Marrick had walked into the library of his home after he had gotten home early from school one day and his eyes fell upon the corpses of his two little sisters, his mother gasping for air in the corner as her wounds were about to take her but with her last few breaths as Marrick came to her and knelt at her side, she told Marrick that his father was still there in the house and that he should leave immediately and to not be afraid. Marrick didn’t know what to do but cry, hugging her tightly as she lay limp within his arms. He heard his father’s footsteps above him on the second story of the house and Marrick reluctantly followed his mothers words and left the house before his father knew he was there. Marrick was found many towns over, refusing to tell anyone who he was in fear that he would be returned to the custody of his father and he was taken to an orphanage where he lived quietly and kept mostly to himself until he turned 18 and went out on his own; he hasn’t seen his father since.


g1c1 p1

Marrick has been living a lonely, uneventful life for the past 7 years, keeping to himself and only traveling to the city when he needed essential groceries. He made money by catching fish for markets and selling them at high prices, only catching the best that he could find and the rarest of fish brought him the most money. He woke up one morning to his every day routine; waking up around six in the morning and making breakfast, giving his dog Archor breakfast as well and eating it quietly within his eerily silent home. Archor had been his only friend for the past 5 years, finding him when he was a puppy and taking him in to care for him. Archor adored Marrick, watching him do everything at any time within the day, always following him around the house.

g1c1 p2

As Marrick made his breakfast, a small fire had started and he simply watched as it consumed his food. It soon burnt all the contents within the pan and he continued to stare at the flames, his face beginning to glisten with sweat as his face was warmed by the slowly growing fire before him. His expression was blank and it seemed as if his mind had been sent to a different time in space, Archor’s barks were quiet within his ears but as he began to regain his composure, Archor’s barks were grew loud and he snapped out of his trace. His eyes widened in shock as flames began to consume his counter top and he yelled for Archor to run outside and he did so out the open back door. Marrick quickly went underneath the sink within his kitchen and grabbed the fire extinguisher, pointing it to the flames and calming them within a few minutes. He returned the extinguisher under the sink and stood there staring at his now burnt counter top and the smell of the burnt food filled the entire house.

g1c1 p3

Marrick scrubbed the counter top and attempted to clean the frying pan as well but not before opening every window and door within the house to get the lingering burnt smell out of the air. Archor stayed outside, hating the smell and Marrick had given up on cooking and caved in to preparing a simple bowl of cereal instead. When he had finished his breakfast, he remained within his chair and stared at the bowl now filled with nothing but milk and he scooped it up within his spoon then letting it dribble off from it and back within the bowl repeatedly. He did this for a long minute before snapping out of yet another trance and bringing his bowl to the sink and washing it, drying it and putting it back within the cupboard. He looked around as he stood within the kitchen, seeing no one, hearing nothing but the faint sounds of Archor playing in the backyard, somewhat wishing that something, anything to fill this void in his home. But, he soon kicked these thoughts from his mind, soon reminding himself why he chose to live alone and making his way out the back door where Archor was.

g1c1 p4

Archor was the only being Marrick had spoken more than a few words to ever since he was 11, they were best friends and Marrick took him everywhere that he could. He decided to take a day to himself and Archor, playing with him the rest of the day and giving him all of his attention. Marrick believed that animals were easier to talk to than people; they hardly talked back or gave you a hard time, they were always sorry for the bad things they had done, they were trustworthy.. Archor had never let him down, never killed someone, never judged him or held any ill-will towards him. He was a good dog, his only family now.

g1c1 p5

Marrick had always been a boy of few words and he stayed that way throughout his whole life as he became a man. He was popular with girls when he was forced into school by the orphanage, but he never gave them the time of day that they all had so badly wanted whenever they approached him. He never grew close to anyone, refusing them the chance to learn who he was and what fucked up family he was a part of. He often thought of if he could beat the insanity that waited patiently within him for its chance to come to life; he had lasted this long without acting too much out of the ordinary, but was he always going to remain this way?

g1c1 p6

Marrick loved living right on the river for his means to make money, but he hated that the city was so close. At the time, he wasn’t able to afford the home he had originally wanted in the forest a few more miles away from the city, but it also wasn’t close to a source of water like this home was, so his decision wasn’t too hard to make. He often thought about saving his money better to move, both him and Archor were light sleepers and there were many times were he or Archor would be awoken by the noise pollution the city gave off from time to time. He looked over to the city as the sounds filled his ears, waiting for Archor to bring back the stick he had retrieved, scowling at the sounds of cars beeping and the squealing of impatient citizens tires.

g1c1 p7

The day went on as Marrick and Archor spent time together, playing fetch and many rounds of tug-of-war before Marrick soon grew tired and exhausted from the day finally catching up to him. He watched as Archor paced around the backyard, sniffing for treasures to find and possibly chew on or maybe even bring inside as a souvenir from his long and exciting day with his master. The only time that Marrick ever showed a single hint of a smirk, it was only towards Archor and Marrick still found it hard to muster the rare smirks he ever did dare let grace his lips; he never found a reason to smile before, he simply never felt the need or want to do so.

g1c1 p8

Marrick called Archor to come inside and he gave Archor food for dinner and made himself dinner as well. He often looked across the table at the empty chair that stared back at him, biting the inside of his bottom lip and he began to feel his loneliness creeping up to greet him again like it did every single night when he ate dinner. Marrick finished his meal and sat at the table, losing track of time as he stared at the chair, his eyes pleading in a way for anyone to suddenly appear before him and fill the void. He soon felt Archor resting his chin upon his leg and Marrick looked down, snapping him back to reality and he patted Archor on the top of his head and rubbed just behind his ear, giving Marrick the comfort that he seemingly always unconsciously felt desperate for. He stood from the chair and walked to the sink, rinsing his plate and cleaning it, putting the dishes away into the cupboard and wanting to get rest now.

g1c1 p9

Marrick walked away from the cupboard and his steps soon slowed and he eventually came to a stop as he stared into the silent, vacant living room. His mind began to wander and he thought of his two little sisters, imagining them playing on the ground in front of the television as his mother sat on the couch; everyone seemed so happy.. His littlest sister, Andria, stood up and ran around the living room, circling the kitchen table in front of Marrick as he watched her play.

Chase me, Marrick!” She called out to him as she continued to run around the room and soon hiding behind the back of the couch.

Marrick’s heart sank as she said his name, bringing his hand up and messaging the bridge of his nose as he shut his eyes and got rid of the haunting thoughts of his family’s past. He soon heard nothing again, the room falling silent and he opened his eyes, looking to the once again vacant living room and hearing Archor barking from his bedroom, calling him to bed. He let out a gentle sigh and shut the lights off and made his way towards his room.

g1c1 p10

Marrick entered his bedroom and shut the door, walking to his dresser and changing into his sleep wear  before heading to the bed.

“Where you sleepin’?” He asked Archor with his stern, deep voice, watching as Archor stared at him for a few moments before making a decision and crawling underneath the bed.

Marrick let out more of a scoff than a chuckle, his expression still never changing once throughout the entire day and he made his way towards his bed to sit upon it. He looked around the room, hating how his bedroom had more of an eerie silence than the rest of the house and his gaze soon fell upon the empty side of the bed next to him. He let out a gentle sigh, soon ignoring his lonesome thoughts and leaning towards his light to shut it off, laying down after his room had fell into darkness and he eventually drifted off to sleep.

26 thoughts on “Generation 1, Chapter 1

  1. I feel so bad for Marrick but at the same time, I don’t. I don’t want bad things to happen to the people he might let into his life. AND, I’m terrified for Archor. Please be okay doggie!!

    Great start to the legacy. The back story was gruesome and horrible and awesome!

  2. Wow! What a murky back story! It’ll be very interesting what lies ahead as I start to catch up with your story. :) (Sorry, I’d have been on here a long time ago, but life is always busy, so I do little bits at a time.) Right now, I gotta go pick up kids from the school bus, so I’ll read more later!

  3. That’s a helluva dark past… Poor Marrick what mental torment he must deal with daily. I really liked this, it was atmospheric and believable and I look forward to reading more.

    Rose (aka sneakysnoo in the forums!)

  4. cheatsenabled

    Wow, very intrigued by your story and well written!! I’m excited to read, I’ve a lot of catching up to do :)

  5. jazen

    What an intro. So the men in there family eventually goes crazy and kills the woman in their life??? Sad Marrick’s dad killed the sisters too. :(

    1. Well, there’s always the possibility of them doing some kind of hanous act, death doesn’t HAVE to happen, though it often does hahaha Yeah, his dad went completely crazy T_T
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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